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WTF if, P-82 with -B Fuselages...

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Info, Reasons, Pics, Comedy, and the added plus of plenty of new Cuban slang words, to follow shortly.


If the title is not proper for LSP, Mods Please let me know, and I will try to be less colorful!! :D






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@ ScanmanDan - It was in the build thread of your Revell P-51B that Russ, and yourself mentioned the interest in such a "What If", and re-sparked my interest in this, obviously "shared" by others, idea yet again. I have dreamed about building this possibility since I was a teenager in the late '80's. I will try to do my best in Honor of Russ's memory. I have "liberated" your photoshoped top-view rendition from your thread, and will be using it as my "plan", so to speak, of what I wish it to look like. I hope that it's cool with you, that I have borrowed your image? I also am wondering what you, and Russ came up with, as I would Love to know??? You, and Russ are so right, in that a P-51B fuselaged "twin stang" will look great. I also Pray, that I can do it justice, for Russ, yourself, and all those who have had a similar vision. Thanks, for looking in!


@ Derek - Thanks for stopping in. Oh, I hope to keep you, and all entertained!!! :lol: , This will be a ride thru "Russville", for me, for sure. As I'll be making something, into something else. With the added bonus from me, of plenty of broken, inner U.S. city styled English, and the occasional Cuban slang curse words, with translations, on the fly. We can argue later about what P number "she" shall allocate, but I go first...:lol:, :lol: :lol:


@ BigMatt - Thanks for looking in. You can stir the pot all you like in my thread, but I still ain't gone as far as picking day, or night fighter, or any role for that matter, as of yet. It is up in the open air still... :oops:


@ ShawnM - You too!!! Also with requests, huh. :lol: Time will tell, we shall seeeeeeeeeee.... :unsure:



So on with the pics...



1- Over all view of what I'll be using/cutting up for the exterior, Trumpy , -B fuselages(X2), and -B wings . Hasegawa, -D control surfaces. Revell, -D lower wing front, the piece that transitions the fuselage to wing, and the rudders from a -D, and -B. Also from Revell, I'm gonna be using the P-38 horizontal stabilizer as a template for what else, but a horizontal stabilizer.



2- I have to cut the Rudders off the Revell P-51B, and -D, as I have no rudders in the parts I bought from Larry. I will pretty much have to cut all 3 Mustangs up in someway or another to get what I need.



3-Trumpy -B lower wing to be cut in half. Revell -D wing showing forward transition area that needs to be removed, to be grafted later on for the new transition to the center section .



4- Hasegawa control surfaces to be removed since I don't have any other option.



This is gonna be a kit bash/scratch-a-thon if you can't tell already. I can hear Russ laughing now, while eatin the best pudding cups Zion has to offer, this one's gonna be some FUUUUUUUUN!!!







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@ Mattlow, Thanks, and "Wow" is right!!! That's what I've been saying thru the short planning, and now cutting stages of this "What if" invention. But, for Russ, I shall spin along, in song, with Funk 33 1/3 LP's, and 45's in the mix .... :speak_cool: BTW-I still Dj vinyil records on turntables, and "Love" to use this emoticon when ever possible.



@ Kevin, Thanks, I've always wanted to do this, and knowing that Russ had an interest in this also, made me step it up, just for him. I bought all these P-51 bits, except the Revell -D, from Larry a couple a weeks ago. When they arrived, and I saw that I had multiple Trumpy -B fuselages, and 1 set of Trumpy -B wings, I was already thinkin, hmmmmm, it's on!. I only started planning it after the mention of his passing, in his honor, and memory, to be able to livicate him in some way. We'll see.. :hmmm:


Basically, I only have a bunch a -51B/D parts to work with, and most of what I need internally in pairs I only have 1 set of, or none at all. As you can see in the hack job, I've had to use bits from 3 mustangs to get what I need for the rough draft of an exterior, due to the lack of any of the kits being complete. Luckily, externally, it has sort of worked out as I now have the left/right outer wing panels, and their control surfaces, 2 rudders, and the inside fuse/wing transition piece. So we shall see where it goes from here.... :popcorn:



1- Rudders removed from the Revell -B, and -D. I would have preferred 2 Hasegawa rudders due to liking their shape better, but only had the Revell in a pair. Worked out as they ain't that far off, just too straight at the rear, if you know what I mean.



2- Close up of the rudders, just a bit a re-shaping and they'll do.





3- Flaps, and ailerons removed from Hasegawa wings. The ailerons need to be cut at their outer ends to fit the Trumpy wing.The flaps will need to be re-worked a bit to fit the trumpy wing, by reducing the leading edge of the lower halves. The center section from the Revell lower wing will be cut in half, from front to rear, then later attached to the inner fuselage halves, and blended into the scratch built center section.


