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Bf 109 H-V54 base kit 21st Century Bf 109 G-14


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I always wanted to add a high altitude Bf 109 to my collection. Sadly there are no pictures of this plane and drawings you can get differ from each other in many respects. At last I decided to build it after a drawing I found in Thomas H. Hitchcocks "The Focke Wulf Ta 152". The V54 was based on a G-5 type. I took a 21st Century Bf 109 G-14 as abase. The fuselage is almost unchanged apart from the tail making things a bit easier.


The 21 Century kit may be a little mediocre but it is cheap. I would hate slaughtering a Hasegawa kit whwn there is a real possibility of desaster.


Let's start with the wings. You have to construct a new centerpiece section with has no dehedral. This was more than tricky.




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Now real ugly work was waitung for me. The reunion of the outer wing halfes with the fuselage center part sawn off earlier. God bless 2-K putty and superglue!








You can screw together wings and fuselage of the 21st Century kit. This makes things easier when it comes to check fit of parts.




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Hello Michael, this is an ambitious project. You have already done a great deal of work so good luck with the remainder of the conversion.

I hesitate to mention one thing though.... :unsure:

On my monitor it looks as though the wings are slightly askew. Perhaps the distortion is due to parallax error but it appears as though the nose becomes a little offset to starboard and the tail to port...... :hmmm:

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Thanks Frank for your hint,

a little expensive I think. For the money i can get a Revell 109-G plus some accessories. It's so much more fun carving it out of bits and pieces isn't it?

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Now it is time for glueing. The tail isn't ready yet.





The dehedral of the outer wing panels is a little too pronounced. Will chnge it in the coming days.





Last pic for now.



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The dehedral of the outer wing planes was a little too positive. I saw a slit in the upper wing halfs and inserted a splint from Evergreen.





The empenage is fitted only to get an impression of the ac. It will have to be changed too.






The rest of the fuselage is standard G-5.






The underside of this build is for putty and sandiing freaks only.





The front of the beast.









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