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Revell Bf109G-10


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Back to the bench after a break following the Revell G-6 misadventure. Spent a fair amount of time on it, hated most of it, and ended up tossing it. Been years since I had done that, but it seemed like the right thing to do at the time. For some reason, which I will probably regret, I decided to give their G-10 a crack. I like the G-10 so I hope to avoid some of the problems I had with the G-6, most of which were self inflicted, but couldn't happen on a Hasegawa 109. If this one goes south I will happily move on to the new Trumpy G-10. Anyhow, got the cockpit mostly together. Kit decals for the instrument panel. They are divided into about 6 pieces, which greatly helps applying them, but not crazy about the light gray dials. Radu's belts.








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Thanks guys. Making a little progress, but not without difficulty. As Tom noted in his build, the panel at the rear of the cockpit doesn't fit flush, and for me any way, doesn't fill the opening very well. After waisting time trying to get it to fit like Tom's I ripped it out and went with .010 card. Saved the battery cover, but may use the Eagle Parts kit for that area. Love the Barracdacast exhausts. 



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Well I managed to destroy the Eagle Parts for the battery cover, but had saved the kit cover which I thinned down and used. The rest of the stuff is just styrene strip and rod. Salvaged the situation, but wasted a lot of time. I am trying to keep a good attitude with this Revell 109, but it isn't easy. Who puts a seam right through a round access panel. I like rescribing as much as the next guy, but c'mon man.



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Thanks fellows. I have been working on the riveting and seams lately. Fuselage is pretty much done other than the tail. We will see how the filling and rescribing looks after some Mr. Surfacer. I'd like to think it will be perfect, but I know better. Really like the BarracudaCast oil cooler fairing. The fit is perfect and it looks great. Didn't use the BarracudaCast supercharger intake that came with the exhaust as I was happy with my own efforts with the kit part and didn't really want to use super glue on that seam. That has always been a tricky one to eliminate and many people don't bother. Mr. Dissolved Putty is curing on it right now. Eagle Parts is the only aftermarket one I have seen that solves that problem, but it's not for a G-10. So far I am enjoying this build much more than the G-6. Ordered a couple of the new Trumpy G-10 and may build one at the same time as this.



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Looks good.



I agree about them dials...


The build looks good so far in my eyes.


Also i know what you mean, sometimes a build is not on the "feel" and the only feeling is that there is obsticles and errors all the time....


Those can be fun fiddling with if in right mood....


what i did when i felt like you on a build.


Take a break....if it necessary....

Do something else...build a easy kit like a small cheap Tamiya 1:48, build it basic and nothing advanced, benefits it goes fast, nice results, and get a rest from a build ;) so it is easy to come back tp a build with new energy, inspiration, fresh eyes....

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Been working on the wings. I have both of the BarracudaCals G-10 decal sheets and have narrowed the scheme down to one with small wheel bulges so I am also using the BarracudaCast resin parts for that mod. Nicely cast and fit to the rest of the wing quite well, however I am having to do some work to get the left wing root seam acceptable. Have the rivets done on the right wing. Hard to see them on the resin part, but they are there and hopefully will show slightly under paint. The resin is a little harder than the plastic. Going on vacation saturday so probably won't get too much more done until I get back. 



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