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  1. Inspirational buildup! Have One in the stash - will use this thread as a guide. +++
  2. Beautiful! Very inspirational. Is that a big-tail Dora? I have one in my stash and am looking for a scheme other than the kit decals. Best Paul in SF Update : Thanks Bellis - good thing they have a regular tail too in the kit.
  3. Thanks Neil for the link. I went ahead and ordered the SH kit - we'll see!
  4. Both kits are supposed to be short in the tail. See this post re corrections: https://www.modelforum.cz/viewtopic.php?f=57&t=81364&sid=e54a8f3c819831be237d7a658cb53d58
  5. Got it - thanks! Ok, Kevin read your article on your excellent build - looks like if you left out the internals (engine, etc.) the kit would be an ok build? But then, why pay for them I would build it closed up anyway....
  6. Good comments! Thanks guys - maybe leaning towards Revell/Special Hobby now.... Kevin - what issue of Air Modeller was your build in? Best Paul
  7. Hi all: Looking into getting a P-39 in 1/32 - which is the "best," in your opinion? Looking for a D, N or Q....leaning towards the Kitty Hawk, but there's also Special Hobby and Revell. Regards, Paul
  8. I got the 1/32 Revell early Mustang P-51D I ordered from Kitlinx yesterday - pretty good service: ordered Sunday 6/24 and arrived 6/28!
  9. Kit Link shipped mine already, it's on the way!
  10. I wanted the early to do Passion Wagon in camo.
  11. Thanks all for your responses! Ordered one from Kitlinx! We'll see if they can deliver. Paul P.S. WTH - is everyone using the WNW marketing tactic now? I.e., make fewer kits than demand.
  12. Does anyone happen know of a source in the US with kit in stock? Other than Amazon - $59 + Paul
  13. HI Buzz: Interesting project - I have one on order so I'll be following in your footsteps. What P-51B are you modelling? I'm thinking of: Cheers, P.
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