That's about it, for now anyway. I'll be adjusting, cleaning up all the exterior bits I cut out this evening, and post some pics when I'm done with that. Then I'll start scratching the center section, and horizontal stabilizer, right after I figure out a length, and wright me some instructions, till then...


To Russ... :beer4:


I found this in my photobucket when I was uploading these pics today. Something I drew for him on his pancake build, the flag at the entrance to Russville, with bits of styrene left at the alter. I figured, I would fly it for him in this build. Rest in Power Russ, I hope you like what we are all building for ya'... :piliot:





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Forgot to post these pics last night, from the same set as above.



1- After makin a mess of all the kits, these are the parts that I will be using in the conversion. Maybe minus the Revell P-38 horizontal stabilizer, as I might just make my own.


I found some Dragon ailerons in the parts bags I got from Larry, and am toying with the idea of throwing them in, after modifying them. I mean why not, this kit already got some Trumpeter, Hasegawa, and Revell. If not maybe just the trim tabs... time will tell.


I still have to split the lower wing in half, and do the same to the Revell center section, to have that ready for transformation. The rudders will be glued, and trued, as well as the ailerons, whichever I decide to use, and the flaps. Gotta make a wing root rib template, then copy it a bunch a times, to get the center section going, and while I'm at it I'll probably do the same for the horizontal stabilizer.


I figure, hopefully anyway, that once I got my exteriors squared away, I can worry about the insides.

The only exception will be planning the wheel bay as I build the center section. AHHHH, I can hear the Cuban slang words now.... "Le traquetea", translation- it rattles. Rattles what is left to the imagination... painful though.



2- A cheap thrill mock up, sorta more visual if you squint.




3- Cheep thrills mock up part 2.


More as it progresses, Thanks.





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Since you mentioned that this is a "what if", why not do it as a mud mover, loaded with rockets and bombs? Now that would be cool!




What up Nick,



Thanks for looking in but, I don't know, as of yet, what role she will eventually be fitted in. Decisions, decisions, hmmm. I wish I knew what Russ would have liked to see her as???


Thanks again, Peace,



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I'll edit this later, I'm out to the park with the Family.... Thanks for looking in.







I'm back from the park, so on with the edit..



This is just another cheap thrill mock-up pic, but with some measurements, and a lil' planning this time!

Just a rough to count, and space the ribs, and wheel bays out. The center section will be 4 3/4" wide.



An overall view of how I went about making the wing ribs.



Going from left, to right. First, I made a pattern of the wing, and the horizontal stabilizer, root ribs by pressing it's shape into the paper I held tightly against the kit fuselage roots. I finished it off with plenty of, uhhh, ghetto certified scientific guess-ti-mations, and drew in the rest till it looked right, and fit. Make any sense?? I then white glued the paper pattern to styrene sheet, traced/scored it with a pin in a pin-vise to get it's outline, removed the paper pattern, and ink washed the scribed lined. Using the scissors I cut close to the final outline, and finished off trimming closer with the blades, and then finalized the shape with the sanding sticks.



4- An hour, or 2, or 3, and 30 wing ribs later!! There will be 13 ribs for the center section, and 3 or 4 per side for under the fuselage. I made a couple of extra, extras, just in case...



5- Rib, and flap pattern check fit, and it fits....yessssssss.. :blowup:



6- Another shot of the, it fit's...


I know there's a bunch of better ways of doing this, but I did with what I have... More ghetto building to come.. :speak_cool:






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lookin good :evil_laugh:


do you still need information on props?


after talking on phone to you, i left home all afternoon monday to get away from it all :lol: :lol: . haven't paid much attention to anything till today :lol:


glen :P

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Alfonso, OK, this is what I have for you... Clear Trump "B" body, prop (complete), wheel well, 90% of the pit,upper wings, wheels and tires (no legs though), guns, ammo belts. I will try and post by the weekend. Good luck and post lots of pics!.............Harv :evil_laugh:





Sounds "GREAT"... :lol: Thanks Harv, Big Matt, and Keith Allok also, for all of the un-needed 'Stang bits. I will do my best to make them work, and they be put to good use. Most of all, I really appreciate the assistance...here's to Russ, and you 3 gentlemen.. :lol:



Once I got 2 props that will work, I can proceed with the center section build up. I have all my ribs, spars cut, and ready to go. Just want to be sure that my proposed 4 3/4" measurement will be ok, and the props clear the 6 guns in the center of the new wing center section. Awaiting bits, I've been working on the ribs for the horizontal stabilizer, elevator, and the flap for the center section.


Of course, plenty of pics to come, till then ....






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