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VX-9 Vampire F-14B Tomcat, Tamiya conversion

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Hi guys



I've been wanting to do one of these for a long time since I'm on a roll these days painting and getting things done now I started this project. I have quite the tomcat stash but nothing really caught my eye to start the B conversion until I got to see the one posted below. I'm going to throw in everything but my kitchen sink at it, aires sets exhaust and cockpit wolfpack refueling probe wheels hubs and ladder set and then the rest i'll make up for with some good old elbow grease and styrene!




gunning for this one




here's what I got done so far!


intakes are planned out just need to sand the crap out of it hopefully going to be done with that during the upcoming holidays :yes1:




then the air bleed bypass was added, just to add something when looking into the intakes!








then I had some fun in the nose gear bay, this is what I like doing the most , made sure I could dismantle it for easy painting




combined it looks like this









many would say not much can be seen in there, I make an effort for those who make the effort to try and have a peek in there, LOL :D


cheers guys


Frederick Jacobs

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I love your choice for the markings and as TOMCATS are MY favorite jets I think I am going to enjoy your build very much.


Your start is really neat and good.


The nose gear bay looks quite impressive .


Keep us posted and please post more.


Thank you.

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Guest Peterpools


Super start on a Big Cat. The Air bleed by pass and nose gear detailing is looking real good.

Keep 'em coming

Peter :popcorn: :popcorn:

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Aww man, you're putting me to shame. Those bypass vents look superb. I'm stalled on them on my build as I can't figure out how to scratch all of the angles. You make it look so easy.

Great work on the nose gear bay too. I can't believe how quickly you're getting this together. It can feel like a big waste of time adding all of that detail but at least you know it's there, right?

It's the same story in the main gear bays bro'. With the doors and cheek pylons in place, much of the pipework will be invisible with the 'Cat on her gear. (Just trying to save you a little time and effort. ;))


Keep us all updated on your progress Fred, I'm going to be glued to this build. :popcorn:



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Thank you all for the kind words!


To answer a few Q's

@KOTR yes my friend it was this one, I'm currently getting the exhausts done, and taking loads of pictures with tips on how to, I hadn't found one build on line that showed where to cut the set doesn't either so I'm hoping it will be of use to anyone trying to get one of these a go!


@Geedub Are you kidding me my friend? I'm grateful for the word of praise mate but in no way am I ever going to put yours to shame. I'm going to Pm you in a bit for some advice and pointers! The gear bay detail yes I know but like you said it's where we get our kicks mate and you know it, the main gear bay isn't going to be as complex as yours at all, going to get round with it once the back side is scribed and riveted. which I'm currently doing just got the tails done update on that later!


The Aires cockpit is in one word awesome just need to take care with some things though! I'll have some more pictures of that in the next update!




The Aires cockpit set is awesome they even provide you with a replacement canopy rail , just removed the defog tube and replaced it with some styrene improvements, I just wish they provided me more hooks a pair extra would suffice as the carpet monster ate one and it took me quite some effort to replace it!








As for the load out on this one I'm not sure since its a test bird it's safe to say I can do whatever I want, I'm thinking on putting on a empty phoenix pylon, a sparrow empty pylon an inert sidewinder and a acmi pod, then on the bottom the bomb pallets but empty. I got a pictures of this one flying around with no less then 3 sparrows, going to look kick ass as well! What say ye?


Cheers guys until next instalment


Frederick Jacobs

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This is the best I have... hope it helps





4859451162_75934fd56c.jpg 4858829917_82d74db86b.jpg




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Guest Nigelr32

This is looking like it's going to turn into a mega-build. I look forward to seeing what you do with the wings.

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