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    SinuheH reacted to Phartycr0c in HPH FW 189 Uhu   
    Entering into the foray of my first full resin kit build, I decided on the 189 as its an unusual subject very rarely modelled in any scale let alone gods own 1/32. 
    I have to say, I really enjoyed putting this together and while I did have a few issues of my own doing, generally, if the clean up is done correctly, it goes together well with few fit issues. 
    The problem areas i encountered were around the following areas. 
    Where the booms attach to the underside of the wings, a gap needs to be dealt with. 
    The glazing at the rear of the fuselage  where the transition from square to round took me an age to deal with. its still not spot on but this was more likely a me issue rather than the kit itself. 
    The section of upper fuselage was undersized and needed considerable shimming and re alignment to mate with the glazed areas. Again its not spot on but its good enough for government work as they say. 
    First time with a HPH kit. The glazing was weird, being soft and maleable polypropelene (i Think) they gould be bent easily without cracking or other damage.
    There are other mistakes I have made but for anyone who is thinking of building this kit, do it, just ensure you take your time and dry fit multiple times before committing to glue. Anyhow, on with the show. 
    Based VERY VERY loosely on this colour scheme, 
    Here we go. 










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    SinuheH reacted to kensar in 1/32 Roden Fokker Dr.1 - Josef Jacobs   
    Here I present my Roden Fokker Dr.1 (before Meng gets theirs out).  This is Josef Jacobs' ride, complete with a Clerget 9B engine (captured from Copper State Models), extra braces on the landing gear, God of the North Wind graphic taken from an enhanced photo of Jacobs' plane, and the cowling is made from aluminum I spun on my lathe.  Jacobs' plane was a glossy black, as well.  There is a build log on ww1 aircraftmodels.com.  





    Thanks for looking and comments are welcome.
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    SinuheH reacted to Thomas Lund in Messerschmitt Bf109G-10 (or G-14AS) Black 4 croatian Zlatko Stipcic   
    I've gotta admit I'm not the best at keeping up with in progress pictures, but now it's done. What WIP pictures there are is in the WIP thread
    Zlatko Stipcic was an Croatian ace who flew this machine for at least one victory before it was flow by Vladimir Sandtner to Falconara in Italy, where it was extensively photographed. As a croatian Stipcic fits into my current theme 'aces of the smaller nations in WWII' - more are on the way
    Hope you enjoy





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    SinuheH got a reaction from panzerrob in F16 Sufa   
    Nice work - looks good to me - always had a soft spot for IAF F-16's.
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    SinuheH got a reaction from Greif8 in I/JG 27 Bf 109 E-4   
    Nice work - excellent model and great figures - TFS. 
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    SinuheH reacted to Greif8 in I/JG 27 Bf 109 E-4   
    Following is my recently completed Bf109 E-4 representing a I/JG27 aircraft.  It is one of my contributions in the Battle of Britain Group Build and you can see both the build log and more photos in that thread.  I opted to show the aircraft as moderately worn and the simple diorama attempts to tell the story of a pilot preparing for  yet another sortie over England.  The kit is a DLM offering and I built the model mostly OOB, only using HGW seatbelts, a Henri Dähne prop and some AM decals, both the wet transfer type and the normal type.  I also did some very limited scratchbuilding in the cockpit, the antenna and (because I was forced to) one of the wheel well canvas covers.











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    SinuheH reacted to panzerrob in F16 Sufa   
    Hi all,
    I want to show you my recently finished F16 Sufa.
    A very nice kit to build, unfortunately I F23ked up the very last decal, being one of the big decals on the vertical stabilizer.
    But a replacement decal question on this forum all worked out. A big thanks to Peter Gregor, Kagemusha, Oeguy and Helmsman who all offered help!
    It is not one of my best builds (or photo's) but I am more than happy with the result.




    Unfortunately, a matte spot appeared on the canopy, I have no clue how it ended up there.
    Luckily it isn't visible from the position were it is parked!
    I hope you like it.
    With regards,
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    SinuheH reacted to Kagemusha in Convert Tamiya 1/32 IXc to IXe   
    Yep, you're right, thanks for the history lesson, cheers!

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    SinuheH reacted to rjones726 in Convert Tamiya 1/32 IXc to IXe   
    I believe there were a few. They were in service with the SAAF postwar. 
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    SinuheH reacted to matto21 in Airfix 1:48 Spitfire Mk Vb   
    Hi all, 
    I've been working very slowly on this Airfix Spitfire for the last few weeks and months. I was prepared for some of the fit issues before starting but even so, haven't found it a particularly enjoyable build, hence the time it's taking to finish. 
    The cockpit is nice, but over engineered and some of the smaller parts have a vague fit. 

