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Found 20 results

  1. So I had been waiting on the kit and soon as it came in I have began working on it. All was going well with the build until I saw the work Pete had done to the ceiling and I was inspired. So I started butting mine and began cutting and filing away. Ceiling is about to the point of primer coat, just a little more sanding left. Originally I was breezing through the kit and it just wasn’t feeling “right” to me and while to cabin door area was nice, it wasn’t as grand in the flight engineer seat area. Debating how to recreate current Pave Hawk seats.(last image)
  2. My Training Day Group Build entry... Building the SNJ version. This is my first "public" build so I am open to critique, comments, and advice. Probably have a lot of questions too... Thanks! Regards, Len
  3. Project started in Spring lockdown, stalled all summer & autumn but completed in a flurry of activity in the last couple of weeks. Bare-bones w.i.p thread: T-28 Trojan Kitty Hawk 1/32 - Page 2 - Works in Progress - Large Scale Planes I'm not very good at knowing when to stop and take pictures but I'll try better next time! Extras used: Aero Bonus pilots, Airies Cockpit (in the yellow C), Aero bonus propeller sets x2 but used the lovely one-piece hubs only with the nice kit blades as I find two-piece hub assemblies don't clean up well. Magic Scale modelling light & sound kit
  4. Hey guys, long time no talked... It's been a while since I participate or even finish something on LSP nor else.... I hope I'm not too far gone with this one I stalled a year ago, Did finish another F-86 before that one but a little accident happened... a few day's befor Torcan. I guess after that I ran out of gaz (motivation...) and put it back on my doom shelf, have quite a few on that one.... Hope to hear from you and have fun. Regards, Dan.
  5. Another model goes to my shelf. This time, the design that appears at the competition quite rarely, namely the P-39 Airacobra. The model itself is pretty cool, but I've added Eduard plates, HGW straps, Master barrels and Eduard exhaust pipes. Markings painted from templates drawn by Mr. Decal and cut Maketar
  6. Hello everyone! It's been some time since I posted any work on LSP. Since my Revell F-4 debacle I took a break from 1/32 scale and worked on some 1/48 projects instead. I decided to get back to my favourite scale and was looking for a modern but non-jet subject. I came across Kitty Hawk's OV-10D kit and despite some negativity surrounding the kit itself and the manufacturer in general I bit the bullet and got it. While I don't know much about the aircraft I immediately fell in love with its distinctive shape and overall agricultural look. The kit is an excellent c
  7. Hi guys, I’m currently building the Kitty Hawk 1/48 RF-101C Voodoo (a smooth and pleasant ride despite what’s being said In some circles). My intention is to do an Vietnam-era replica in one of the early test camouflage. During my research, I noticed that Voodoo of that theater often carry a different kind of auxiliary tanks, slimmer and longer than their European counterparts.   I curious to know where those peculiar tanks come from. Since the RF-101s used in Vietnam were originally based in Japan, were these lon
  8. Gents- After my wife decided I needed to get back in to building (or dorking as she likes to call it), we went to Hobby Town. After picking up the Kitty Hawk T-28C, she insisted I buy it. I have been out of the hobby for more than a year. We downsized apartments and I got rid of most of my supplies. Our apartment does have computer nook, which she has allowed me to set up a new "workshop". However, I can't airbrush, so most things will be hand painted. I decided to do this as a restored Warbird T-28, so I'm not striving for 100% authenticity, this works cause the decals
  9. Hey everyone, Can't wait no more and have to start a long time wanted project.... an ''E'' Tiger II, at NAM. So far to me, a very nice kit, very few flashes, nice fine panel line and planning to have a lot of fun. Planning mostly an OOB build quick and easy, with some mod confirm with Airfixer but, hey, we never know..... Dan.
  10. Hello! Finished my first piloted LSP build, a Caudron 714 in gaudy colours. Time to start a new build. Another prop with another odd paintjob. How about a North American Texan in the Heart of Darkness? Just one word: Biafra. A lot of darkness, indeed. And some small aircraft. Regards - dutik
  11. It has been some time since I have posted anything of any substance as of late. My family, career, and 1/1 aircraft restoration take up the majority of my time these days. I have been building some, although not as frequently as I would sometimes like. I had been tinkering away with an Academy 1/48th CH-53E, and desperately needed a break from the filling and sanding of the hundred or so ejector pin marks on the model. I chose the Kitty Hawk Trojan as a welcome distraction after following some of the builds here from "Herr Clunk" and Brian Leitch, among others. Being that I have both flying an
  12. Well I will first say that this was my first kitty hawk kit after I heard a lot of good things about them, so after more than a few issues (for me anyway) on this one, I shall reserve judgement on the Kitty Hawk brand of kits. Ignoring the kit issues, this was my first modern Luftwaffe aircraft ever, so it was a nice change from the 'norm'. Built straight from the box, except a few cables added in the cockpit to liven it up a little. I haven't had a great deal of time to get the photos I wanted, so I will add a few more later......well enjoy (hopefully) and all comments welcome.
