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Since I've been building parts of so many kits lately and flipping between the subjects so quickly, I'm going to maintain this thread as my own WWI group build and try to keep the content coming frequently so that no-one gets bored and so that it looks like I'm actually progressing on things.


Currently on the go are the following Wingnut kits and the photos below show their levels of completion: 2x Albatros D.V, a Pfalz D.IIIa, a Gotha, and also I've started dry-fitting bits from the early Felixstowe.

The single-seaters are being done as quick builds so I have done, or will be doing, only minimal interior weathering. The interior bits are not glued in yet as I've still got control lines to install.

Here goes!


Merc assembly line:




The Alby interiors:





One will be the all-green Jasta 5 bird from the Wingnut flying circus decal sheet, the other, I'm not sure yet. The camo wings are done with MisterKit paints, the colors look very good to my eye!










Gotha - this will be in the blue/purple LVG "MoRoTa" markings and I'll be using the wire mesh wheels from Steve Robson



Cowls will both be closed, so the engines only got basic paint that will be seen through the rear openings




And just for laughs, here's a comparison of the massive Gotha wingspan and length compared to the even more massive Felixstowe wingspan and length. That's a 1/48 resin Felixstowe at the bottom of the photo for comparison, also.



I may need a bigger display case... I have a very involved and unique diorama idea in mind for the Felixstowe and it's going to involve a LOT of scratchbuilding!

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Just for fun, and because I love to waste a bunch of tamiya tape, here's an obligatory comparison of the Gotha, Felixstowe, and a Fokker D.VII. The lower wing on the Felix is only a tiny bit shorter than the whole span of the Gotha!


Going by the size of this beast, i think all photos will have to be taken on the floor once the wings are together.  :D



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I may need a bigger display case... I have a very involved and unique diorama idea in mind for the Felixstowe and it's going to involve a LOT of scratchbuilding!

Mike Is it a 1/32 Schooner with the F.2a Felixstowe flying cover :hmmm:   Or is that just me dreaming a dio idea,


I like your idea on a Mike's WW1 group build to.



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Thanks guys.


Vandy, no, actually it's this...




It would involve scratchbuilding the Lighter and a sea base. If I do this, I may as well do it right and see if I can design the Lighter in such a way that would allow it to be marketed if it made sense to do so, as these Lighters (unpowered barges towed behind high speed destroyers) were also used to transport aircraft across the Channel and also to launch single seat fighters for things such as Zeppelin interceptions!


The hsitory on these craft is really quite interesting - more info and photos on the Lighters can be found at these webpages:





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Wow Mike that is awesome idea.  Have to say you got us all beat on the dio Idea.

Windsock 82on the F.2a  Page 36 photo 88 is a good photo of a F2a late N4296 being loaded on a lighter. Also page 19 of Wingnut Wings F2a late kit instructions has one to.


Thanks for the info


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Guest Peterpools


Holy Cow, what a fantastic hanger of projects and just love the idea of your own personal WWI GB. Looking forward to following your progress and will be enjoying every update.

Keep 'em coming


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These goodies just came in courtesy of John Vojtec (sp?) at UMM, after a SprueBrothers-esque time to ship and deliver - beautiful spoked wheels by Steve Robson (ScaleSpokes) for the Gotha IV and some yet-to-be-determined single engine kits. 


You can see you get multiple tire options with each in grey, black, and several different sizes to fit the hubs, so they will work for more than just the aircraft they are listed for.  The smaller wheels have resin tires with a thin tread molded on also, these items in both my examples have some air bubbles in the sidewalls so I won't be using those.


NOTE! if you want to buy any of the spoked wheel sets, Steve has now stopped production as of last weekend, and so far as I can tell, UMM is the only place to purchase these, so act fast! This link will get you straight to the listings



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