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  1. Skjohn98

    PE Question

    Thank Ray, I have the gator glue, I’am sort of testing the glue to see what it looks like when it’s dry. i was figuring on using the future and I never thought about using that as the glue thanks again John
  2. I am building a Revell FW190 F8, This is the first time I have used a PE set for the instrument panel, the question is there are 2 pieces of PE the back one has the instrument detail and the outer piece is the outside of the panel, when I glue the top piece on how can I get a glass look for the instruments? I was thinking of using a drop of future, any othe way to do it? TIA John
  3. Skjohn98

    Reveal of Germany FW190-F8

    I am planning on building an 190-F8 and trying to get everything I can ready before I start, its been over 15 years since I built an airplane, and it was a Tamiya 1/48 th 190. A lot of time has passed since that last build and i hate to say it but I don't remember much of the details. I have went thru the instructions and noted that some of the paint call outs (Revell paints) call for mixing some of the paints to get the right color. I have mostly Tamiya paints and don't know what might be the right color to use for the mix, and I hope that some one can help. Revell instructions call for I to be used for the machine guns as a mix of 75% metallic steel (91) and 25% grey matt (9) which I would guess could be gunmetal???? they also have D which is a mix of 80% bronze green (65) and 20% yellow (15) which looks to be wing tip light I I asm guessing this might be some type of green??? The last mix is (M) which is 80% light blue (49) and 20% white(5) this is used for the antenna and the step for the pilot hanging from the fuselage. Any help would be greatly appreciated John