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Junkers 88 A1 detail photos

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I thought i would perhaps make a thread where i can post details and answer questions regarding the cockpit of the Ju 88 A1 and that it could come in handy when we start making the JU 88 A1 1:32 scale model

here i can post pictures and explain colours on different parts and things like that.

and also other details from the real aircrfat that people need to see pictures from when making the model


what is the thoughts on that..good idea or..


best regards

Guttorm Fjeldstad


starting with to known original drawings from WW2 ( ofcourse the cockpit is in a darker black/gray that what is een on these drawings but still a very good sample for other detials and colours


the man that strikes the 100 000 visitormark will be given a kit free from me..not telling whatkit it is..need to see his doosiers first--hehe


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just need to find out how i upload some hig res pictures so you can benifit from them

Here's an alternative to the approach that LSP_Kevin described in his reply to the same question on our "Revell 1/32 scale Ju 88 ..." thread:


(1) Sign up for a free membership at Photobucket: http://photobucket.com/


(2) This second step is optional, but I recommend that you make your Photobucket album(s) "Private" by clicking "account options" near the upper-right corner of your album page, because unless you do so, gaining access to your Photobucket albums will be a simple task for anyone who knows anything about Internet hacking — even me.


(3) Before you upload any digital images to a Photobucket album, select "1024x768 (17" screen)" on the pull-down menu after "Reduce to:" under the "Upload Images & Video" heading near the top of your album page.


(4) With a Photobucket album page open, click the blue "Choose Files" button under the "Upload Images & Video" heading. An additional window will then open on your monitor, and in it you'll be able to navigate to the folder in your computer that contains the image you want to upload. Click on the name of that image file to upload it. Alternatively, you can select "bulk upload" on the "albums and upload" pull-down menu near the upper-right corner of your album page.


EDIT: I forgot to include the important last step(s):


(5) After an image has been uploaded to your Photobucket album, a small "thumbnail" version of it will appear on the album page with several URLs below it. To post that photo here:


— Begin composing the LSP reply or new thread in which you want to post the image;


— Open your Photobucket album in a second web-browser window; and then


— On your Photobucket album's page click inside the small window labeled "Direct Link" beneath the thumbnail image, which will cause a small yellow "Copied" sign to pop up next to your cursor. This sign means that the photo's URL (i.e., link address) has been copied to your computer's clip board. Now:


— Switch to your web browser's LSP window;


— Place your cursor where you want the image to appear;


— Click on the "Insert Image" icon above the posting window (i.e., click the 7th icon in a row of 10, which should cause an "Insert Image" sign to pop up when you pass your cursor over it); and then


— Paste the content of your computer's clip board into the small text window that will appear. After you close that small text window and finish composing your post, you can click the "Preview Post" button to make sure that your photo appears correctly within your post — but you probably knew that already.


Charles Metz

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thanks :P) will give it a shoot :o))

Please notice the important last steps that I've added above. My apologies for omitting them initially. Oh, and please don't be nervous; this Photobucket thing is a lot easier to do than to describe. :rolleyes:


Charles Metz

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Guttorm thank-you for all your help with this upcoming build/kit but I do have one question...the early model Ju-88s...did they not have an RLM 02 interior since this is clearly RLM 66.I was wanting to build a Battle of Britain version of the A-1...cheers

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our Ju 88A1 is the earlist surviving junkers 88 today and it was the the 70 junkers 88A1 that rolled of the productionline ( werknumber 0880119 )

and also one of the first with the X gerat installed ! it interios is painted in RLM 66 and do not have any parts painted in 02 )

i can not speak of all early Ju 88`s but the C2 we have is werknumber 0880133 and that is also painted in interior 66.. and also the A5 0886146 salvaged was painted in 66..so to me that that is a clear clue that during the BoB they were all 66 in the interior



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some news and a historylesson regarding the Ju 88 1:32 kit and a strange symbol that is also present with the decals ( and goes on U4+TK BUT... also on the others if you want to )

but there is a lot behind this symbol and it took me quite some time to figure it out..it was all made clear by a old Ju 88 pilot i spoke with two years ago.

In the beginning after the salvage we thought it might had to do with x fliegerkorps ( 10th ) but the way it was painted was puzzeling..it was not a X as it was tilted the wrong way..this was a not known mark on a Ju 88 and never seen ( or so we thought ) .. so we figured it might be a nordic rune as that was very poular back then..and by the position and tilting we thought it was the "N" rune ( written like a X stanind up like painted on the fuselage..both sides )

but then i meet this old pilot..and he could tell what this was.. This symbol was painted on the early Ju 88`s that had the top secret Knickelbein system installed so pilots knew what plane had this installed..and its not a X but symbolic for the two homingbeams that make up the secret system !! this was also used during BOB and it was the leaderplanes in the beginning that had this installed..suddenly when watching the god old classic 1940 BoB movie i saw something familiar..so there it also was..plain in sight for 68 years and nobody has ever noticed... so for all you BoB modellers..this you can paint on your models ( will be a decal in the 1:32 with the A1kit ) and not go wrong with it !!! some had it on the fuselage Like our 88 )..some on the tail..and some even both places ( as i was told by the pilot ) below is a picture where i hold up a test on our tail..

( note that the werknumber is painted in black..MY MISTAKE..will be painted in white..it was not until later in the war they started using black..j )

but we have not decided if we will paint the X on the tail yet as we know it was on the fuselage but not sure if it was on the tail as that was removed by the germans before the Ju 88 sank.. so i will give you guys a challenge. shall we paint it on the tail or not ?? when the 88 was salvaged this X was white..that peeled of and underneath it was yellow so you have also two colourschoises there


you will also see on the pictures below a screenshot i took out of the BoB movie..where you can clearly see the X painted on the vertical ( its from the scene where two guys throw the vertical on a garbagepile )


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