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  1. Hey, HE, Was wondering if you could send me a link to where you are posting this build since LSP got retarded and locked it. I certainly can understand your frustration; my last couple of posts a few people complained about being able to see junk in the background, but then again I was taking the pics at my painting table in my garage storeroom which also contains a water heater and an HVAC unit. I'm not changing how I do my pics for a couple of nitpickers as 1) I don't really have...

    1. CATCplSlade


      a suitable place to take my pics 2) I'm using a broken camera (no zoom and the settings are FUBAR'ed) and 3) I don't give a ****. It is what it is, I'm not a show-level model builder, and no one is being forced to look at them. I appreciated the commentary on the aftermarket kits, and many of the other posters don't talk about such things when they present their builds; they just talk about what weathering materials they used and what aftermarket they did use. Not enough...

    2. CATCplSlade


      discussion on the actual play-by-play construction. I also noticed no one is complaining about the Bronco German sub post which I find very aggravating as you have to click on each pic separately and then you have to back out of each pic to reload the main page. Plus, not a lot of pics or discussion of the build itself.


      But, I was warned about these kinds of attitudes before I joined so I just shrug it off and post for the few who do look without whining.


      Anyway, can...

    3. CATCplSlade


      Anyway, can't wait to see how this turns out and am encouraged to hear the A4 is even better.


      - CATCplSlade


      Also, it seems they blocked you being able to receive messages. WTF?

  2. That is SO COOL Misha!! Excellent job! The lighted model does look VERY impressive.
  3. Sprue Brothers has the Kinetic P-47 in stock as of today (8-18-2014) It is listed as a 1/32 scale kit but if you look at the box art there is a big 1/24 down in the corner. It is also $119 as well. Here is the link: http://store.spruebrothers.com/product_p/kin32007.htm
  4. Looks good (VERY good!!!) The little brass PE fittings are some AirScale parts I am guessing?
  5. Nice work there Peter! Always like to see how others solve their build problems. Gives me ideas. (which is really NOT a good thing ) Question for the Airscale guy, you you folks have any plans on doing 1/32 WW2 German sheets for twin engine planes?
  6. I have recently been using the Games Workshop brushes. Mainly the sizes 0 and 1. Have found that they hold and keep the real nice sharp points, flow paint well, and the tips don't curl. Have one size 0 that I have been using for a while now and it has been holding up quite well.
  7. Just a thought (on seatbelts) I have tried the older PE belts and they are usually too stiff to get a good effect. You might look into some of the newer cloth/paper (?) seatbelts that are now available. I think HGW is one of the mfg's and believe Eduard is starting to use /market the HGW belts under their lable. Have some for my Ju88 and will not go back to the PE ones unless I have to. Otherwise your PE building is looking great! Are you having any problems with the brass staying glued to the plastic and each other? I have found the nickle plated PE sometimes has a thin coating that makes it break loose with a little stress. That was solved by washing with 409 before starting or washing it with Xylene and blotting individual parts.
  8. I like this particular kit and am planning on picking it up myself. It is always nice seeing other folks builds and how those are done. As to the Humbrol clear coat vs the future, I think it just has to do with the properties of the "paint". The clear coat is intended for over other paints and to give a gloss finish over the other paint coatings. The Future on the other hand is meant to go on wet, flow out smooth, be self leveling and to be transparent. Also being a clear acrylic coating it is compatible with the clear plastic parts where the clear gloss paint is not neccessarily so.
  9. After reading the last couple of pages about the motor and power issues, here are some things to consider: -You really do not want to do a large pulley on the motor with a small pully on the wing unit, this will multiply the RPM of the motor so the wing unit spins faster than the motor. For start up you really need more torque than speed, thus small motor pully vs large wing unit pully will give the torque needed. -The actual RPM of the wing unit should not be too fast! There will bequite a bit of mass moving once the wings are attached and it will need to be balanced or there will be vibration problems. - The small motor you were using was rated for 6V but I would bet it wouldn't last as it is probably a low current draw. The lantern batteries were putting too much current through. Possibly a resistor in the circuit would have been all that it really needed to do the job. WIsh you well on this, it is quite an interesting build of a subject not seen very often
  10. Just found this thread myself, and find your build quite realistic looking. There were a couple of photos from the front that really made me have tolook at the back ground to make sure it wasn't some museum plane. The leaky oil form the engine panels might seem a little overdone, but in research I did for a night fighter, I found all kinds of black coating and dripping from the engine area on the underside. You got it right, excellent job!!
  11. I built this very kit way back in the early 70's. As it is out of the box it is a terrible tail sitter. All that extra plastic Nichimo added for the unseeninternal ribbing in the tail and empenage added so much weight it coulddo nothing else. As a suggestion, I would reccomend removing all that unseen ribbing in the tail areas. If you are up to it I wold also add that thinning the plastic to about .025 inches thin or maybe down to .020 would also help. At that point it should still be strong enough to handle easily, but would make it much easier to let it sit properly on the tricycle gear.
  12. Really like how you did the lenses on the cameras. They look quite reaistic. Also congrats on the tail reattachment milestone. I am sure that makes you feel as if you have really accomplished something.
  13. Ah yes Beeer! Have a lot of different kinds of beer here in Memphis. Have 6 or 7 different kinds in my 2nd fridge now. Always nice to have a brewski as I set down to do some building.
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