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  1. Thank you for the compliments Tony. I think that the weathering is where it all came together as intended.
  2. This is the Revell Germany boxing of the Italeri 1/35 M113 which I built in the guise of Army Republic of Vietnam as would have appeared during the battle of Ap Bac on January 2, 1963 while assigned to 4th Mechanized Squadron, 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment. The kit was mostly built OOB, although I did replace the kit's .50 with a better one from the Academy US Machine Gun set, as well as add a tripod mounted .30 cal. from that set, and several other WWII/Korean War vintage weapons inside the track (M1 Garands, M2 Carbine BAR, M18 57mm Recoilless Rifle). I also added mesh screens where appropriate to the engine deck, stowage to the interior and more detail in the drivers compartment, as well as replacing the pioneer tools and jerry cans with better ones from my spares bin. Thanks for looking. Comments and critiques are welcome.
  3. I like it. Very clean build and a nice base. I might suggest using a bit more of a final matt coat on there, although it could be just the lighting that is giving it some sheen.
  4. I like it! Are you going to use the kit tracks?
  5. :coolio:Damn this is impressive! How many different projects do you have going right now?
  6. Thank you for the compliments guys. Yes, all the basic lines of the kit are good. With a little help from various sources, it does build up quite nicely and with no headaches. Pretty good for a kit originally molded over 45 years ago.
  7. LOL! And my golden does weigh as much as a ruck... he's the biggest dang golden I've ever seen... I could use the H-harness on him along with the lowering line...
  8. Got ya... I still have one around here somewhere, along with a lowering line... not that they are of any use to me now, but...
  9. Maybe my memory is playing tricks (I haven't jumped in almost 10 years), but shouldn't the H-harness have a single pull release tab? You can see it here on the 2nd guy from the left below and between his hands Left Door Jumpmaster! I really like the bareheaded figure... he captures the look just right
  10. Thank you Peter. No I actually left most of the raised panel lines in place. I did rescribe a few in the nose area and lower wing that were lost during seam clean up. But since photos show the Tiffy had overlapping skin panels, especially on the fuselage, I felt that the raised lines would be no more inaccurate than butt joined recessed lines.
  11. Thank you Bill. This was one that got me really excited when it was reissued. Not that I have ever really left the hobby except for a few brief time spans that uncle sam had me too busy and housed in a manner where I could not actively participate for a few weeks or months here and there.
  12. LOL! Thank you sir. With a little help, this kit builds up real nice. I have another with the same add ones plus the full Eduard PE set. Of course that one will have RPs...
  13. After roughly 5 weeks of effort my first project of 2015 is complete. Monogram's 1969 vintage 1/48 Typhoon IB with a little help from my spares box, Ultracast (resin), and Eduard, Reheat & Airwaves (PE). Decals are from Superscale for a Typhoon of 439 Squadron RCAF in Northwest Europe in Winter/Spring 1945. Paints are mostly Model Master Enamels, with some Humbrol and Tamiya as well... Thanks for looking, comments and critiques are welcome
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