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Dave Williams

New Dragon Bf110 varient

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I just saw this release, too. I don't have a 110 in my collection and would love to have at least two. One G, for sure (would already have it if a kit had been released) and an earlier model. Just haven't decided on which early model and my lack of knowledge on the nuances of the 110 surely hasn't helped in making any decisions there. Would like to do a desert scheme, too, but something with "squiggles"!



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This kit would be your best bet then John, as it has new parts for the E

and still appears to have the earlier parts as well. Noticeably new to the

E was the air scoop on the nose, larger oil cooler intakes (on some),pitot tube,

larger main wheels but as 110 production progressed newer improvements

were retro-fitted to Cs and Ds so over time there was a 'potpourri' of features

on various a/c.

It looks like Dragon is just adding new sprues with whatever new parts

and leaving all the earlier sprues alone. Their 109E kits even have 110

engine sprues with 110 exhausts included :huh:

The F is where the engine cowlings change so I figure they may stop

here and go for the G next.

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I remember seeing some sprue shots of G4 parts a few years ago when the kit was first released. Engines, props, radar, etc.  Must be coming out at some stage. My experience with super bug conversations  is far from good. I will wait.

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