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"Tojo Eats S***!" - 1/32 Tamiya F4U-1 Corsair


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My next build is ready to go! After playing around with jets for some months, it's time to get back to form with a proper piston-driven prop.




I was one of the few that wasn't disappointed when Tamiya launched their Corsair line with the Birdcage, and not an F4U-1A or -1D. Probably because I'd already found an exact birdcage I wanted to do in 1/48...so here was a chance to do it bigger!




This is "Tojo Eats S***!" from VMF-222. A very weather-beaten Corsair indeed, except for the new-looking prop. Note the mismatched tires, the lack of the usual sealing tape ahead of the windscreen, the non-standard insignia, and the dark blue on the leading edges of the wings (vs. the blue gray/light gray for the rest). This will be a fun one to build...and weather.


I've got a little bit of aftermarket to throw at this one.




- Barracudacals decals + cockpit stencils

- Barracudacals wheels (two sets to match the mismatched wheels)

- Radu's microtextile harness + canopy mask


Looking to get started very soon.

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Almost wrapped up with the cockpit. I'd say it's about 90% there. Still have to deal with the gunsight and two levers, and I'm contemplating adding some pigments or maybe a "dust" wash, since you just know sand and crushed coral had to find its way inside.


A few notes:


  • The cockpit is painted in Tamiya XF-26 Deep Green (a good stand-in for Dark Dull Green) and Vallejo black, with a few other Vallejo and Tamiya paints for the detail work. 
  • The green got a wash of Vallejo Olive Green. Which honestly darkened it a lot more than I'd been expecting. Considering all the debates between DDG and black, I'm in firm FICE mode on that one.
  • Drybrushing was done with MM Enamel Dunkelgrau.
  • Cockpit stencils are from the Barracuda stencil set. Overall rather nice but very fiddly. It was also disappointing that most of the IP stencils were actually too big to fit.
  • Seatbelts are RB textile belts. Also very nice. 
Also decided to go ahead and paint the fuselage area that will be covered by the port glass. I snagged this bottle of Scalefinishes Blue Gray back when the Corsair came out, out of frustration at basically every other Blue Gray. I've been crazy curious how well this stuff sprays.
In a word - AMAZING. You can see the results here on the fuselage test-fit.
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