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  1. I've bought quite a few of these kits in the last coupe of years, you should find my 1st G14 somewhere on here. I loved the build, not the easiest though I think that's part of the fun. My 2nd one I've almost completed as Hartman's Black Tulip with a third having a DB-605 transplanted into it. Bought a couple of Zero's & even though they may not be the most accurate (wing span short) they look like a Zero & isn't that part of the point of making models? Have a MC205 in the wings & was lucky enough to find a rare Corsair too Look forward to how you get on with your G14, if there's anything I can help with drop me a line. Peter
  2. I have the B-2 version "to do" next though it may be a little while before I get round to it! I know there's alot of things wrong with the kit when compared to the MDC & most plans, though I have to admit it looks like an AR-234 when taped together. I'm not a rivet counter & would rather have a well engineered kit that is quite easy to build (and doesn't have resin for most of the kit) which also doesn't cost the earth than a beautiful, amazing quality kit that I'm terrified to build as if I screw it up I know it would have cost me much more than any other kit in my collection. If anyone get's the chance to buy one of these my advice is "buy it!!" as the resin etch & decals as stunning too.
  3. Hi Bruce, Finished my 1st edition about a year ago with nothing extra than seat belts as I felt if I started adding all the extras on the market I'd never complete it! Awesome little kit and a joy to build- best advice is don't worry too much about adding more detail as I doubt you'll ever see it & have fun instead. You should find my build in completed (Red 1). Peter
  4. Hi All, I'm going to try something I don't make very often (last one was attempted over 20 years ago!!!!) a helicopter! I purchased an Academy MH-60G Pavehawk off Ebay last week- Wow its quite a kit! & thought this could be a little different. I'll build this as close to the current spec as I can, though to try and get it finished in time I may try some artistic licence I've currently only cut the fuselage off the spues to see what it's like- fuselage warpage in evidence though nothing serious. Over the next couple of days I'll post some pics of the kit & possible markings. Werner's Wings seem to be a good starting point with colours & updates/upgrades. If anything I'll try and keep it as close to from the box as poss though any help from anyone will be greatly appreciated! Peter
  5. Progress update. Underside painted & it's now starting to look like a Yak 18!
  6. UPDATE. Tonight I've been able to pre shade the Yak to show the difference between the canvas & the metal. Once I'd done this I decided I might as well keep going & give it a top coat......
  7. Just looking at different colour schemes...... Thinking of the box offering in Soviet though found these as well!! I have some arrow bolts from my Bergemot Yak-3 decals so this could be something different :-) But it's still UGLY!!
  8. Wow! I wasn't aware of decals for a Polish version. I had decided on a Soviet aircraft to put beside my Special Hobby Yak-3. I might have to change my plans.....
  9. Hi all, I would like to introduce you to one of my "Works In Progress", a Trumpeter Yakovlev Yak-18 Max. I usually build the usual Spitfires of Bf-109's though felt I wasn't really getting anywhere with them & this kit is a bit of fun! If you don't already know, this is a post WW2 Soviet trainer which was built in the 1,000's & used by most Warsaw Pact countries as well as China & even North Korea. The kit itself is gorgeous with just enough parts & complexity to keep you interested & the fit & detail of parts Tamiya would be proud of. Full cockpit and engine detail is included & 3 decal options- Soviet, China & North Korea. I've enclosed some pics of where I am atm as if you search for the kit you'll find plenty of in box pics. The only issue I have with the aircraft is the looks...... if you squint hard at it & don't look at the engine cowl it can look a little like a Yak-3! Look at the cowl & it really doesn't! It's just so damn UGLY!!!! I hope you like the pics & look forward to any comments Peter
  10. Hi, Have you got any further with the fit of the kit? Received mine yesterday....... gorgeous detail though found the dry fit of the wing fuselage not as precise as I was expecting. Did you find this or is it just me?? Peter
  11. Looking good so far! I've just painted mine & it's awaiting a gloss coat before decalling. Be aware of the wing fuselage join when you start this. I ignored the instructions & trimmed the two locating lugs on the fuselage &got a near perfect join on the wings! Only problem is the front join at the wing roots- lots of patience & super glue needed
  12. Wow! Great start! I should have mine by next week so will be watching this thread very closely :-)
  13. Wow! that looks AWESOME!! Should get mine within the next week
  14. Hi all, Here is my Trumpeter Me262a-1 which is still a work in progress after 11 years. Bought the kit when 1st issued just before my son was born, keep trying to finish it but something keeps stopping me...... The kit was painted a few years ago, I'm quite happy with the basic finish though feel my mottling and technique is improving with age even if my eyesight is getting worse! Well not much more to do though may still be a little time before I'm fully happy with it. Anyway I hope you all enjoy & I look forward to your comments.
  15. Hi the kit is the original issue & as long as you don't get too frustrated over the cockpit & ejection seat then its the perfect kit to build quickly. No major panel problems & fit was excellent! Decals went on perfect too! Would highly recommend to anyone who wants to build something a little different, just don't forget the nose weight.
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