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    SinuheH reacted to DrDave in WNW DH9 The Lobster   
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    SinuheH reacted to DrDave in WNW DH9 The Lobster   
    I've been working on this for the Romsey Modellers Competition. Lovely build and the kit decals were great. Rigged with black and white EZ line with Bobs buckles.
    I'll take this to Yeovilton model show this weekend, but I dont think it will stand too much transportation.









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    SinuheH got a reaction from D.B. Andrus in Tamiya A6M5c Zero in USN markings - inspiration for new GB   
    Hi gents
    I've gotten around to completing my Tamiya Zero - all in all a pleasurable build - except for the exhausts - where I bungled…….  
    Taken some new pix:
    A6M5C-d by Saaffan, on Flickr   A6M5C-e by Saaffan, on Flickr   A6M5C-f by Saaffan, on Flickr   A6M5C-g by Saaffan, on Flickr   A6M5C-h by Saaffan, on Flickr   A6M5C-i by Saaffan, on Flickr   A6M5C-j by Saaffan, on Flickr    
    WIP is here
    Thanks to Tony B for the insignia designs!
    Please check additional larger pix below - Photobucket only permits small sized images …..
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    SinuheH reacted to Phoenixs in Spitfire MK.IXc "Skalski's Circus" Tamiya 1/32   
    other photos here Thanks for coming. 
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    SinuheH reacted to Phoenixs in Spitfire MK.IXc "Skalski's Circus" Tamiya 1/32   
    Hello everyone , I present my latest work : Spitfire MK.IXc belonging to145 SQUADRON RAF on the Tunisian Goubrine airbase during April 1943 , piloted from Ace Polish Stanislaw Skalski .
    The kit is Tamiya 60319 , " seasoned" with aftermarket various resins Barracuda cast for tires and various parts of the cabin , and Eduard photoetched.
    The coloring was done by free hand with acrylics Xtracrylics , as my habit I tried to minimize the use of decals , replacing them , where possible , with masking . For the weathering I tried different filters of the True Earth.
    Here are the pictures:                        
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    SinuheH got a reaction from Chris Wimmer in The Seventh Stormbird   
    Excellent work and model, Chris.
    Way to go....!

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    SinuheH reacted to Chris Wimmer in The Seventh Stormbird   
    I started with the cockpit five years ago and built it OOB, with exception of the armoured windshield. It's a scratchbuilt early type, extending into the cockpit.

    Fuel tanks as seen at the munich museum

    Lead weights both on port and starboard

    110306 still in progress. I consider starting a WIP at this point?







    Thanks for stopping by!
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    SinuheH reacted to Chris Wimmer in The Seventh Stormbird   
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    SinuheH reacted to Chris Wimmer in The Seventh Stormbird   
    Hi Everybody on LSP!
    This is my rendition of Me-262 prototype No 7, serial number 130002. Awaiting completion for more than five years, I recovered it some weeks ago since I felt a bit bored with my old Revell Mosquito, which I had to put aside for a while now.
    I haven't used any aftermarket stuff, but added a lot of detail instead, especially to the main gear bay and the turbojet engines. As I wanted to open up the nose section as much as possible, I custom-molded a pair of lead-weights to fill the hollow spaces below the gun bay. In addition I have shortened the metal main wheel struts by three millimeters (or was it five?  ).
    Code letters are self printed, the octane triangles are 1/72, because the kit's decals are way too large. Finally I've made both canopy and gunbay doors moveable by creating simple 0.6mm injection needle hinges.
    Sorry, there's no WIP, but I will add a couple of building-pics at the end. Hope you like it!

    Port side view, engine cover removed. Franz, the mechanic, kindly gives us opportunity for a closer look

    Wow Franz, you're the greatest!

    The port jumo 004 engine

    Trumpeter has detailed the front section so nicely that I couldn't resist to open it up. The top of the gun bay front spar didn't look very good so I tried to re-paint it during the photo shooting. Now it looks worse than before...



    The starboard jumo lacks the hydraulic oil pump, what was common on the Me 262.


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    SinuheH reacted to Jennings Heilig in Fly Hurricane   
    A nice box top painting is nice, but that's all it is.  It's just a box, and it's going to go into the recycling bin once it's served its purpose.  What's inside is what counts!
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    SinuheH reacted to JamesHatch in Fly Hurricane   
    Kit being critiqued on the box art imagery?
    It's getting like HS on here.....
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    SinuheH got a reaction from Tony T in Fly Hurricane   
    There were silver dope trainers in Rhodesia.

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    SinuheH reacted to LSP_Kevin in Fly Hurricane   
    On the company's Facebook page, Fly has posted the box art for its upcoming Hurricane kit:

    Hopefully this means it isn't too far away!

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    SinuheH got a reaction from MARU5137 in Tamiya Spitfire Mk. IXe, White 14, First Fighter Squadron IAF   
    Nice work, Nico, that is one fine looking 109.....
    Serious - great Spitfire - nice scheme and completion.

