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Found 24 results

  1. Ive waited a long LONG time to see this...................a 1/32nd F7F Tigercat on my bench!!!!! I almost thought it may never come true, but HpH sure put those fears to rest. [/size]Anyone here who knows me, knows this is my all time favorite air frame, and ever since the first time I laid eyes on my big brothers 1/72nd Tigercat I was hooked.[/size] This is the newly released 1/32nd F7F Tigercat from HpH models. Its all resin, and the kit itself is very detailed with a ton of parts. I wont go into a ton of intense details about the kit itself upfront, as I have already done
  2. Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina Flying Boat - Bureau number 7277/20 of VP-93 US Coast Guard 1942-43. This Catalina was assigned to the Greenland Fleet Air detachment at Bluie West One (Narsarsuaq) during WW2. HPH's Cat is a truly wonderful kit, yes it's expensive, but it also contains everything you need to build this iconic amphibian. Photo etched parts from Eduard, HGW seatbelts and other printed textile objects. Brass barrels for the machine guns and a nice decal sheet. Yes it is a resin kit and it requires a lot of cleanup of the parts. Sometimes it felt al
  3. mark31


    Im going to build the L-39 Albatros from hph First i whant to go for a TA-7C but iff i look to my program for this year it will not going anywhere with the vacform So build will go slow du to my work but i will try it What i have About markings i dondt have any idee yet So now a bit more resaerch about colors and we can start with the cockpit Mark
  4. Hi folks, I hesitated a long time before posting this thread. I’ve a quite weird modelling practice that is not really compatible with WIP threads as I love working on multiple projects over years. I’m moving from one to another one and come back later. Moreover, in spite of the fact I’ve two SLR digital cameras and various lenses, I do not really use them that much anymore as it is quite time-consuming to prepare everything (batteries, lenses, support, etc.). So, taking pictures is not that easy and finally I’m simply using my mobile camera most of the time! However, this lo
  5. For this anniversary GB, I will attempt to build a Me 410 A1/U4. The plan is to use the HPH Me 410 A1 to build a Viermot killer fitted with a 5cm Bordkannon. I have pretty decent reference materials so I will attempt to scratchbuild the entire BK5 and fit it within the bomb bay. As with every HPH kit, all you need is already in the box but for the BK5 I will use the Schatton modelbau brass barrel and ammo rounds, which are absolutely gorgeous. I have done some prep work, the most important one being going through Wouter's Me 410 build several times, this will be an invaluable help for this bui
  6. "News directly quoted by Mirek of HpH Models. Infinity Models will be the brand for injection molded planes from HpH. First kit will be the 1/32 SB2C Helldiver. Release is scheduled for 2nd quarter of 2020. First production run will be 1000 kits. Planned for the future are in 1/32 scale: DH. Vampire Mk.3/ Mk.5, Westland Wyvern, Aichi D3A Val, Savoia-Marchetti SM.79, Douglas A-20 Havoc and Bristol Beaufighter Mk.X. There will be no more new resin kits from HpH except some large model projects like the Me-323 Gigant and
  7. I finally decided to challenge myself and my skills and start this baby. Cat is one of my favourite plane so hopefully I will enjoy the whole build. I followed Kent's great build few months ago and still keep his WIP as a huge inspiration. However I will take simplier approach. My plan is to finish it almost ready to start, so gear down, floats up, canopy and blisters open. Like this one... I would like to finish it as a OA-10 s.n.44-33876 of the 2nd Emergency Rescue Squadron. This particular plane took part in mission with callsign "Playmate 42" on 4th March 1945. Crew of 1st Lt.
  8. This will be my contribution to this GB Ta 154 is very interesting plane and even there is no significant combat history related to it, I like a lot the design. I'm expecting easy build and no issues except the front gear leg Part count is lower than usual with HPH kits. Surface is simple, only subtle weathering at the end. I will run this as a side project along the rescue Cat build The kit I have started the wings yesterday. Thanks for looking jan
  9. Place holder for the mo - but a statement of intent for this GB - with caveat that it may not be completed in time and I have other projects to get finished/progress with. Need to get the review of the HpH kit finished and posted (all photos now done) and then I'll make a start. Iain
  10. Hi all, Today is the day. I'm officially going to call this build done! For the past one and a half year this build was in my mind. Lot's of fun, a lot of learning and a few mistakes made this a very rewarding experience. I couldn't wait to share some pictures with you guys so that's what I'm going to do. Maybe I'll write a little longer piece in the near future, but for now I'll let the pictures do the talking. Enjoy! Cheers, Wouter
  11. Hi guys I finally managed to finish Uhu the perfect kit of amazing aircraft - it was my most challenging build so far. It's not my best job and there's a lot of faults caused by myself, however I like it a lot the biggest issue is the geometry of the whole model and the glazed part of the canopy on the other hand, you get perfect surface and interior details already looking forward to another HPH plane painted with Mr. Color and Mr. Paint, weathering done with AMMO of Mig Jimenez stuff. Glue used - mainly HPH epoxy and different Loctite's superglues WIP thread
  12. The highlight of my modelling career until now. I have aquired the HPH PBY-5A Catalina... An old dream come true. I'm really excited about this project.
