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1/24 Trumpeter BF109 G-2

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Now heres a story...........I was well underway with this build, cokpit & engine finished, fuselage halves joined up when a freinds little boy had been looking at my part built model & unfortunately he left it on the floor (as kids do & no, I wasnt mad with him afterwards, its a just bit of plastic, no biggie really) when I promptly stepped on it during the night completely destroying the fuselage & cockpit.

I put the kit away for many moons & then dragged it out, basically to throw it away during a clear out when I realised the kit came with clear plastic fuselage halves..............Ok we're back on now............so I bought the Verlinden cockpit set (which fits like s--t unless I did someting wrong), added lots of wiring & plumbing to the engine (which remained fairly unscathed from my crushing foot) & made a big effort to finish the kit.

I actually really like the end result, my iphone pictures dont really do it justice but the result is below:









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Thx for all the comments guys, much appreciated.

Next up is the Trumpy 1/24 FW190 D9.

I'm trying to get it finished in time for the IPMS London (Ontario) show at end of Sept, not sure if that will happen or not though.

Happy modelling,


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