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    SinuheH reacted to red baron in TA 152 PCM whatif   
    I said a whatif because the serial numbers and colors used are not realistic! I took some liberties with all that         
            and , another pics :


    voila voila
    enjoy !
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    SinuheH reacted to red baron in TA 152 PCM whatif   
    hllo  this is my ta 152 whatif from the box
    enjoy :

    voila voila 
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    SinuheH reacted to Muddi in Tamiya Spitfire Mk. IXe, White 14, First Fighter Squadron IAF   
    Hi there,
    I'd like to show my recently finished Tamiya Spitfire Mk. IXe in the colors of 101 Squadron, Israel Defense Forces, 1949.
    I used some Quickboost and Barracuda aftermarket sets and the 101 Squadron badge is from a Techmod sheet. I had some serious trouble with the techmod-decals (Star of David, tactical no.) had to remove them and had to paint the markings using masks made from Tamiya-tape. I used Gunze Mr. Color paints.
    After building lots of Luftwaffe-subjects, it was a good change to build an Israeli plane and the Tamiya Spitfire builds great!
    Comments and critique welcome:

    SpitfireIXe_IAF_01 by bastelnvormbalkon, auf Flickr

    SpitfireIXe_IAF_02 by bastelnvormbalkon, auf Flickr

    SpitfireIXe_IAF_03 by bastelnvormbalkon, auf Flickr
    SpitfireIXe_IAF_04 by bastelnvormbalkon, auf Flickr

    SpitfireIXe_IAF_05 by bastelnvormbalkon, auf Flickr

    SpitfireIXe_IAF_06 by bastelnvormbalkon, auf Flickr

    SpitfireIXe_IAF_07 by bastelnvormbalkon, auf Flickr

    SpitfireIXe_IAF_08 by bastelnvormbalkon, auf Flickr
    Thank you for looking.
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    SinuheH reacted to kalashnikov-47 in 1/32 Avia S-199 Israeli   
    Recently finished up on this model.  It's the Hasegawa Bf 109G-14 kit converted using the Werner's Wings set.
    I have long wanted to do this subject in my favorite scale, but previously the only conversion was the older
    set from ARBA.  I was pleased when this conversion set came out, and jumped on one immediately upon release.






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    SinuheH reacted to Lee_K in Pacific Coast Models Spitfire XIVc   
    Here is the Pacific Coast Models 1/32 scale Spitifre XIVc.  I did replace the scrawny kit landing gear struts with SAC white metal struts.  On viewing the photos of the completed model, I have raked the landing struts a few more degrees forward.  The elevators were cut out and positioned with downward deflection as seen in almost all photos of Spitfires at rest.  This is the third PCM Spitfire kit I've built and I appreciate the low parts count and resin and color photoetch provided.  Finished as VL-P of the No 322 (Dutch) Squadron in March 1944, using the excellent kit decals that are printed by Cartograph.  Weathering was limited to panel line wash, lots of oily residue on the belly, exhaust stains, minor wear of the wing root, and grunge aroudn the wheels and landing gear.  Note that I did NOT paint the crowbar red. 

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    SinuheH got a reaction from HL-10 in OV10-A Bronco   
    Lovely model Angelo!
    Always liked the Bronco - striking air show performer.

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    SinuheH reacted to HL-10 in OV10-A Bronco   
    Kitty Hawk's wonderful kit of the Bronco.
    I did a little bit of extra work in the cockpit, rest is OOB.
    Fit was a bit off in places, but no major problems.
    This is an aeroplane that I have always had a fascination with, not sure why, but it has a great look to it and I am really glad that there is now a big scale kit of it
    This model will be featuring as a review in a magazine soon.

    upload image online

    upload jpg

    image hosting sites

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    photo uploading
    Thanks for looking
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    SinuheH got a reaction from reconspit in 1/32nd Tamiya Corsair Mk.I- 732 NAS, Brunswick, USA, 1944 `Lake Sebago   
    Nice work and neat tribute.
    Corsairs just look fab in RN / FAA  colours.
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    SinuheH reacted to Kyrre in My Big Fast Greek Dog - KH F-86D   
    Sooo ... I have a thing for Greek stuff. With Kitty Hawk's release of a Sabre Dog I was hooked and had to start it almost as soon as I got the kit delivered. 
    Now, a few things about my approach to modelling, having done this for 35 odd years:
    - Cockpits. Don't like'em, don't like replacing them with resin or etch, but will do what it takes to do them "nice enough". Will cheat, will omit parts, as long as it looks busy enough. 
    - Fuselage. I like my kits to look representative - and will not open up stuff unless it was a typical feature of that plane. So, in this case, dropped slats are a necessity (as on a Bf109), opened air brakes? Not so much. You don't see many pictures of these aircraft flashing their innards, unless they just landed.
    - Exposed engine? Yeah right. See last paragraph.  - Research, yes, accuracy, yes, but if it takes the fun out of the build - screw it. If the kit looks right - it is right. 

    So, without further ado:    The cockpit is quite okay straight from the box. I have no idea about accuracy. There should probably be some more seatbelt-stuff in there, but they will be painted greyish and then with a bit of added shadow, that's it.    The cockpit decal is nice, but I thought I'd get into trouble if I tried applying it over the relief molded panel, so I cut them out and applied a coupious amount of Micro Sol, followed by some Future for the "glass". I gave the radar screen some typical cathode ray colour, I have no idea if this would be correct.     With a bit of sanding and dry fitting the air brakes are a tight fit. Nice one, Kitty Hawk.     As mentioned earlier, I have no interest in displaying the engine, so I attached the front and rear halves respectively, using some strip plastic to ensure that I got a fairly smooth joint when viewed from the outside. Worked quite well - shouldn't be much of a step along the fuselage. .    That's how far I've come. I am enjoying this build immensely and have not encountered many issues yet - though a lot of time has been spent dry fitting before committing.  Thanks for watching - oh, and do give feedback on any issues you might see with the build! I appreciate constructive criticism. 

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    SinuheH reacted to Fredouille in A-10A Thunderbolt II "Peanut" Experimental Camo, Part 1   
    Here's more pictures...

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