  13. The journey of thousands and thousands of miles………………………. It truly has been. I've wanted to build a large scale Walrus for years, and when HpH announced theirs I was in heaven! I never had the upfront cash to buy one outright from the likes of Hannants, (where it was over-priced) so I started looking at the LSP trader forums at the start of the year. Thanks to ErigG, a good mate of his and his want for a rare DH Comet of mine, I finally got an HpH Supermarine Walrus of my own! The VERY long journey of this kit started as the kit was built in the Czech Republic, and the
  14. Well, I am not sure, if this has appeared here already... HPH is preparing an LSP DC-3 https://ipmsnymburk.com/forum/viewtema.php?ID_tema=39718
  15. https://ipmsnymburk.com/forum/viewtema.php?ID_tema=39718&page_d=0&idp_d=0&idc_d=1&show_html= Text : In HpH Models company are also working on model of MiG-23BN fighter in 1/18 scale. It will be very limited edition at the beginning of which was a order from a foreign customer.
  16. Hi guys, time to start my summer project #2... I realized, that 3 HPH kits I have, represents 33% of my current stash so its time to start to build it so it will be my first HPH model and first all resin model, so looking forward to this OOB build, with just some small extras if needed. I did not see lot of Uhu`s builds on the web so will try to cover it with lot of pictures and hope that I will do justice to it. I love this style of model content, you really do not have to buy anything And yes, one of the reasons I have started Uhu is that I need some material for Sandy
  17. hello to you all recievd yesterday and yes i know a lot off you guys are waiting for this kit Normaly i didnt whant to start it yet but sommithing is saying get me build So here is the kit. in the box a lot off resin so a lot off clean up to do the first thing thast out off the wrapping the choclate first step in the instructions front wheelbay Mark
  18. Slovakian Focke-Wulf Fw 189A-1 It's been a while. I've had a serious run of bad luck with forum builds in the last couple of years, with the ones that I try to feature being more prone to screwing up, such as the awful P-39 Airacobra kit from Kittyhawk. My bin can certainly overfloweth. In an effort to buck the trend, I thought I'd build perhaps my most ambitious project yet....the HpH Fw 189A-1 resin kit. What could possibly go wrong! If you want to take look at the review I wrote for this, check HERE This is a very new project for me, and I'll post a few photos in the ne
  19. I did not see this here: http://www.modelforum.cz/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=105045&start=825
  20. HpH Tigercat released... http://www.hphmodels.cz/hph/f7f-tigercat-132-2/?lang=en Any colour you like, as long as it's blue Tony
  21. Did you ever build a kit as a kid, perhaps multiple times? For me, it was the old Monogram 1/48th Helldiver with all the working gizmos. Like many, I dreamed one day somebody would come to the rescue and produce a "museum quality" 1/32 Helldiver that I didn't need to buy more stuff to make it what it should have been. Well folks, Today is the day! One VERY nicely packed box arrived from HpH this morning and suffice it to say I am absolutely in awe of what they have created for me to build. I will spend the next day or two ( or more) carefully cleaning up the thin casting wafers and fl
  22. Hi all, While looking for reference material for this build, I noticed a sheer lack of 1/32 Ohka builds out here! One or two Lone Star builds, but no HPH model 11 builds, or Radu Model 22 builds. I already finished the companion Reichenberg from this kit: http://forum.largescalemodeller.com/topic/3464-fi103-reichenberg-132-hph-resin-kit/ which is great in detail and accuracy, as is this Ohka from what I can find out. If you want to find out more about these kits, here's my review: http://forum.largescalemodeller.com/topic/2553-132-fi-103-reichenberg-re-4a-and-kugisho-ohka-
  23. To steep for me. Would Like one of these. Liked this little bird ever since I saw it the first time. http://www.hyperscale.com/2015/reviews/kits/hph32040rreviewjv_1.htm http://www.hyperscale.com/2015/reviews/kits/hph32025rreviewjv_1.htm Cheers, Dave
  24. Hi all, Here's my manned V1. 1/32 resin HPH kit. The railbed is from Trumpeter. Resin figure from Warriors. Build log here: http://forum.largescalemodeller.com/topic/2632-hph-reichenberg-re-4a-piloted-v-1/ Cheers, Jeroen
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