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  1. I'm sorry, I should have said thanks for thinking of that kit for me. I've built some of the Canon kits, and they are fun. What's more, being free, you can gain valuable experience before tackling something like the osprey. A friend of mine is giving them as rewards to his students, and they are having a ton of fun (but blowing out a huge amount of colored ink). I've been in contact with Johan Scherft and built a few of his kits too. There are a few free ones that he offers at his site, and there's someone who bought the license to sell some of his larger designs. He said that he'
  2. I'm glad you like it. No, I didn't create this from scratch, as I said in the OP, I can't paint. It's a kit that I bought. You cut the pre-printed parts out of the paper card they are printed on, then fold and glue them according to the plans. If you do it right, you end up with something that from a few feet looks like a real bird. There are a lot of different paper kits out there. Everything from the F-111 Aardvarks to Japanese Zeroes, from birds and buildings to bombs. If I had enough $$$ I'd try to kit bash the SU-34 with a SU-27mk and see if I could create a passable SU-27KU
  3. Actually, I am aware of their free kit... I'll admit, it's very nice for a free kit, but I'm not looking for a 1/2 scale bird that looks computer generated with wings in a landing/stretching position (too big and not enough detail for what I want), I'm looking for as close to a photo-realistic full scale bird in a vigilant resting position (See the image I had in the OP).
  4. The only place in the US that sells these kits is The Northwest Nature Shop, in Ashland Oregon (my old hometown). And I was hoping to find someone who was thinking that this was going to be a tilt-rotor.
  5. If I hadn't had to take calls, and didn't have to wait for the glue to dry, I'd say about 12 hours. It's the cutting that takes all the time. I discovered with an earlier bird, you need to make photocopies the head (and feet) and build it a few times before you try to do the real kit's piece. Actually, I got good enough that I used the photocopied head for the osprey, and still have the original untouched. On one of the photocopies, I tried to use doll's eyes, and glass eyes from a taxidermist but they made it look cross-eyed. Another tip... Use old Elmer's Glue (mine's now abo
  6. Before anyone starts sending me messages that this was misplaced... I just found the Non-LSP forum... [edit] and it looks like someone moved it already. Thanks, Kev [/edit]
  7. Still wishing for any 1/48th or larger SU-27KUB. Nearest I can find is a 1/33rd paper model of the SU-34 (~25USD) and the SU-30MK (~40USD). Problem is shipping them from China is a PITA. I'm thinking about getting them AFTER I get to Asia, then trying to cannibalize them to make my KUB.
  8. About 16 years ago, I built this kit while waiting for phone calls at work (What do you think Apple tech support does when the phones are idle?). The kit hung above my cubicle until I left that job. Then for the next 14 years, or so, it sat disassembled in a box in my back bedroom. When the possibility came up for me to be getting a job overseas again, I decided to do something with it, rather than let it rot in some box in a storage facility until I give up on the paying for that. It's now on extended loan and being displayed at the Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge, along with sev
  9. Well, if you're looking for photos of the real thing, I'll offer you a look at mine on flickr... I noticed that the expansion slots a hell of a lot shallower than any plastic kit made them look (I'm guessing the were probably no more than 1/4" deep). A quick question for blackbird aficionados, In every photo I've seen of the spine of the SR-71 and variants, the in-flight refueling receptacle is visible as a recessed trough behind the cockpit. Did that have a door that recessed when fueling, and then smoothed it out while at speed, or was that thing just a static feature
  10. Nice Job on the MAU12's That is the best I've seen (outside of the real ones I worked on). EDIT... Took a while, but I finally managed to read all 26 pages... That's one NICE looking job you did on the kit. I loved the solution to the exhaust/afterburners.
  11. Tailfeathers? This is the best I have... hope it helps
  12. Thought that this might help for the intake... It's from my set on the F-14 at Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum... and for the nose gear...
  13. Is there a decent version of the P-61 out there?
  14. Thanks for the info guys. I loved that 1/48th XB-70. I might have to switch back to paper kits (I've built 1/1 scale card models of birds, including the Osprey).
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