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  1. Actually quicker to look on Flickr... but looking at this I can't see me having any better.
  2. Iain, i'll check my photos from Cosford... I have taken a few over the years of the one there.
  3. Signing up to this.... #mustnotbuyanothermodel.
  4. Update time... having time off being stuck in the house has it's perks... Fuselage mods almost done now, then it can all start being glued together and details added back where it's been lost, and then fit up the tank i've made also (no pics as It's buried in a box somewhere still...) Also, now going to be Tanker 15 that operated with Butler Aviation Co. as N5237V.
  5. So so so good!! I'm getting a Andover, but 72nd... 32nd SQN was very close to home for many years living not far from Northolt, and as I have all the others mostly, i'll be sticking to 72nd for the Andover... but that does look so nice in 32nd. Damn you Iain.
  6. Jennings, this is a post for this exact type, as it's already been produced in both 72nd and 48th... he will upscale to 32nd if enough people want one. I would of gave it serious thought had I not just bought the 1/48th version. It's a lovely kit for what it is... hope you find enough to get it going. I know for the 748, he only wanted 3 people... Few pics of my 1/48th kit. (1/72nd S-55 for scale)
  7. No interior on the YS-11EB bar a basic cockpit... but i'm happy with that as you'll never see it anyway. Cockpit glass is quite big so it's good to have that though to work off..
  8. I've had this for some time, but it's been at my brothers as he also bought one and they went to his... being locked down, i've not been able to collect it (he lives 150 miles away), so he sent it up with some other stuff for my daughter, it arrived today.... and it's fantastic. 'OneManModels' 3D printed YS-11EB in 1/48th. Next to my recent Yugoslavian S-55 in 1/72nd. Ignore all the gaps etc, the fit is great with little fettling needed when gluing that I can tell... wish I never started the Su-25UB now... @Iain & @Anthony in NZ you will be over the moon with your
  9. Anyone want to do a Thai markings set for it...
  10. Exactly, and I bet your wife doesn't have just one needle and thread, or pattern etc... how dare she have more
  11. I have a massive addiction to Soviet and Russian types... that's all i'm going to say. Sadly not many LSP's, or 48th for that matter.. they went to fund my skydiving license. I do still have some LSP's (Su-25UB, MiG-21, Mi-4, Mi-8/17, FT-6, I-16, I-135 etc), but this is just my 1/72nd lot... not ashamed one bit, and I know I won't build them all.... but....
  12. My current project. I will get a thread up son once I have enough content...
  13. That's great! Really looking forward to this..
  14. They seem to be coming from him quite quickly, I've ordered the YS-11EB in 1/48th this month and already have it (sadly, it's at my brothers though as he bought one also and a 748). Hopefully with everything that's going on, you'll have it fairly soon once it's printed.
  15. Hope you don't mind me asking here, but would anyone be interested in a HS748 in 1/32nd? He's said he'll do it if he can get a minimum of 3 orders...
  16. So tempted to order the 48th one, the 32nd one will be amazing...
  17. Few more of this scheme, operated by OMNR - Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources
  18. Cheers, Tom Would absolutely love to do a turbo one, but sticking to a radial machine for easiness.. will get some Eduard B-17 engines on order and use them. One of these two are my final options, not sure which but as they both have different tanks I need to decide.... swaying more to CF-OPZ.
  19. Few photos, chaps. Been a long time waiting... My logic in cutting the front end off is to now build the cockpit from scratch and undercarriage bay, then slot that all in once i'm happy. I've cut away more than I need to so once it's all blended in with the clear parts to it, I'll minimise the chances of any dust going in on the main clear parts etc As I'm building a fire bomber, I've taken out anything I need to and clad it from the inside ready for milliput to flush it off.. any cuts have had superglue on the inside too to make it easier to fill from the exterior als
  20. Decided to get this back out... stuck in the house as i've had to furlough myself. Been stuck in now for 3 weeks and done some jobs around the house (not as many as the Mrs would like though...) and now time for some modelling, was toying with getting the 1/24th Buccaneer out, but i'm so much fonder of the Tracker and fire bombers... Will get some updates up later on today, as progress has been made already today!
  21. Once all this COVID-19 blows over and I have cash coming back in, I think I will get a Invader and @tigger's vacform to use his fuselage and maybe cowlings.
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