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    Aircraft, mostly WWII fighters, P-51, P-40, P-47, F4U, Spitfire I, IX, XIV, Mk 21, etc.
    Guns - Galil, AK family, most everything really.
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  1. Hooray!!! Fantastic!! Finally, a really good 1/32 P-51 B/C!!! Hooray!!! Alas, Still waiting for a 1/32 P-51H though.
  2. Very Glad to see this one come out, I'd been waiting a good while for a really nice 1/32 P-40B! (Still waiting for that Hong Kong Models 1/32 P-51B/C though, and I haven't given up on that 1/32 P-51H!!)
  3. 1/32 P-51B/C (a really good one though) 1/32 P-51H (I know, no chance) 1/32 Spitfire Mk 21
  4. Find a Jerry Rutman kit! Believe me brother, I've been looking! I guess I'll just have to go the Hasegawa/Revell crossbreed route. I'm sure it IS, just a matter of time, but, it HAS been over 70 years now, and I'm "getting up there" in age, so I'd really like to see a really excellent 51B/C kit, sooner than later, before I finally keel over.
  5. Well said Radub, thanks for clarifying, it's not always easy to tell what message people are really trying to say, by their written words. I thought you meant that I was insincere, not serious in my quest, essentially bluffing, in asking HPH about the cost of doing the P-51H. LSP_Ray - very well said too, thanks. It sure as all heck is expensive, super expensive, who'da thunk it was so darn much! I though, maybe two thousand bucks' cover it, and I'd have gone for it, but, Wowsa, 9 Grand, just for the R&D model. I am really surprised that not more peop
  6. Radub - I wasn't "going after you", I was just pointing out that there was no "bluff", just a serious inquiry sent to a manufacturer about the cost of doing a kit. (excellent point Vince14 and D Bellis about Kits vs Models, I didn't really think about that when I contacted them) I quite sure, everyone here knows that the research and development of a kit, or model, requires a lot of time and money, and naturally, a manufacturer has to believe the kit will make them money, or they won't bring it to market, we're all well aware of that. I fully realize, Radub, that you meant to be
  7. There was no "Bluff" involved. You do realize, that they advertise on their own website, that they build custom kits. I believe they put that in there, to attract people to ask about the cost of - custom kits. I'm quite sure, they were'nt thinking - Let's "call this guys bluff", or "put your money where your mouth is", but simply answered my question, about cost.
  8. It sounded real good to me. I'd have gone in for a "fund me" P-51B/C for sure, as long as it was going to turn out a great model. The P-40B sure needs to be done too, in my humble opinion. (The P-51B/C more so, though, much more so) I didn't know Hong Kong models "promised" a P-51B/C, that's fantastic news!!!! (Stay away from those Bulgarian parking garages!! Sounds kinda' dangerous!)
  9. Admittedly, the P-51H was not as "pretty" as the B/C, of the D, but it was one hell of a great aircraft, and I'd love some for my collection, to stair at. A really good B/C needs to be done to, of course, and I'm just amazed that one hasn't been done, yet, as a heck of a lot more "obscure" and "unimportant" stuff has been done. GrahamF - "...…… To CNC a fuselage and wings would be easy for us to do but would leave everything else to the modeler. Any Takers?...…." - Well, YEAH!! I'll be in touch.
  10. Yea, the only thing with doing the same thing with the P-51B/C (trying to get someone to do a Good one), is that there's always a "good" chance, that some big company (Tamiya!!??) will bring one out, right after they get most of the R&D project done, just like Jerry Rutman's gorgeous P-51D, that was coming along so beautifully. (now, with the "H", there's little chance of that) But, yes, I'd LOVE to see a really GOOD P-51B/C in 1/32nd come out, that top's my "list". As for that D to H conversion, it's really too different, in my opinion, totally new plane really, VERY hard
  11. Hello Jerry, 

    Please tell me you still have some 1/32 P-51B kits available??!!

    I am quite desperate for several.


    Bill P. (AresShrike)

  12. Thanks for the Welcome MikeMaben, much appreciated!
  13. Thanks so very much Kevin, I just sent him a message. I really do hope this works out, as it seems like a really good deal to me, but, I guess you've got to be a certified Mustang fanatic, to think it's "worth it". Oh well, maybe 45 people will see it like I do, or, maybe, somebody else could do it for a bit less, but I really like the quality of the HPH kits.
  14. To be honest, I don't think it'll happen either, but, I would have no problem putting up $200 to have the R&D done on a 1/32 P-51H, if it meant I'd actually be able to buy some super high quality P-51H Mustang kits. No, the $200 doesn't buy you a kit. But it's a lot better than paying $9,000 and maybe getting that one R&D pre-production sample. If more people want it, the R&D price for each person obviously goes down. I agree, "I don’t think overall there is much call for the P-51H", but I'd sure love to get some! I guess maybe you've got to be a real Mustang n
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