  13. Ok, inspired by JohnB I've started a new build - the Kitty Hawk P-39N/Q which I'll build as Snooks 2nd. I'm only a few days into the build and already having a love/hate relationship with the kit. I really like Airacobra's and 1/32 is ideal to show off the cockpit, engine and nose of this unique bird. But the fit of the kit and mold quality leaves a lot to be desired. JohnB has highlighted a lot of the fit issues so I'll try not to duplicate those here. I was very surprised at the flash and excess pour plugs (at least that is what I call them). The flash is very noticeable on the e
  14. Ive been waiting for this one for a LONG LONG time. Its by far and away one of my all time favorite air-frames, possibly top two. I have always loved it ever since my dad got me up close and personal to a demonstrator way back in the day at a show at our local AFB.............simple, effective, superlative flying characteristics, great visibility, super maneuverability, and extreme adaptability and flexibility. It was always just do damn small in the dreaded 1/48th scale to model, along with the fact that the Testors kit was really JACKED UP and needed mondo AM parts to make it even remotely
  15. This is my version of the new KHM T-28 Trojan. I have seen several of these built, and all but one have been in this scheme, as I think it is one of the more pretty schemes for the ol girl. The kit is without a doubt one of Kitty Hawks best kit, and all the evidence points to KHM getting better and better with each later release of LSPs. Some observations on the Kitty Hawk T-28 if I may............ - KH did a nice job of fixing the delicate ignition ring, Id LOVE to see that type of engineering continue on all further radial-engine powered KHM kits. It REALLY saves you from having t
  16. When KH announced the Viper and the Venom, I knew it was a "must" have for the stash. I've been waiting to build a LSP Helo for a while but couldn't find the right one and the Revell Cobra just needed way too much to make it look fierce. Then came the KH Viper in 1/48th... I learned a lot about building KH kits. They are not as simple as just following the instructions. While that may get the job done, you really need to think about how you are going to assemble and paint the kit before the glue drops hit the sprue. In this kit, it was the cockpit....it's all black and needs some tona
  17. Well gents, this is it, Kitty Hawk Models brand new 1/32nd OS2U Kingfisher! This will be a demonstrator model for Glen @ KHM, to display at shows and what-not to promote the kit. The kit itself has been VERY anticipated not just by me, but as I can see by the reaction on the forums and social media, by a LOT of others as well. Im pretty sure others here will be doing an IBR of the OS2U, so I will not be going into every single detail that the kit has in it, as the minutia of the kit will be covered in great detail Im sure. I will go over what I normally would on a WIP, as this is a build re
  18. This is the forthcoming (August 2015 release) Kitty Hawk 1/32nd OV-10A. What can I say...........................Its a great kit. VERY few flaws, great fit all the way around, VERY few large omissions or errors, and will have a price point (at least as far as I can judge by the cost of the D model Bronco that is) that most everyone will be able to enjoy it. Normally this is where I tell you to "go buy the kit!"................but alas you cannot...............not YET anyway. Upon its release in August of this year, I will definitely be getting another one and building it as well! This wa
  19. Well guys we are off to the races again.........................More Broncos! I have received my shipment of parts for the new Kitty Hawk OV-10A from Glen..................... There is not box nor box-art, there are no instructions, and no decals, so this one may be slightly more of a challenge than the D was overall, but still should not be an issue with the instructions from the D model. There are not a whole lot of differences between the kits that i can see other than the nose of coarse, and then the exhausts, props and some cockpit differences. The cockpit still appears to be slight
  20. It was setting on my door when I came home on Friday. Man have I been looking forward to this kit for some reason. I knew nothing about this aircraft 6 weeks ago except the USAF did not fly this version and Academy makes a 72nd Desert Bronco with Double Horse-shoe tail markings. Let's see, Horseshoes, Bronco, Peyton Manning, Colts Desert Camo................................................I'M IN LOVE! Those that know me know I love building In-Flight with pilots, Desert Camo Horseshoes, Peyton Manning , Andrew Luck, Colts, Broncos.....not necessarily in that ord
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