    I added belts - not entirely correct, but better than nothing. Once painted and weathered, the cockpit does look pretty good though to be fair. 



    As expected, the joints at the wing roots weren't great and the upper part of the cowling didn't fit well either. I battled through, and I'm now at the painting stage. Undersides were painted with Vallejo blue and upper camo with Mr Hobby Aqueous paints. 
    I'm working towards applying the decals now... 
    Thanks for looking 
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    SinuheH reacted to The Madhatter in 1/48 1999 Eagle - Tactical Edition   
    Hi everyone
    I've been a bit quite on the forums lately and that's because I've been spending more time building and less time writing. I had to take a break from the relentless detailing of the Star Destroyer (which I will go back to because I want to see it done), and so for the past month or so, I have been away quietly building my 48th scale 199 Eagle. I've long loved the design of this ship and have dreamed of having a kit of this as a boy when I saw it in an old Airfix catalogue but just never bought one until a couple of years back when I saw one of these going relatively cheaply instead I clearly grabbed one.
    Naturally, me being me, I also was never going to paint it like the show. Then I saw The Admiral's build (http://resinilluminati.com/showthread.php?t=17378 ) and it's inspiration from him that got me going on mine. So I naturally borrowed/stole his cockpit idea and subsequently made my own poorer copy.
    However, it reinforced my previous desire for a non standard white Eagle, so I came up with the most obvious option: paint it in black! Everything looks good in black right?!
    Painted in Tamiya NATO Black, flat black and German grey and something else to. The engine stuff is all painted in bare metal just because I thought it would look cool. That general concept is prevalent throughout this whole build really
    I'm going to blow my own horn here and state that I am super happy with how this came out. Yes - after taking the photos I realised that there are some paint issues to fix that have alluded me prior to now but they are easily fixed and TBH, I'm not going to take another series of shots to show them fixed. It's been hard enough to get enough light to take even these pictures. Love Melbourne weather! At any rate, you'll get the idea from the following pics











    and this is my rudimentary cockpit which I shamelessly stole from Bill. Thanks again mate!!
    I can't paint faces to save myself, so I sprayed shaped pieces of masking tape silver followed by clear red and a mist of clear orange. It looks much better to me
    The screens behind them are decals which I cut up and stuck onto the back wall with a  hole behind it where fiber optic stubs had been inserted into the side panels - all lit by a single SMD each side. The red cockpit glow is a standard but sanded 5mm LED. It looks good against the black.

    Well, that was a fun build in so far as that I didn't have to make details for anything. Like I said, I'm super happy with this. I think it looks seriously cool, but that's just me
    Anyways, thanks for stopping by and having a look.
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    SinuheH got a reaction from Tolga ULGUR in 1/32 Hasegawa Messerschmitt Bf 109 F-2   
    Splendid job - always been a fan of these yellow nosed 109's - thanks for sharing.
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    SinuheH reacted to discus in Mirage IIIc 1/32 Italeri   
    After KH Miragge 2000, I decided to go back in time with this Mirage IIIc from Italeri
    I built the IIIe version some times ago and I new what to expect: kit is rather good but there are few shortcomings. Notably the nose cone adjustment: it is wider than the fuselage so sanding and putty are in order.
    Then the fairing round the exhaust and the vertical tail plan are quite tricky due to very small contact surfaces with the fuselage parts (especially for the fairing, if the photoetch frame is not presicely installed, there is no contact surface anymore. After several dry fit tests, I decided not to follow the sequence of steps from the instructions.
    Some addons I used:
    Pitot from Masters
    PE from Eduard for the seat and cockpit panels
    Resin wheels from reskit
    The squadron insigna is from an old Berna decal sheet for a 1/48 Super Mystere B2 if I remember well. It happens that it is nearly the right size for the 1/32 Mirage IIIc. Lucky me.
    Handbrush painting as usual : Humbrol 230 "pru Blue" for the top.
    For the lower part and the fuel tank, I tried vallejo metal colors. I must say I love them.
    I found by chance a video on YT (dogma72 - Brushing Vallejo Metal Color) showing how to brush them.
    It is a bit unatural way of working but it worked well: in fact you dry brush them.
    I put a layer of vallejo black primer then I used a large square brush, with nearly no paint on it and brush the surface. I did 3 or 4 layer, waiting overnight between each.
    Result is to my opinion close to what you could have with an airbrush. Not brush marks. Pigments are much thinner than the Humbrol Metal cote and the range of colors is wide.
    I used aluminum 701 and for some parts pale burnt aluminum 704 (it is not really visible on the photos due to lighting conditions).
    I also used jet exhause 713 for the stove pipe
    I had a lot of fun with this kit.





