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Junkers 88 A1 detail photos

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and i am going to get rid of a bunch of old kits..some collectorskits ( unbuildt.. can i sell them here on this site ? )

will post pictures if its legal :)




You sure can mate. Just start a new thread in the Traders forum. What have you got? :whistle:



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Nice birtday/christmas gift from revell there Guttorm! and the JU 88 is looking great BTW. I've been following progress on your website, especially the work on the tail section. Now you've got me re-tooling my rudder to make it fabric covered. Good to see you back cruising the forums!


Cheers, and Merry Christmas!


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the Ar 196 from Revell is really nice..and i love to see that they have made the whole structure inside it ( that what was i took measuremnet off from a original fuselage frame for the modell )


i will soon look thru my stash and see what i want to get rid of and put it all in here :) might be some goodies for you guys :)


and keep those 88 models comming..and the He 111 is up for summersale :)

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Guest Vincent

merry x-mas







You guys did a wonderfull work on the cockpit. I'm really happy that I could help !




Merry Xmas !



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Last week-end I had the chance to see this Ju88 "in the flesh". What an amazing project! Guttorm is by far the most passionate restorer I ever met. He was patient (much too patient). There was no question left unanswered (and I asked a lot of questions). :D He is also a hell of a fun guy with great stories to tell!

The museum itself it also amazing with so many rare and pristine aircraft.

This was by far the best trip to a museum ever!


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I'll not repeat the superlatives about what you've done Guttorm, but have a big THANKS for inspiration and tons of detailed info on this beaty :bow:

Btw. HEREmy work in progress, if you wanna have a look. ;)



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  • 4 months later...

And you have been afraid nobody would be interested in your thread back when you started this one a time ago! :oops:


My Ju 88 model is on show in Friedrichshafen this weekend. You have no idea how many times I explained the crowd the details on my kit being there only because of your generous help getting the model correct! Of course I mentioned your name when telling them about your support!



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My friend is working on Ju-88C-6 C9+AE model now.Camuflage scheme is nachtjager pilot Prinz zu Sayn Wittgenstein. He has a problem with colors of stains on the fuselage. He show me this photo:

http://4.bp.blogspot...ory marking.jpg

there are a lot of stains on camuflage. What kind of color these are? Many publications write that this is the same color RLM 74 or RLM 75, main color under the stains was RLM 76. But I found a plastic model where the stains are RLM 74 and 75 together:


What do you think about it? Which scheme is good?

I will appreciate if you can help me.


Best regards

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