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Hasegawa P-40E 1:32


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Hi guys, here's my latest aeroplane and it's a model I've been wanting to do for a while in this scale ever since I did it in 1:48. It's been a while since I've contributed to an in progress build on here but here goes.


Here's the 1:48 version.




The model will be enhanced using some Eduard photo etch and a little scratch building.


First off the fuselage bits and pieces were glued together to make 2 halves. They were then primed and riveted using Radu's etched rivet job.








The fit was pretty good but for belt and braces filler was used in certain places. This area on the nose is quite long and flat, areas like this are notorious for steps and gaps.




The area under the quarter lights was painted and weathered before the clear parts added. This was a Gunze base coat, wash using AK Interactive dark green wash then a filter using AK Interactive dark mud. A post shade with black and buff came next followed by a dry brushing to high light the rivets.





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The cockpit side walls were enhanced using brass wire and lead solder.




Everything was then primed and certain areas had a coat of Alclad aluminium. AK Interactive worn effects chipping fluid was then misted on before the green top coat ready for chipping. This is the hairspray technique but the AK Interactive stuff is superb giving consistent results every time.




The chipping was done by dampening the area with water and using a soft brush the chips were created as the AK Interactive fluid dissolved.





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Very nice effect in the 'pit. Can I just ask, you sprayed the chipping fluid over the whole part, then paint and finally selected where to chip during the wetting/removing process..? Or was the chipping fluid applied very selectively to the areas we now see chipped?




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Looking Great Jamie..


Just one thing to note is the roundel colour on the 48th version is way to light! Which seems to be a item that a lot of people get incorrect. Ventura Decals have nailed the colour down on there sheets - http://www.venturapublications.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=294


There was a great discussion about the other day on Hyperscale.. http://www.network54.com/Forum/149674/message/1328833687/RNZAF+Pacific+Roundels-+Manufacturers+Please+Note


Hope that helps! Looking forward to the progress on this one!

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Hey guys, thanks very much for the nice comments.


@Matt: The AKI stuff is sprayed over everything, if you don't wet the area it won't chip so you can be selective.


@Meoggo: I found some photos a little while ago and the inner part of these roundels will be painted red.


@Tomek: I'll be using this technique when painting the airframe so stay tuned.


Here's the cockpit finished. I've added some mud and crap using pigments to the relevant areas.







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Hey, thanks guys, your positive comments are really appreciate.


I've done some more work, here we go.


Wheel wells are done. They were detailed with Eduard photo etch and wire.






I wanted to eliminate the join line of the spinner so the props were cut off, drilled and pinned. The spinner was glued together then the joint filled and rubbed down.




The bomb was made up and detailed using the Eduard photo etch. The texture was improved by stippling on Mr Surfacer.




Now I'm nearly ready to start painting.





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Exellent progress my friend.Your painting technique is some of the most impressive I've seen.I'm especially impressed with you cockpit painting. The floor (upper wing surface) is outstanding and very realistic.

Highest Regards,

Gregory Jouette

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