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  1. I do but try not to get sucked in to any “discussions”. There is good information there from time-to-time.
  2. Mr. Surfacer is not passable for RLM 76. It’s not even close to being light blue but hey, it’s your model, build it using what you want. .
  3. Well, you should consider it as they're not; they're just people trying to run a business. What their political views/persuasions are is of no interest to anyone but you it seems.
  4. Again, hard pass on any fixed wing aircraft that's 1/35....
  5. Hi Jose, Thanks! The barrel is the plastic one. If I had used the metal one, I would've had to keep it in the travel lock to prevent it from sagging to it's maximum depression point.
  6. Thanks Chris, I'll do another Panther but in 1/35 and without the interior...
  7. So sorry to hear this but I hope the surgery is completely successful, they get it all, and you’ll have no more problems with your health. Be sure you take enough time to heal and recover. We’ll be waiting to hear any details you’d care to share afterward. We’ll also be ready when you’re fit to resume S.O.W. All the best, Tim
  8. Thanks a lot Tom, much appreciated. There are a couple of mistakes here and there but nothing that I’d consider major.
  9. Fire extinguisher placard is from Archer Fine Transfers. I don’t think they’re available any longer, at least not from Woody.
  10. If they make a Lockheed Electra, one might recreate Amelia Earhart’s journey.
  11. Here's a bunch of photos of the "pretty much finished" marathon tank build that's cured me of doing any more 1/16 tanks and any vehicles with interiors...done-dun-dun..LOL. Enjoy the photos and as always, comments are welcome. NOTE: No further narrations of the photos...these are just photos.
  12. Thanks! I hadn't looked today yet! Preordered and now waiting. I'm not really caring if an Eric Hartmann figure comes with the kit as I won't be building his G-14 anyway.
  13. Sounds like good news! Since I was short-sighted and didn't pre-order the 109, I'm having to wait until Sprue Brothers receive their stock. If you've got a shipping notification then I can only hope that the SB allotment is either on the way to them or with any luck, already in their warehouse just waiting to be unpacked and listed for sale; one can only hope. I keep checking their "New Arrivals" page almost hourly for the past few days now.
  14. Very nice Jose! Boy does that look familiar!
  15. Apparently, it did as that is a direct quote from Bud Anderson himself. He said the ground crew had bloody hands because they worked all night stripping the green paint off of his aircraft with gasoline. Quote starts at 37:00 in the below film.
  16. I know the 357th used gasoline to strip the green paint off their Mustangs for winter ops so maybe this was a common practice elsewhere as well?
  17. Thanks for that information; much appreciated.
  18. Poor plane, now it'll be scavenged for parts and become a hangar queen.
  19. Did the G-6 kit always have the early & late options? Funny I've never noticed those before.
  20. With the Aires conversion set it may be possible...although it was made for the Hasegawa 109G, it may work on the new Revell kit. See this.
  21. The 1/48 Revellogram kit is much better than any scale of the HK kit although the HK kit has better detail in most areas.
  22. The R-2800-22W is a C series R-2800 engine with the bolted prop-reduction gear case but a photo is worth a 1000 words. REFERENCE: White, G. (2001), R-2800, Pratt & Whitney's Dependable Masterpiece. SAE Publishing, PA. pp. 261, 264.
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