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  1. Ya I know I also add retarder and a flow enhancer for leveling, I use 91% ISO because it has more ISO per unit by volume. Paul
  2. Hell I make my own X-20A TWO THIRDS DISTILLED WATER ONE THIRD 91% ISOTOPAL ALCOHOL (rubbing alcohol) I use generic lacquer thinner I find that it makes the paint bite just a tad bit more. Paul
  3. You can use GOO GONE it won't harm the plastic or the paint enamel or arcyic use a Q-tip to clean up the gunk. Paul
  4. I bought mine off the web on e-bay 250 feet for about $26.00 6-7 years ago got the Laboratory 2in roll. Paul
  5. First clean off the canopy with alcohol not soap and water, than sort of warm up a piece of PARAFILM "M" between your hands then strech it gently first with the grain then strech it leagth ways do this a few times till you get as thin as you want it but be carful that you don't tear it as it sometimes will do if streched to thin. then carfully place it over the canopy and pull it tight so there are no wrinkels smooth the first layer down making sure their are no air bubbles then apply a second layer same as the first. use a new X-acto blade and cut to a corner lightly I've left the Parafilm on the canopy for a month or longer after painting and had no problem removing it,I use a tooth pick cut to a chisel point to remove it. practice first try it you'll love it Paul
  6. I use PARAFILM "M" been using it for years it's takes practice to master it but when you do it's the best thing out there. Paul
  7. You can use GOO GONE to remove any adhesive that remains and it wont hurt the plastic or pain. besides it smells good too Paul
  8. I never said or implied that he wouldn't hell I've never did any business to know one way or another if he will or not. Paul
  9. Well then I guess what I said was constructive, But I wasn't talking about your masks I haven't even seen Maketar masks I was referring to Tamiya's decal sheet. @happy1: Boy, if you don't have anything constructive or smart to say, better don't say anything at all! ;-) Back off BOY when I have something specific to say I'll say it, let's not get into a pissing match here and just let it go .
  10. Mike get a hold of me and I'll make you a set of custom paint masks for that beautiful bird. Got mine also last week was a present from a guy that I did a custom job for. I'll be waiting to hear from you. Paul
  11. Given enough time I can even make a turd shine like a brard new shinny DIME Paul
  12. Ken, When I bought this kit and the price I paid for it I expected much more qualty in the product then I got not only did I have warped wings and fuseage but HEtLL I've had more detail on the old Arura kits I used to built as a kid. YES KEN TO BLOW MY OWN HORN I AM A HELL OF A MODEL BUILDER given enough time I CAN make a turd shine like a new penny. Paul PS I have since bought and built two more of those pieces of crap NOW that I know what to expect
  13. Brovo52 Go here he's got them on sale for $159.99 +8.95 shipping chespest price I've seen. http://www.shop.plasticmodelworld.com/TAMIYA-1-32-Vought-F4U-1A-Corsair-TAM60325.htm Paul
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