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  1. Folks, This is my attempt at the Tamiya F16. Conversion set from Isra Cast Decals From Isra Decal Paints From Ammo Mig This has been kicking around my bench for over ten years anf I finally got around to finishing it. Decals and conversion were bought at the same time as the model. A great kit which I enjoyed building. I had a few issues with the decals which came apart in water and were a bit of a nightmare to put on. This could be down to their age. I cannot vouch for complete accuracy as I am not an expert on the subject. It was a little rushed at the end as I was finishing it fo
  2. I used Paul's Meteor T7 set and loved it! Would def like an updated A10 set. Regards Michael
  3. Got it at Christmas. An excellent read.
  4. That's great thank you. Michael
  5. Folks a question for the B17 experts. Apologies if it has already been asked. Is it possible to use the HK B17F as a basis for the RAF MkII? Regards Michael
  6. Paul, Thank you very much appreciated. You did the hard work. I just put it together. Regards Michael
  7. Thanks Mike, I thought it was a bit shiny out of the can. As they were painted silver and not natural metal I wanted to tone it down a bit. 502 being a Reserve Squadron I guessed that they would tend to keep their machines quite clean. I gave it two very light coats of thinned Tamiya semi gloss clear X35. Still has a bit of a shine but not too much. My first attempt at painting silver. Hopefully not looking too bad. Regards Michael
  8. Folks, This is my take on the Meteor T7. Built using the HK Meteor, Paul Fisher's fantastic T7 Conversion set and markings using MalMayfield's fantastic Miracle Masks. I wanted to do this for a long time and in these markings. The model represents a machine of 502 ( Ulster ) Squadron Royal Aux Air Force Aldergrove 1956. Painted mostly using Tamiya AS12 decanted into the Airbrush. My thanks go to HK for producing the kit and especially Paul Fisher and Mal Mayfield without their talents I would never have completed this build. Hope you all enjoy. Thanks for looking. Re
  9. Folks, A few more photos. Not great but I have the grandkids this weekend and no opportunity to take better photos. Regards Michael
  10. Folks, Thank you all for your kind comments. When time allows I will post more photos. Regards Michael
  11. I made this for my local Air Cadet Squadron. Mosquito MkXX 6-TB, 608 Sqn Downham Market, lost on 23/24 of February 1945. Pilot, Flt Lt RAA Doherty DFC, Observer Pilot Officer Moore, Aubrey Doherty was from Knock,Belfast and was a former pupil of Regent House School, Newtownards, Northern Ireland. His medals are held by 2241(Regent House School) Squadron ATC. Model 1/32 HK Models. Paint Tamiya Eduard Cockpit Seatbelt HGW Markings Home made. Not perfect by any means but I am happy with it. Photos composed by Tony Osborne. Hope you enjoy. Regards Michael
  12. Folks, Thank you all for your kind comments. Kevin apologies I may have repeated a reply to you. Regards Michael
  13. That would be great Kevin thank you. Michael
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