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Revell 1/32 F4U Corsair

Shawn M

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Made new oil cooler/intercooler duct doors last night out of a soda can.

Look WAY better then the molded closed plastic ridges.

Did some more research and found the aircraft I am building didn't have the antenna masts the kit did. Off they came.

Glued some PE onto the oil cooler faces and mounted the parts in the wings.

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Today I bring pictures. The only progress not shown here is the horizontal stabs are now on the fuse.














I started boxing in the gear bays as well, but thats not very exciting to see.

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I would love to see your work Shawn, however, all I see are the dreaded red X's where the pictures should be! (this happens on both my work and homes PC's, so I do not know if it is a windows vs Applemac thing or not? :speak_cool:) - Is anyone else having this problem, or is it just me? :rolleyes:





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Hi Derek

I can see Shawn' pictures here, without any "specific" configuration, Win XP and IE8, both on LSP and through Flickr (Bf110)


you can do an other test with trying to copy/past the URL you can get from properties of the red X (right click)




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Thats odd Derek, here is a link to the set:




Hi Shawn,


I can now see them on my home PC (I couldn't before, although I still cannot see them on my work PC). I like what you have done to this venerable kit - It looks a 100% better already. Brilliant work Shawn :piliot:





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Thank you Derek! Im glad you could see them.


Tonight I boxed in the last of the gear bays and started adding the strips. Also finished off the exhaust for the other side.






my bench is a disaster right now.. :piliot:





Next up is finish striping the gear bays, add the door actuators, add what little plumbing was in the gear bays then paint the wing interior then close up the inner sections

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