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  1. You've just really made me want a B-24 even more... that scheme!
  2. 24" wide & 23" long... decent size! Here's some photos of the one on the Revell stand at Telford.
  3. When I heard about this kit it was a must buy for me, (being the big Soviet/Russian/Eastern European fan that I am...) I was going to wait until the new year, but the itch kept getting worse so I went and got it. Just had to be done. Great looking kit, although a shame only one choice of livery, I would of much preferred one of the older schemes.. If anyone does a decal sheet for this, I shall get a second kit for definate, but this will be built OOB! Photos of what you get here - https://scalesoviet.wordpress.com/revell-an-225/ and a great boxart (with dimensions on the box)
  4. What I’m building at the moment, HobbyBoss Su-30MKK. There is a WIP in the non-LSP section..
  5. Its just great Kevin, take a look at some photos I did yesterday. It’s getting started very soon so I’ll do a WIP on LSP too! https://scalesoviet.wordpress.com/revell-an-225/
  6. Got this monster today and the Zvezda Yak-130 (1/48th) the other day with another IL-76 (1/144th) but no photo, the new Emercom boxing.
  7. Paint work has finally begun on my HobbyBoss 1/48th Su-30MKK, a nice kit that falls together. Will be finished in a PLAAF scheme, but for now working on the back end building up in thin layers of many colours to try and get a decent burnt look. Colours vary between Alclad, Mr.Hobby & Tamiya. More soon, will be working on them cans tonight as they are just based out in Alclad and some blue/purple in various areas.
  8. Telford haul... Kits- Proteus 1/72nd Convair CV580 Trumpeter 1/35th Mi-24 (+ decals, resin and brass extras thrown in) Trumpeter 1/72nd Su-24MR Decals- (all 1/72nd) Begemot decals (Mi-8) Blue Rider decals (Mi-8 + others) Print Scale decals (Mi-8) Masks- Eduard Masks (1/72nd Mi-8) Conversions/Resin- Armory 1/72nd Mi-8/17 rotor vibration damper x2 Armory 1/72nd Mi-8/17 winch NeoMega 1/72nd Mi-8 cockpit NeoMega 1/72nd Mi-8MTV-5 conversion NeoMega 1/48th Ka-52 conversion Pavla 1/72nd Mi-8T conversion WhirlyBird 1/72nd Alouette III Maltese Air Wing conversion WhirlyBird 1/72nd Islander Maltese Air Wing conversion Happy with that lot...!
  9. Great work... I can remember the LSP user '11Bee' ? doing an Afghan Hip, but I can't find the thread. Love the mi-8... such a great helicopter.
  10. The Trumpeter kit is based on a Mi-8MT, in the photo is a Mi-8T, so it would need a whole new engine cover with longer inlets, no jammer etc to suit the early T. Still, a nice model... I do love a Mi-8!
  11. The one that sadly crashed was Bort 70. 71 is the one that usually does the flying at airshows, as seen here in Belgium a few weeks back. Great model too, wish I could get round to building my Su-30, They are huge!
  12. Will this be for sale at Telford...? Hoping so..
  13. Progress will be slow but i'm hoping to have 60-70% done by Telford 2019.. for my display. Work is so busy at the moment, finding time to do anything else is hard. But it's a nice break from putting together Amodel kits that for sure!
  14. So, working out what I needed to do to make the Bat Plane, I've just gone and bought a E/F kit to go along side the G so I can have two built up... but the G is also being built as a fire bomber just another smart scheme. Less work needed to do, but still need to get rid of the turret points etc... it's on the bench, just... such a big kit! I'm not painting anything inside that won't be seen as it's just a waste of my time, so I will only be doing the cockpit and nose sections....
  15. Anything Russian, interwar.... i'd then have my first WnW kit.
  16. To be fair, there is no bad Privateer, be it civil or military.... ALL look great!
  17. If I wasn't so into fire bombers, I'd have to build this beauty. Maybe one for you... PB4Y-2B carrying ASM-N-2 Bat glide bombs.
  18. Iain, what Privateer do you want to build? Any particular one?
  19. Got to be this 110%, would seem very odd to have them in plastic loose if that's the final product. While I think it does look basic, it's ripe for a Privateer conversion, and some general AM for it (wheels, engines, cockpit etc). I am really looking forward to seeing some built up though, one of my favourite from the WW2 period.
  20. I'd get one for sure..... no iffs or buts, just take my money.
  21. Would be more than happy to share ideas but I can't see me joining the GB as I can't commit fully at the moment, work has gone mentally busy and as it's our own business all my times goes into that... plus having the B-17 on the bench really takes up a lot of room. I'm hoping that enlarging a Matchbox kit, and the Koster stuff I have is going to be my way forward with this..... unless Titan below brings out a conversion... Sell this as a conversion and you'll have that $1000 in no time...
  22. I want to build one Iain, currently working on a HK B-17 into a fire bomber and want to do the same for a Privateer. Would be amazing having both on the Fire Bomber table at SMW. I also have a built Koster vac converted B-24 that I shall be finishing as a fire bomber, maybe the drawings from that might help also..?
  23. I have finally bought another 1/32nd kit! Something I have been trying to find for ages.... - Shenyang FT-6 Trumpeter 1/32nd.
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