    A pair of French Deltas

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    SinuheH reacted to Tolga ULGUR in 1/32 Hasegawa Messerschmitt Bf 109 F-2   
    This is 1/32 Hasegawa Messerschmitt Bf 109 F-2 flown by II./JG 53 Heinz Bretnütz May-June 1941 while the unit was still based at St Omer Arques in France.
    After market parts are:
    Aires cockpit set
    Aires Wheel well parts
    Aires wheels
    Decals: Xtradecal Bf 109 Stab Pt 2
    Paints : Gunze Sangyo acrylics
    Happy Modelling

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    SinuheH reacted to Dave Williams in Avro Shackleton MR3   
    Great weathering!  Glad to see one built.  After years of people complaining about all they had was the ancient Frog kit, I’m surprised that not many people have seemed to build the new tool Revell MR.3.
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    SinuheH got a reaction from HL-10 in Avro Shackleton MR3   
    Lovely model - one of my favourite aircraft - what a magnificent sound those RR Grifon's had.
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    SinuheH reacted to IainM in conversion Atlas Cheetah C   
    Fantastic "C" version there! Makes me think back to the days as a SAAF ATC working those aircraft. That was probably my second favourite a/c, number one was the Mirage F1! Awesome machines. Great to see one again, thank you!
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    SinuheH reacted to HL-10 in Avro Shackleton MR3   
    And now for something completely different!
    Revell's 1/72nd scale Shackleton MR3 is a lovely kit.
    Very well engineered.
    No fit problems at all!
    Surface detail is very fine and nicely done.
    Has the option of a Phase 2 or 3 variant, with the Viper jet engines.
    I don't usually do 72nd, but this kit was an absolute joy to build.
    Painted with Tamiya acrylics.










    Thanks for looking 
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    SinuheH reacted to AlbertD in Saw my brother in the 9 part Vietnam War in HD series   
    It was a strange feeling to see him. He was in the USMC and the video must of been from around 1966 or 67. I was only 7 years old at the time but remember how he was when he came home. Watching this series was a real eye opener for me. He's gone now. He would have been 72 now but the agent orange finally got him with cancer. Like many vets he didn't want to talk about it so I don't know much about his service. I understand he did 4 tours and I know he earned 3 Purple Hearts.
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    SinuheH got a reaction from Hartmann52 in Messerschmitt Bf-109G-8, Suomen Ilmavoimat, 1:32, Hasegawa   
    Congratulations on a lovely model - excellent work.
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    SinuheH reacted to RBrown in Messerschmitt Bf-109G-8, Suomen Ilmavoimat, 1:32, Hasegawa   
    The aircraft was delivered with Luftwaffe markings, and should have received Finnish marking soon after delivery.  It was damaged the day after the photograph below was taken, July 2, 1944.  The aircraft was repaired in November 1944, after the end of the Continuation War, so it is likely it never had the Finnish Swastika markings applied.

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    SinuheH reacted to Hartmann52 in Messerschmitt Bf-109G-8, Suomen Ilmavoimat, 1:32, Hasegawa   
    Good evening, colleagues!
    Today I want to introduce another work of my old friend Sergey aka Suomi - Messerschmitt Bf-109G-8.
    Here is what the model author says: "Messerschmitt Bf-109G-8, Suomen Ilmavoimat (Finnish AF), 3/HLeLv24, 30.06.1944, Lappeenranta, Finland. Pilot: MSgt Nils Katajainen, total victories 35.5, ratio on Messerschmitts - 18, on this board - 7 (29.6.44 - Il-2; 30.6.44 - Pe-2; 1.7.44 – P-39Airacobra; 7.3.44 – 2xYak -9, 2хIl-2), Mannerheim Cross of the 2-nd class – 21.12.1944.
    Model – is Hasegawa`s Messerschmitt Bf-109G-6, 1/32. Used aftermarket: the Aires cabin, the central part of the canopy and the wheels bay`s - RB, used somewhere 20% of the BigEd on 109G-6 from Eduard, the exhaust pipes – REXX. The rest - with minor modifications - from the box"(с) aka Suomi

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