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  1. Getting back on topic, here is a Macchi M.5 profile by Peter Green
  2. Have you considered using Aviattic lozenge? Old Propeller also do 5 colour lozenge. Don't think 4 colour would be correct - check your references http://www.aviattic.co.uk/aviattic.co.uk/Welcome.html Cheers James
  3. At the Shizuoka Hobby Show held May 16-19, a pre-production AEG G.IV Posted on HobbyLink's Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/HobbyLinkJapan
  4. Decals for the Wingnut Wings RE8 From Pheon Models First Look review by James Fahey Price £15.00 plus postage and packing RFC/RAF topics are hard work for an after-market decal manufacturer, compared to other WWI combatants, due to the general lack of personalised markings. One PC10 coloured aircraft looks much like another, right? Within the historical constraints Pheon Models have produced some interesting and relatively colourful options with the release of this set. #32038 has markings for 11 operational machines and one allocated to RFC HQ in France for ferrying the
  5. 1/32 WWI crew figures by Brian Fawcett First Look Review by James Fahey After producing a range of resin correction parts for aircraft kits in 1/32 and 1/48, Brian Fawcett is now offering a range of 1/32 WWI air and ground figures, cast in resin. There are three sets in the initial release with more in development. The design philosophy is to keep the figures simple to paint and concentrating on realistic poses rather than very fine detail, so they are aimed at aeroplane modellers who are looking to add some human interest to their finished builds rather than figure modellers. Prep
  6. Decals for the Wingnut Wings Gotha #32028 by Pheon Models First Look Review by James Fahey The Wingnut Wings Gotha G.IV kit is a very imposing model, everything about it is BIG. For those modellers who could not resist adding it to their stash, here is an after market decal set which gives some interesting and different options for finishing the model. Price: £17.50 Pheon provide decals for five aircraft: 1. G.IV "Lori 2" Flown by Ltn. Kurt Kuppers and Oblt. Fritz Lorenz, Staffel 16 This aircraft will probably be familiar to modellers who have read about the
  7. Captured! #32040 Volume One By Pheon Models First Look Review by James Fahey Price: £7.00 This set is a departure from Pheon’s normal practice of providing maximum choice of a particular subject, and instead includes individual markings for only one or two specialty subjects. Pheon have always encouraged modellers to send in suggestions for decal subjects and this set is largely the result of ‘gentle chivvying’ from Canadian Gary Barling. Captured aircraft is a niche subject that has had long appeal for modellers as favourite subjects get decked out in the opposition’s in
  8. Decals for Christiansen’s Hansa Brandenburg W.29 in 1/32 #32041 By Pheon Models First Look Review by James Fahey Price: £3.50 This set was produced in response to requests from modellers wanting to complete their Wingnut Wings W.29 in the markings of the most famous German naval ace, Friedrich Christiansen. Christiansen commanded the Naval Air Station at Zeebrugge, was awarded the prized Pour le Merite (the first of only three given to naval aviators and the only one to a seaplane pilot), was promoted to Kapitanleutnant in 1918 and finished the war with a total victory tally
  9. I am sure there will be a BMW engined variant coming in the future at some stage
  10. Volume 4 #32037 £12.75 1. D.Va Uffz. George Gerik, Jasta 75 2. D.V D4432/17 Pilot unknown, Jasta 23b 3. D.V serial unknown, Ltn Julius Buckler, Jasta 17 4. D.V D2042/17 Vfw. Albert Hausmann, Jasta 15 5. D.V 4408/17 Vfw Georg Strasser, Jasta 17 6. D.V serial unknown Ltn Heinrich Seywald, Jasta 23b 7. D.Va serial unknown Ltn Hermann Leptien. Note the black diamonds are not provided as decals due to the complexity of the compound curves and different surfaces around the nose. This should be a reasonably straightforward masking job. Rowan added this option t
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