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JAS-39 Griffon 1/32 Polish Air Force


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Beside SF, "What if" is my favourite genre of modelling so I couldn't resist the urge to join this GB :)




Few years ago there was a tender for multirole fighter in Poland, also known as a "Tender of Century". There was three competitors: Mirage 2000, F-16C Blk. 52+ and JAS-39. F-16 won, although there were a lot of controversy around this choice. I really hoped that Gripen will win and...to be honest...I still think that it could be a better solution for Polish Air Force.


In february, this year, I bought a Revell 1/32 JAS-39 which is old model. While buying it I was sure that I can make it in only one type of markings- polish! :)

I bought resin seat replacement and Techmod F-16 decal set- this one:



I'll probably adapt second scheme for my Gripen...or rather Griffon :)

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I did a 3 rd Tactical Squadron Mig-21 MF with a Raven on the tail a few years back. I thought of using it


on a F-16.  The MiG was painted very similar to a US F-16 with a blue-gray bottom.


Looking forward to seeing this





There was simmilar MiG-21 for real :)


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Time for surprises...

After I've received resin seats for Griffon, I was delighted...A LOT OF DETAILS, GREAT CASTING WOW!


Then I wanted to put it into cockpit tub imediatelly...well...just look...

Revell seat is significantly smaller than Paragon Design one...



...which leads to this...There is no chance to fit resin seat into cockpit tub...without cutting



Also, new decal set had came. Without surprises :)


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