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  1. I think the The Vintage Aviator fiasco/guy was his nemesis, it seems to have started the ball rolling on much of WnW's closure...temporary closure? etc... But yeah, a pity to see what was clearly a passion project for many end up like this.
  2. FWIW I messaged Border Models directly via their Facebook page and their reply to my asking about any delay/rumours of one etc was "This is a rumor, we will ship the goods in December"
  3. Did you go with the Cold War Studio or Kevin Martin's versions?
  4. Agree James, especially compared to most other Youtube kit reviews, Nigel's reviews are some of the better online. Hope he continues on with the reviews, breathe of fresh air.
  5. Agree, my initial thoughts too. I think it's reflected light on the paint though, that glossy blue looks to have picked up quite a bit of reflections etc. I would expect the surface effect will be same 'quality' as their Typhoons?
  6. This was his reply: Currently it's not in production because the molds wore out. I will be making new molds, but I don't know when. You could email him? He is a very friendly guy, replied within a day. He is contactable via http://www.steel-beach.com/contact-info.html
  7. Hi Gerhard Darren Roberts/Steel Beach did produce a resin correction set, but it is out of stock at Sprue Bros, and likely to remain that way I fear.A few months back I emailed him to enquire about buying a few sets and he told me that he was not intending to produce any more. Adapting a Monogram nose only partially solves the issues as the lower forward fuselage / gun vent area also has issues...as well as the front windscreen. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Aaron
  8. A re-release of the A-7 intake lip [no canopy or seamless intake] is available again on the Zacto site http://www.zactomodels.com/ I just got mine
  9. Hi Harold Just wondering if you continued with the Kormorans? Regards, Aaron
  10. Hadn't thought of that....I have an E, but might try to get a D now. Does anyone know how many copies [of the A-7 correction set] will be available?
  11. Great news, the Ebay prices for this conversion set have been out of this world!!! Be nice to be able to buy direct from Zactoman
  12. yep, got both, they might as well be models of different planes
  13. New tool B-47 would be a winner, esp the recon variants, very cool Cold War aircraft with interesting histories.
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