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  1. I wish I could go. Busy time of year for me mixed with the trip from no would be more than a day for sure. Not to mention camping under the wing of an airplane doesn’t exactly excite me haha. I only hope I get to see it one day though
  2. Absolutely beautiful build and your weathering is so subtle and realistic
  3. What a gorgeous bent wing. And a pleasure of a kit to put together on tamiya’s part
  4. Ok well then I stand corrected. And for sure a lot of companies overdo their riveting just because it’s so hard to duplicate that at scale I’d imagine.
  5. I have to believe that that P40 had an absolutely museum grade restoration (Paul Allen would have accepted nothing less) I have to think that during the process they filled the areas around the flush rivets with a bondo like material then sanded the whole surface to get the smoothest possible finish. As others have said I doubt that the aircraft would have actually gone to war with that smooth of a surface unless it was done by the individual crews. For some context here’s a couple pictures of my Mooney which are renowned for their use of flush riveting. About two thirds of the wing leading edges and tail are flush riveted with the back portion being normal button heads. My paint is straight onto the metal after old paint was stripped and light sanding, no fillers. As you guys have said rivets both flush and exposed on jets, light aircraft etc really aren’t noticeable from more then a few feet away. I think modern military jets are the only exception because the matte gray paint really holds dirt and grime and accentuates the rivets. Its certainly above my skill level to duplicate this at scale that’s for sure!
  6. I keep debating wether I should pick one up. Then I look at my stash and realize I should settle for getting the new Sopwith pup and be happy. Too many big kits on the self
  7. Then that's what I'll have to do. I could sure use a simpler kit after getting done the Mosquito. They are definitely not a simple kit
  8. Figured I'd join the wonderful group here since I've been browsing the forums for months gathering ideas, etc. I've been back into scale modeling for about a year now and having only built 1/32 scale aircraft. At least for the foreseeable future I'll only be doing 1/32 scale aircraft since that seems to be the only kits I buy and I already have a small pile of kits that need to be built. Also, I have my private pilots license so the aviation fascination is understandable. I do hope to do a large scale WWII ship or sub at some point though. Hopefully I should have my Tamiya mossie completed in the next week or two after about three months of work. I wish I could have gotten it done quicker but by the time I'm done with work and things around the house only an hour or two gets done but such is life. In any case I'll be posting that completed build when its done. I'm torn as to what to build next so any suggestions are appreciated. I'm between 1. ZM Ta-152 in Fritz Auffhammer 's Red/Orange scheme (probably leaning towards this) 2. WNW D.V albatross 3. Eduard P-40 warhawk What I love most about large kits is their sheer detail and parts counts forces you to take your time and finish each part perfectly to achieve the best end result. At this point I'm in now rush to finish kits so spending hours sanding every seam line, etc. is all worth it in the end.
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