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  1. Mike, PWMP made a set a while back. I wonder who might have a set laying around. Oh yeah, that would be me. I'll toss it in the box coming your way. Your Friend, David
  2. Without a doubt, AIRES all the way. In detail alone the AIRES set is head and shoulders above Teknics, and WolfPack. Teknics are down right hard to find anymore, with the demise of Meteor Productions. WolfPack is notorious for serious shrinkage. I have not heard one single person that has a set say that their set hasn't shrunk to the point of being close to unusable. To be fair WolfPack is aware of the issue and may have taken steps to correct it already. A close second would be to order the 2 sets of the Tamiya F-16CJ nozzle parts from HLJ or Rainbow 10. Sincerely, David
  3. Oh someone else did them. LINKY! I have a set. If interested $10 shipped as long as your in the U.S. A little more if outside the U.S. Sincerely, David
  4. Sabre, First, you have to decide which variant or time frame you want to build. Do you have a particular set of markings in mind? Or maybe a timeframe? The Tomcat changed so much over time that their really isn't a typical Tomcat. I personally like the more modern ones, a F-14B or F-14D. Lots more weapon options as well as I think the gray jets are cool. Also Which boxing did you get? Original, 1994, or Black Knights. That also may come in to factor. Here's my recommendations: F-14A or F-14A+(Desert Storm'ish, later changed to F-14B) - AIRES all the way F-14A(Late, has a HUD) or F-14B(Late, with HUD)- Black Box F-14B cockpit F-14D- Black Box F-14D For the B & D you'll also need some engines- AIRES recommended. There are others though, WolfPack, Teknics, Order the sprues from the Tamiya F-16CJ kits. For what it's worth, Crash
  5. Well I did say most. Nothing wrong with being lazy either. Ok, I'll settle for both rubber and plastic. Good compromise. Sincerely, Crash BTW- your avatar.
  6. I'll agree with that. Most modelers HATE rubber tires. Very hard to paint and weather. Sincerely, Crash
  7. If it is, I almost hate to say it out loud, for fear of jinxing it. But it does bear a striking resemblance to a Buccaneer S.2 nose gear leg. Sincerely, Crash
  8. :thumbsup: That would be ME! I'll be your new best friend. Sincerely, Crash
  9. Chris, You'll love the kit. Absolutely a wonderful model by just about anyones standard. The only "need" in my book, is to replace the main gear with metal ones. As designed by Academy, the kit main gear struts will sag over time. You have two coices, SAC and G-Factor. G-Factor replaces all the gear (nose and main) and all the bits that go with those with metal. The SAC gear replaces just the main struts with metal and you add the kit plastic bits to them, plus you use the kits plastic nose gear strut. SAC is cheaper but G-Factor is stronger. About the only other thing wrong with the kit is the intakes. The trunks are too skinny. You can replace these with D-Mold or Seamless Suckers. Of course most USMC D's have covers over the intakes while on the ground, so this my not be an issue for your build. HTH, Crash
  10. I've built two Hornet's so far, on both I folded the wings. Between me and my two other 1/32 scale modeling buddies, we have ten Hornets between us (we live in a navy town). When you glue the wings together, just clamp them and hold them straight while drying. My friend who did the last 'straight wing" F-18 taped them to his desk overnight while the glue dried, and had absolutely no problem. HERE is a build over on Z5 where the builder did just that. Back to work on my VFA-94 Hornet I'm building now. When I get it done I'll post some pics in RFI section. Sincerely, Crash
  11. Daywalker, All my Academy F/A-18's have had warped wings. I have found that if you glue and clamp, they will straighten out just fine. HTH, Crash
  12. I would, but there is no kit in 32nd scale. That's why I started the thread. I've tried to scratch one twice now, but can't seem to get it right. Don't let the simplicity fool you, there are some very subtle shapes there. I want to be a scratchbuilder, but my skills aren't quite there.....YET! Sincerely, Crash
  13. Nick, You should have read it before it got edited! This threads represents several firsts for me. The first time I've had a thread edited (but not my fault, one bad apple...as the say), and the longest thread I have ever had. It's interesting to see the way the thread has morphed. All I wanted was a Predator Drone! I am just going follow Michel's lead every chance I get. Sincerely, Crash
  14. Larry, I'd like to get at least a few of my stalled projects cleared up: Academy F/A-18C Academy F/A-18D ATARS- was missing the correct seats, but now I have them. Tamiya F-16C Block 42- so close to being done it's not funny Trumpeter Mig-21MF- so close A-4M conversion- need to finish this one before Trumpeter releases theirs. New Projects I might get to this year: Trumpeter SU-27 Trumpeter F-105D Trumpeter 1/72 LCAC-Way Cool! This will probably be first. Dragon UH-1N RF-4B- using Revell RF-4C kit, and I will do a thin wing. Tamiya F-15E God, doesn't look at all doable when you write it down. Now I'm depressed. Of course I see there are some game changers being announced for 2010. Trumps AV-8B+, Revell's Hawk T.1, just to name a few. Sincerely, Crash
  15. Happy New Year to you Mr. Song! Thanks for joining LSP. Hopefully we can have a lasting and productive relationship between LSP and Trumpeter. Brent- I like the way you think. Sincerely, Crash BTW- Any chance of that Predator Mr. Song?
