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  1. Ya I know I also add retarder and a flow enhancer for leveling, I use 91% ISO because it has more ISO per unit by volume. Paul
  2. Hell I make my own X-20A TWO THIRDS DISTILLED WATER ONE THIRD 91% ISOTOPAL ALCOHOL (rubbing alcohol) I use generic lacquer thinner I find that it makes the paint bite just a tad bit more. Paul
  3. You can use GOO GONE it won't harm the plastic or the paint enamel or arcyic use a Q-tip to clean up the gunk. Paul
  4. I bought mine off the web on e-bay 250 feet for about $26.00 6-7 years ago got the Laboratory 2in roll. Paul
  5. First clean off the canopy with alcohol not soap and water, than sort of warm up a piece of PARAFILM "M" between your hands then strech it gently first with the grain then strech it leagth ways do this a few times till you get as thin as you want it but be carful that you don't tear it as it sometimes will do if streched to thin. then carfully place it over the canopy and pull it tight so there are no wrinkels smooth the first layer down making sure their are no air bubbles then apply a second layer same as the first. use a new X-acto blade and cut to a corner lightly I've left the Parafilm on the canopy for a month or longer after painting and had no problem removing it,I use a tooth pick cut to a chisel point to remove it. practice first try it you'll love it Paul
  6. I use PARAFILM "M" been using it for years it's takes practice to master it but when you do it's the best thing out there. Paul
  7. You can use GOO GONE to remove any adhesive that remains and it wont hurt the plastic or pain. besides it smells good too Paul
  8. Mike get a hold of me and I'll make you a set of custom paint masks for that beautiful bird. Got mine also last week was a present from a guy that I did a custom job for. I'll be waiting to hear from you. Paul
  9. Given enough time I can even make a turd shine like a brard new shinny DIME Paul
  10. Ken, When I bought this kit and the price I paid for it I expected much more qualty in the product then I got not only did I have warped wings and fuseage but HEtLL I've had more detail on the old Arura kits I used to built as a kid. YES KEN TO BLOW MY OWN HORN I AM A HELL OF A MODEL BUILDER given enough time I CAN make a turd shine like a new penny. Paul PS I have since bought and built two more of those pieces of crap NOW that I know what to expect
  11. Brovo52 Go here he's got them on sale for $159.99 +8.95 shipping chespest price I've seen. http://www.shop.plasticmodelworld.com/TAMIYA-1-32-Vought-F4U-1A-Corsair-TAM60325.htm Paul
  12. The PCM kit is pure CRAP for the price I paid for it, it was the first PCM kit I had built and so far the last altho IT was a TEMPEST and I had to have it alot of long and flustrating work went into that kit but I must say it did come out rathert nice. Paul
  13. They work great on the Trumpter 1/24 Hurricane. Paul
  14. Get ahold of Tamiya and just tell them that you got a short shot sprue and they'll send you a replacement for free usally a week or less I've did that twice for parts that the RUG MONSTER ate even offered to pay for the parts. they are pretty damn good about things like that. Paul
  15. 1mm OD for 1/32 Iuse nickel silver tubing I get from Sprue Brothers get the slideb. I can also make you up e fit package so you can slip a smaller dia. tube inside for the bore, do it all the time, I can also make you up some custom paint masks if you'd like promise that it won't bankrupt you honest injun. Paul
  16. AHHH tain't bad (green with envy muttering under breath another show off)
  17. Yup sure is a damn beautiful build. Paul
  18. Yup I like it a lot too even tho I think you're another show off BUT WITH REASON
  19. AW just another damn show off BUT DAMN HE'S GOOD
  20. Take a look at the P-51D/K South Pacific version. Paul
  21. Jeff for long aerial antennas I use EZ- Line I first make a eye out of .001mm wire using a number .80 wire drill I fold the wire in half then I twist the wire around the shank of the drill bit then I drill a hole in the tip of the front side of the vertical stabilizer (tail) just below the tip and glue it in with CA then I drill a hole in the mast also with a no.80 thread the end of the EZ-line thru the mast first put a dab of ca on it use a toothpick or a piece of wire next thread the other end thru the eye take slack out of it put a dab of ca on. I use .003 char-coal gray EZ-line for both 1/48 scale & 1/32 I think the .006 is too thick, It looks OK for 1/24 or larger. You can also make micro springs for the antenna with the micro wire you can get it at Sprue Brothers Nickel Silver wire by wrapping it tightly around the drill bit. I hope this helps you some. Paul
  22. Thomas, First off yes I do have a cutter a Silhouette Portrait with an upgraded silhouette studio software, I'm using Oracal 810 vinyl mask, I would love to cooperate in any and every way that I can. Thank you for the offer. paul
  23. I want to make my own masks I mostly build fighters I tried Maketar masks but did't care for them so I desided to try and make my own. Thanks Paul
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