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  1. A taper reamer would be a much better tool for what you want to achieve. Problem is finding one in the desired range of diameters.
  2. I like the F-20, but I would rather have something like a Voodoo. Or even an F-5A.
  3. My want is VF-102 in overall gull grey with the red diamond and black AB tail code. Microscale did this in 1/72 and 1/48, but nothing in 1/32.
  4. Also keep in mind the decals are based on preserved aircraft which may or may not represent the original faithfully.
  5. Despite the "Do Not Bend" stamp they bent one of my orders from Albatros so I have a couple of bent Datafiles :). I mentioned it to Albatros and the next order they wrote it in big letters. The postie got the message.
  6. Thanks. I put in an order. A lot of odds and ends I have on my wish list.
  7. I met Omar Levesque at some bar in Ottawa while on a bit of a bender during University This reminds me - Has anyone tracked down any markings for any of the F-86's flown by Canadians in Korea?
  8. I can't complain about the choice - I remember in the 60's everyone had the Airfix 1/72. That being said, if I have to do a non-fighter I will go for something like an A-6, A-20 or B-25 first.
  9. Lol! I just realized it was my first post. I guess I really want a Dr.I without the fuss of correcting the Roden.
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