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  1. This is the option I will go with. I take it the missile is a AIM-9 without fins. I would have liked to use some GBU-12's but it sounds like they were not used in Norway. At least this is proof that they did carry ordnance up there.
  2. Thanks Thierry So looks like I go with drop tanks, AIM-9 without any fins and 2 AGM-65's as per photo ref I have. You has answered the question, I think, about the finless missiles being AIM-9's and also the GBU-12's and Snakeye go into spares box. Thanks for info.
  3. I'm just completing a Trumpeter GR 7 in grey / white camouflage using the Harriers over Albion decal sheet. I intend to post images of kit when completed. My question is , does anyone know what ordnance they used (had available) in Norway for these aircraft. I have seen some images (on tarmac) with fuel tanks, AGM-65's and a missile without any tail or nose fins. I have made up 6 GBU-12's (in 2 sets of 3) , 2 X AGM-65's , 2X Mk.82 snakeyes, and 2x AIM-9L's. Also 2 fuel tanks. What should I use for this aircraft, and what is the missile without fins? (a dummy maybe). I also have a set
  4. No, don't need the roundels . I live in New Zealand, so if you have a paypal account I will send you the postage cost. Thanks Again
  5. Thanks for the reply, yes the the 401 squadron decals W3834 would be great. What do you want for them? Thanks
  6. Guys, Anyone know of any 1/24 decals, or masks for a clipped wing VB (not tropical) Spitfire. I have been goggle'ing for a few days and can find nothing. Needed for my Trumpeter kit. Thanks for reading.
  7. Thanks for the reply, So is the 75% LERX the same as on the kit?
  8. Wondered if anyone is able to help me with a few questions over the configuration of the Harrier GR 7 ZD379 that is depicted in the Zotz sheet Harriers Over Albion: GR.7 in RAF Service. I have the Trumpeter GR 7 kit, AiresAV-8B cockpit set, Wolfpack GR7/9 cockpit set and the wolfpack gr7/9 update set (with the 100% LERX). Plan was to use the aires pit and the wolfpack Mk.12 seat because the detail in the wolfpack pit is not that good. I have read conflicting info about the LERX, do I use what's on the kit for the ZD379, or go with the wolfpack LERX 100%. I know that the nose on th
  9. I remember seeing some sprue shots of G4 parts a few years ago when the kit was first released. Engines, props, radar, etc. Must be coming out at some stage. My experience with super bug conversations is far from good. I will wait.
  10. Thanks guys for the info, maybe better to go with the unclipped A version, clipped looks like a can of worms, lol
  11. A question for the Spitfire experts. I have the Tamiya IXc and would like to build a clipped wing aircraft, but not the one that the kit has decals for. I have come across a decal sheet from Techmod Decals (32048) that has a clipped wing LF. IX LW-D PL353. My question is, can I make this aircraft from the Tamya kit, out of the box? If so do I use version A, B, or C when building? http://www.techmod.pl/aviation-32/32048-supermarine-spitfire-ix Thanks for reading.
  12. so they have included decals for an aircraft that cannot be built from the kit....good stuff!
  13. Have wanted to make the He 111 in 1/32 but was put off by the only option of the green splinter camo. I have been waiting for Revell to bring out an H version (I hope) for sme time. I Have just spotted the Pro Modeler re boxing which shows a North African sand colour F7+HA on the box. I thought this aircraft was an H-6 with different engine nacelles. Does anyone know if an H can be made from this kit, does the kit include H nacelles, of is the difference to small to see.
  14. In relpy to Mike V. I believe the dimensions of the fuselage of my conversion are correct. I spent over a year on this so I wanted to get it right. The wild hare conversion is also the same dimensions of mine and I'm sure that's right. I also have a number of the Has kits and they are the same also. Maybe the photos and shadows make it look that way due to the wide angle used.
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