  16. Dave, Don't ask me how, but I ended up with a spare Verlinden F4U-4 Cockpit and Gun Improvement set #2041. I will be more than happy to trade you for one of your upcoming Marine Corsair decal sheets. If interested just pm me your address. Sincerely, Crash
  17. According to THIS article over on Cybermodeler, Trumpeter has eagle eyed scouts monitoring forums looking for release suggestions. If it's true, how about a 1/32 Predator Drone. There is a 1/72 scale version out now, with a 1/48th scale listed as coming out in 2010. The subject must be insanely popular. The 2009 IPMS-USA nats had a category just for Predator Drones! It is in service with several US agencies as well as several foreign operators, so plenty of decal opportunities exist. And let's not forget its place in history, carrying out several, and the first, unmanned attacks in combat. And it would make for a nice weekend, anti AMS build, just like your SA-2 missile (although that one took me two weekends to do). So PLEASE Mr Trumpeter.... How about it! Anybody else want a 1/32 Predator. Sincerely, Crash http://www.airliners.net/photo/USA---Air/G...cf949811347bc24
  18. http://www.maam.org/p61/images/MAAM-012.jpg http://www.maam.org/p61/images/Image13.jpg http://www.maam.org/p61/images/MAAM-015.jpg http://www.maam.org/p61/images/Image26.jpg http://www.maam.org/p61/images/MAAM-016.jpg http://www.maam.org/p61/images/IMG_2017.jpg http://www.maam.org/p61/images/IMG_2005.jpg Here is the best walkaround of a P-61 that I've been able to find. It is of one being restored. Hope this helps. Sincerely, Crash
  19. I'm in for a P-61. Always loved that plane. Time to start compiling reference. Sincerely, Crash
  20. I know. He is taking pre-orders too. I am so excited. Sincerely, Crash
  21. Lookin good so far. BTW just in case you didn't know, the seat with the big "bat ears" goes in the front cockpit, not the rear. LINKY! Sincerely, Crash
  22. Very nice TBird! I can't seem to build while traveling, so kudo's to you. Judging from your name, i guess you don't get a lot of lost luggage. You can only upload 100K for each post to this site. If you use PhotoBucket or another web hosting site you can attach much bigger pics. LSP is perhaps the last site that will allow you to upload pics straight to here. You can aways add more posts (with more pics) to the thread. (Hint, Hint) Sincerely, Crash OH, and welcome to LSP!
  23. Thanks Dave, I am anxiously waiting. The UH-1N is on my short list. I was wondering if using two of the AH-1W kits, splicing them together, would get you to a good Whiskey. Just a thought. The kits are dirt cheap and easy enough to find. Sincerely, Crash
  24. DMunne

    Cockpit Wash

    I use oils for washes. Specifically Winsor & Newton Artist oils thinned with turpenoid. They are a little expensive ($7-$10 per tube) but buy the smallest tubes you can find and they last for years. Some of my tubes are going on decades now. You can get some really neat effects with oils that would be hard to achieve with other mediums. If you apply the wash over a flat paint, the wash spreads out and takes on the appearance of a stain, while over a gloss, the wash will flow around raised details and into recesses. I use Future as a gloss coat and the oil wash thinned with turpenoid does not affect the underlying paint. I've also used the wash over flat Tamiya and Model Master Acrylic to achieve the stain affect with no issues. I don't know how the turpenoid would react with unprotected enamels. If you let the wash set overnight you might have to use a little straight turpenoid to get any extra wash off of where you don't want it. I usually just remove any slop as soon as its dry with either a Q Tip or an old T shirt. I've tried just about every wash out there. From home made brews, to Detail Master and Promodeler ready to use. I always come back to artist oils. There are tons of colors to chose from, but I mainly use these: Paynes Gray- General panel lines and over gray schemes. Less stark than black. Raw Umber- Mud, grime, dirt. Burnt Umber- Darker mud, grime and dirt. Raw Sienna- More red in color. good for light rust or fluids. Titanium White- Good for GSB or Black schemes, general tinting of other colors. Lamp Black- I think black is to harsh but you can mix it with white to come up with any gray you might need. I hope this helps. Any questions, just ask. Sincerely, Crash
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