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Revell 1/32 F4U Corsair

Shawn M

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Ernie, I dont mind at all, in fact Im flattered.


I will take many more pics as I go forward.


Took a night off last night and this weekend Im on editorial assignment for 3 days covering motorsports :D


I should get some more work done up till friday though, stay tuned!

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One Main Gear Bay done.


Started Like this:




Ended Like This:










And I made an oil cooler, well two actually one for each side as they are kinda sorta at just the right angle visible through the ducts.



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Looking Good.....All that dirt reminds me of a Corsair at a Airshow here in Amarillo years that got stuck in the mud and they had to jack it up and put wood under the wheels to finally get it out....Boy it was a mess....


Texas :speak_cool:

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I cant imagine that!

Im going for a very worn weary pacific bird..those islands were hell on these ships

A great way to do it....Those birds wern't pampered they were used and used up...


Texas :piliot:

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Sanded my wing seams down tonight and polished them up, started on the gear.


Added some strips to the wing center sections for a filler "shelf".


Also added some "spreader sprue" to the fuse to lessen the gap...remember...mind the gap.






shot of the assembled center section:





One of the finished tail section:




The tail section seems to be open to interpretation. I have some photos with a "boxed" rear section like mine, others with it open into the bay.

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