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  1. A few parts had still to be cemented on to the kit than it was finished. The wing tanks are scratchbuilt because I ran out of Esc-itanks. Maybe they are 1-2 mm on the short side but this don't bother me. A marine Fury has to be presented at the coast. Therefore rollout was at Lübeck at the baltic sea. in april.
  2. Some tiny pieces missing yet. thought it would be better finishing the decals first.
  3. Next disapointment were the ESCI-decals. Sure they were very old. They won't come off the decal sheet. When 24 hours weren't enough I dried the sheet and scanned it. Printing the sheet on clear decalpaper I I won the fight.
  4. I added some black to the aluminium color and tried to do some panels. the only ESCI-part left is the front shield.
  5. As usual the Marines received the planes which were rejected by the Navy. This means a bare metal finish is the paint of the day. I used Revell Aluminium for the ground color.
  6. The ECCI- kit was very brittle and after this was all I could get out of it, I threw the fuselage away. Now I took the good ole Monogram Sabre and started again. This is what I got from this. I think I made the right choice. Staying with Revell now I took the slatted wings from their Sabredog. It was tedious to saw the arester-hook and catapult hook compartments but scratchbuilding is for the fearless.
  7. Late in 2017 I tried my skills on the ESCI-FJ-2. At first I had a good going but desaster struck me around X-Mass. But see how it happened. The ESCI beast: I got my hands on a NA-drawing of the FJ-2: When I compared the drawing with the Esci Kit it became clear that much sweat had to be spent on this project. There is a good side (tail hook topcs) who shows what you get building it out of box- simply ugly. http://tailhooktopics.blogspot.com/2015/04/esci-148th-fj-23.html Because the Esci blue Fury kit was very britle I used their F86-E kit which i
  8. Hi mates, some time elapsed since the last posting. Well I had to scratchbuild the main undercarriage and all flaps, air brake doors and so on. This took its time. But at last the FJ-4 B is ready for rollout. I think for under 10,-$ it was worth doing it. What about a FJ-2 of the Marines based on another low budget kit on the FJ2/3 from Esci?
  9. Hi Clumsy Dude, I printed the numbers on white decal sheet by filling the background with a dark blue. Have yet to blend in the borders of the decals a little bit more .
  10. Something bad happened to the numbers on the front fuselage. They detoriated with every touch of my fingers. I tried to make new ones on white decal sheet. The modified Numbers Hope it is a real improvement.
  11. X-mass and New year are gone. Time to scratch-build the main undercarriage and the cover panels because neither the FJ-4 parts nor the F-86 parts could be used.A new Canopy has to be build too. The canopy came first. To shorten the story I show you the finished madel:
  12. Time for a little Warpaint: First the FJ-4B: The all-blue FJ-3:
  13. The next to come in isthe color. FJ-4B: FJ-3:
  14. With some Filler sprayed on the two kits are waiting for some last minute corrections.
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