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Col Vic Vizcarra sent me this

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Well  got the kit cockpit taped together and a pilot  to see what the fit will be...I feel like I've done this before and it's working far easier in my mind


 Here are a few shots of work today so far, but I GOT IDEA'S ! MAN!!     Here goes I tried to edit them to 800x600   PITAIMAG0018-1.jpg795da421-19e6-4c55-bda9-96ab6a8f1311.jpg31dbf68e-044a-40b4-84df-1d23bc4f0645.jpg9f0a355e-629c-4cd7-bdf0-963487306d7d.jpgIMAG0024.jpg

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harv @ Thanks, It kinda slowed me down "FUMBLING" with the resin set to determine to modify the kit-pit

Hope progress moves a little faster ..... Jack


Paul@ Thanks DUDE!! Well started working on some of the vents and rivet marking Wait till you see it with

EWO really there, Thinking poses for the crew pilot looking UP and LEFT and the

EWO looking at his panel so kinda head straight and slightly down.

So if I want a left bank....Pilot is looking at the ground ...like he is keeping

target in site while ROLLING IN!...Jack


Mike @ the crew is the masterdetail's Jet Pilot with a BA-22 Parachute....I love these guy's ...Jack

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Paul, Paul, harv  @  Thanks guys, it sure made the CTS hurt   but it's over now.........jack 


Mike @    Check 'em  out they have a variety of pilots and detail sets.......jack


Bruce @    I wont til I see yours  Thanks....Jack

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Thank You  Peter and Tom


  Having to get through all the cutting is tough on this old mans Carpel tunnel and filling and sanding the big holes is a pain.


I will get more pictures,  but first I'm taking some lessons to help me with my pictures. I sure hope my instructor knows what he got into?


Thanks again



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