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  1. Ok... so I skipped ahead on this one. I'm also having a terrible time with imgur... it keeps crashing on me. Anyone else have these issues with that photo site? I can easily say this is probably going to be the most detailed Nick we will ever see in regular kit form. Very good model overall. I was bogged down a bit at the end with the painting but it was worth it. I wrote up my build here Model Airplane Maker
  2. Hi there - just a bit of progress on the cockpit: This thing has a lot of detail:
  3. Working on the cockpit and I will have pics soon but just wanted to say... they included the linkages to the ailerons... all will be lost within the wings but they are there... and connected to the control column.. This is both insane and impressive at the same time.
  4. Here are the engines all done - ZM includes a way to make an engine holder to admire the engines from afar while you start on the cockpit. Neat idea:
  5. I believe those are oil coolers. But I could be wrong about that.
  6. Big kit with a big box! I've been looking forward to getting this one since seeing the mockup kit at the 2018 Nationals. I finally cleared off the bench and put this guy on it: The instruction book is a bit intimidating as it truly is a book with 100s of images. But once you get used to the format (each step can feature multiple explanations of exactly where each piece goes!). And oddly - at least for us aviation modelers - construction begins with the engines! And these are a treat - check this out: Pistons! Of course they will be immediately hidden within the cylinders in the first step. To tell you the truth - the construction of these engines has been a lot of fun. The parts fit together perfectly and look great when painted up. I especially like the large exhaust manifold - I "rusted" it as follows First - just Tamiya As-12 Aluminum Spray Then a thin coat of Tamiya Medium Brown and a couple drops of Nato Black (thin... like 2/3 thinner) Then I washed with Mig Ammo Track Wash followed by Light Rust... and then a bit of Tamiya Weathering Powder Rust... all sealed in with a flat coat So the engines are done (I'll have a picture of the mounted engine next time) Next up... the cockpit....
  7. With the addition of some of the strangest "lights" I've worked with and with my luck at installing the antennas... she is done! I can see that I need a touchup here and there and the machine guns in the cowl need to be toned down but other than that, I am happy I was able to finish this one.
  8. Ok - lots done... some left to do. Mostly the assembly of the little bits!
  9. This stuff is in their 'model air' range. I am not sure if its the same. Shoots well straight from the bottle.
  10. I finished the markings and I'm very happy with my results! Of course the vinyl outline masks distorted over time so I had to cut new ones from tamiya tape. So much for that saving time. The paint used was Vallejo insignia blue and I think it worked perfectly! I also painted the walkways and I'm likely going to paint a few more things so as to avoid these questionable trumpy decals. The issue I have is that I don't trust the trump decal guide and I have no good pictures to go by.
  11. Thanks for posting this. I have the trump kit and I know I need to get it started before the Tamiya ones will spoil me.
  12. I'm still working on mine from over a year ago and you are onto your second. I am very impressed!!
  13. Thanks guys! I shelved it, ordered replacement parts, kept it on the shelf and worked on (and finished) a number of models. I got inspired again. The markings are now painted on. I did some small part painting last night. With any luck I can get this glossed by the end of the weekend.
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