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  1. This is awesome. Been looking at a great scheme i want to do but it requires a GE engine. Can't wait for this!
  2. Loving this so far Jan. Not a multi engine fan myself but those engines from out of box. Wow
  3. I'll start by some of you guys here are truly artists especially when it comes to hand painting and I am not among that group. Despite my best efforts I can't paint the layer plywood effect on a prop to save my life. I've tried....and failed haha. With that being said I'm happy with how the prop turned out and I think it will look on the plane. I still need to paint the metal hub and attach the decals but you get the idea. One place I was able to enhance the kit was the exhaust. I took a tool that I made for scraping seam lines(basically a 1/4" wide chisel that's as sharp as a razor) and cut the plastic inside the exhaust. Then I applied tamiya extra thin to smooth out the gouges. Pretty decent result for only a bit of effort. For paint I applied gloss black then Exhaust Manifold followed by a burnt iron. Little bit of a rust and wash and this exhaust will look great. I'm glad I opened up the outlet of the pipe, just need to darken it with black to make it look correct.
  4. It's starting to look like an airplane folks! Top wing is on and the weathering can begin. And of course the rigging which doesn't seem to bad. Thanks for looking
  5. I'm glad I made the switch to them. No smell, no thinners required and effortless results. Great product
  6. I've loved following your build and it's coming along amazingly. Keep it up!
  7. Hope everybody had a nice Thanksgiving. Been a bit between updates but some progress is being made for sure, I got quite a bit during the holiday. I did find a minor issue with the kit where the cowling covers don't fit 100% because the struts are hitting in the rear. Could be a case where I didn't install the struts correctly but it should be easy to deal with. Here's a few pictures of the current state. Thanks for looking. Another update soon
  8. Making some progress on the model. Most of the decals are done except for the props, etc. Time to start assembling and weathering! Another update should be coming soon. Thanks for all the comments!
  9. Thanks Albert! I did use a solution for setting. Best method I've found for the wings is multiple applications of Micro-Sol, then no more then 5 seconds with the hair dryer, one more application of Micro-sol then hairdryer as needed. The heat really helps melt the decals down. The downside is the heat can make bubbles but its not too hard to pop them with a knife. Thanks Mike! Nope I used the decals from Wingnut Wings not the Aviattic set. Your right the rib tapes on the edge are a bear to get right, I find just putting them on and letting them dry a bit before putting on the solution seems to help. Thanks!
  10. This thing is going to be mind blowing when it's done peter. Beautiful so far
  11. Working my way through the decals and it's really coming together now. Hoping to get the engine and guns mounted tomorrow. First time building an Albatross for me and I'd definitely recommend leaving the wings off until the undercarriage and decals are done. Makes life a lot easier.
  12. Loving it, very nice job on the engine. Keep it up
  13. Wow very nice start. I'll definitely be keeping tabs on your build as I have the Wingnut Wings version of the DH2 on the self. Looking great so far!
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