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FW190C-V18/U1 will be built using Planet Models conversion and Hasegawa's FW190D as donor kit. 




FW190 Vol 1 Smith/Creek identifies this plane has a NMF and supports with really nice clear photos.  This will be all about Alclad.


Parts washed and will start along with my other A8.



Planet's conversion parts.



Hasegawa's FW190D will be used as donor.

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Mending the fuselage started with the front end. 




Black primer applied and front glued.  Will hit the pit and tail wheel area with RLM 66 then secure the rear fuselage.


Tail wheel is EagleParts 52-32.  Strut is kinda squirrley to put together.  Looks nice and will benefit with RLM 02 and a nice wash.





Using kit pit and IP only after market will be HGW belts and some scratch built levers and knobs.  Just too many issues with fit so I chickened out with the PE upgrade.  The PE upgrade makes the pit flimsy.  Works well with the Hasegawa fuselage however this resin fuselage with no mounting points.  OOB pit is solid and very beefy and will add strength to the fuselage which I already snapped in half.  This resin is really brittle.




After a long cure time with front end and RLM 66 paint.  I will finish pit then complete the fuselage.

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Cranking on bench time between prep for TKR surgery scheduled for 12 Feb.


Speaking of surgery, a little cutting on lower wing to accommodate the turbo supercharger scoop.


Shell ejector ports are plugged with scrap styrene.  This aircraft was a test bed for a turbo supercharger and high altitude/pressurized pit.  The FW190C-V18/U1 not armed so all gun ports and shell ejector ports were buttoned up.



Photo-etch from the spares box fit nicely over the shell ejector ports.

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Turbo Supercharger scoop is glued with medium CA using small styrene pieces to act as locator pins.


An annoying truth with resin conversions/kits (at least the ones I have been working on) is no locator pins so its almost alignment by braille.



Some cleaning and filling is certainly on the agenda.  A piece of resin chipped and will be repaired after mounting to lower fuselage.



A little test fit.  From this point putty and fill should be minimal.  The scoop nests nicely on rear wing, pic does not show.

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Pit complete with exception of the shoulder harness, stick and straps on pedals.  Pit is OOB using kit decals.  Scratch built some knobs and lever.  HGW used for belts.


Hard to tell, after I gave the pit a matte varnish I hit each dial with a drop if Vallejo Still Water with good results.



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The engine from the Hasegawa 190D9 donor kit shown with some slight modifications to accommodate the location of the turbo supercharger.


The "double hose" wrapped in wire will be fed into the turbo supercharger near the front of scoop.  This detail will be visible from the wheel well.



Will give the engine some weathering before installation.


Planet Model's engine/cowling detail (right) is weak compared with the Hasegawa part (left).




My plan will be to surgically remove the Hasegawa firewall and mount the Planet Model firewall then use the Hasegawa engine/cowl/cowling flaps.  Am taking the FICE approach on this part.  BTW there will be several other FICE moments on this build. 


I often remind myself, "I control this build, this build is not controlling me."

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Engine/Cowling mount.  Hasegawa to Planet.


Cut the engine firewall from Hasegawa FW190D9.




A little cleaning required.


Spot glue firewall with acrylic for test fit.


Looks good.



Cowling flaps.



Engine radiator.



Cowling fit.





Color me happy.  smile.png  CA glue firewall and let it cure till weekend.

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