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Thomas Lund

Eduard+AlleyCat Bf109D JG102 Hannes Gentzen

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So finally I pulled myself together and finished the last bits of this model. Eduard 1/32 Bf109E-1 with AlleyCat D conversion to do the JG102 plane of Hannes Gentzen - the first ace of WWII


I had a little going back and forth with the camo with regards to the contrast between the two greens (see wip thread). Too much to start with, but I find it to be too little in the end. Pretty hard to see that it's two tone, but then again so was the real thing


The kit is good, not fantastic, but ok. The conversion could not be better. AlleyCat is heartily recommended. Decals is a mix of kit, conversion and my spares box
















Hope you like it. I had fun :-)

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Odd variant and not seen to often being finnished, i like very much, as you used that converstion set, yove done a great job, i like it and the weathering on this one



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