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Oh look, another Fw-190D-9!


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Well guys, this will be my second foray into the big boy's scale (the first was the HC Mustang Ia earlier this year). I've picked up the Eagle Editions corrected cowl, gun cover and cockpit set to go along with the kit.


The cockpit is very nice, but the instructions are a bit vague when it comes to the exact placement of the parts. Lots of dry fitting needed to get it all stuffed in there.








The seat came sans harness, with photoetch buckles, but again no guidance as to how to thread them. I ended up getting the Eduard colour etch set and using their buckles and instructions, but instead of the rather stiff Eduard webbing I used aluminum furnace duct tape. The duct tape doesn't take paint very well, so there were lots of chips to touch up after draping the belts.




Eagle Editions do not supply the instrument face decals, but instead have you punch out the kit decal. Worked great. The gauge glass is five minute epoxy.




Finally, I finished off the engine plug with some extra plumbing to busy it up a bit. I painted it in shades of Alclad II (Stainless Steel and Aluminum) and Polly Scale RLM02. I dirtied it up by loading a paint brush up with a heavy wash of Tamiya thinner and Citadel brown & black and blasting the paint brush with my airbrush to spatter the paint all over. Different spatter patterns were achieved by varying the distance of the paint brush from the model and the airbrush from the paint brush. Messy but fun.






Constructive criticism is more than welcome!




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Just can't get enough of those D-9's! :blink:

The cockipt is really nice and the engine/landig gear bay area turned out to be very realisctic, the weathering and chipping is very convincing to me! Keep us posted!



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Thanks guys, for the kind words. I'm just about to button up the fuselage, so I'll be posting more pics in the not-too-distant future.


georch: I've been following your D-9 thread, and I have to say it's a beautiful piece of work. I'll be happy if mine turns out half as nice. I was interested to see that you've tried the oil paint fading technique. I experimented with it on the drop tank of my Tamiya P-47D and was pleased with the result:




I'll be trying it out on the larger canvas of the Fw.


Hey Tony, first class work as usual (for you). are there rivets in it's future?

take care, rsf


Hey Roger! The plan is to do the rivets, but Hasegawa's plastic is quite hard, so I'll have to see how it goes. John is doing a 1/32 Me-109G-10 with rivets and we plan to go "mano-a-mano" at the next show after we're both done. Should be fun!




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  • 1 month later...

Progress has been slow but steady.



The fuselage is all buttoned up and rivets applied with "Rosie"



Engine plug in place...



Eagle Editions resin cockpit.



More cockpit...



The gunsight before it was installed. Subsequent handling after wards broke the reflector glasses off, which are now stuck to a Post-It note awaiting installation of the forward canopy.


Right now I'm in the process of riveting the wings...




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Can you explain the oil paint technique you used on the P-47 tank?


It's pretty simple, really. I sprayed the tank with Tamiya Neutral Grey from the spray bomb and let it cure for a week or so. Tamiya sprays are lacquers, so they're impervious to mineral spirits paint thinner, which is important.


I applied wee little dots of white, black, Payne's Grey and Burnt Umber oils paints all over the tank and then blended and streaked them with a clean broad, flat soft brush dipped in enamel paint thinner (mineral/white spirits). I use the MiG brand thinner because it seems to be less harsh.


The nice thing about this technique is that you can play around with the oils for quite some time before they dry. The paint thinner will soften the lacquer slightly, so take care not to play around with it too much though. This technique works best on flat finishes.




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