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  1. Which is how Tamiya model them - it's the area around the rocket rails that is skinned in metal. I should have been clearer... Spence
  2. Hey everyone! Following on from that earlier video this week during which I discussed the new Tamiya Corsair - amongst other things - I've created a new one that takes a more detailed look at the -1D kit and the new parts that you can expect to see in the box when the kit is released. Hopefully, this will provide a more detailed overview and be more entertaining to watch than the rather breathless film that I put together on Tuesday! I hope you like it!
  3. I'm an idiot - ignore me! Actually, I'm the editor of Model Airplane International, having previously been the in-house modelmaker for ADH (working on Tamiya Magazine, Model Airplane International and Military Illustrated) and before that, the editor of Military In Scale magazine in the UK, a post that I held for 17 years. Along with those roles, I build models for a living, run 'The Kit Box' Blog and my own YouTube channel, where I get to talk nonsense to anyone that chooses to read or watch what I create. But mainly, I'm an idiot!
  4. Good evening! With the dust now settling following Scale Modelworld, here's a little showcase of my 1:24 Harrier T.2 conversion that I've been working on over the last six months. Easily the most difficult, demanding and technically involved project I've ever undertaken, this Harrier is the culmination of thirty years of wanting this model in my collection and developing the skills to finally bring the project to fruition. Consuming around 600 hours, the conversion is based on the ancient Airfix 1:24 Harrier GR.1/3, all changes and details being 99% scratchbuilt, created in collaboration with
  5. Hi Kev - I think I'll deal with those with Filler Primer. I've tried it on the tailplanes and it seems to work okay - we'll see! Hey everyone! Here's a quick update on my Harrier T.2 build. As I'm still working on the airframe, I decided to deal with the intakes and engine. One of the problems in the kit is that the intake tunnels are too narrow and don't meet the compressor face in the right place and the triangular ramp behind the cockpit is missing altogether (which also makes the undercarriage bay the wrong shape!). Add to that the fact that the tunnel encloses the drop-down auxili
  6. Hey everyone - thanks very much for you kind words on this build! Sorry it's taken me so long to get back on here, but I've been a bit bogged-down with work and time's rather limited. Over the last week or so I've spent some time dealing with the issues that afflict the large Airfix Harrier, including the open nozzle fairings and the complete lack of detail in the airbrake bay. Add to that the need to shorten the bay and then repair the fairings around the two front, cold jet nozzles and you can see that nothing on this model is easy!!! Here's what I've done so far. The part resting on m
  7. Hey everyone! Well, the plan this week was to spend at least two days on the cockpit of the Harrier T.4 and try and get the starboard walls, instrument panels and half of each rear bulkhead complete, and that's pretty much what I've done. Though it's not absolutely perfect (I've had a nightmare trying to work out where some of the cabling goes!), I'm happy that the interior captures the look of the images that I have to work from and that the major items are in place and complete. One thing that I have learned though is that scratchbuilding is around 50% construction and then 50% ripping out w
  8. Hey Everyone! I've managed to grab a few hours on it today and almost completed the detailing of the starboard, front cockpit wall. This includes the remainder of the side console structure, wiring looms and pipework and the cover panels that I could see in the reference shots that David sent me.This will no doubt need a few more details here and there, but so far, so good. I've also blocked out some nonsense behind the instrument panel. Though much of this won't be seen and is in the main fiction, it's better than having a gaping hole back there. The rudder pedals need to be fabricated an
  9. Hey everyone! I've completed some more work on my 1:24 Harrier T.4 conversion, today seeing me spend over 6 hours creating the structure on which the cockpit with be created. I knew it would be frustrating, but it took longer than I thought, but at least it's done and I can now start work on the detailing! The pile of bits next to the nose gives you some idea of how many attempts I needed to get the parts the correct size and shape... https://thekitbox.wordpress.com/2016/07/06/harrier-t-4-conversion-part-3/
  10. Hey everyone! I thought you'd like to see what I'm working on at the moment, a 1:24 Harrier T.4. This is a conversion that I've wanted to complete for over 30 years and so now I've decided to have a go. In essence it's an almost complete reworking of the 40 year old Airfix Harrier GR.1 into the two seat T.4 and so I have to build a new nose, scratchbuild the cockpits and then build an entirely new tail section - as well as a complete redetail of the remaining airframe and features. I've given myself around 5 months to complete this model, so here's hoping I can! Though I'd love to detail it
  11. Hi mate. The instructions direct you to use two parts XF-3 flat yellow and one part XF-5 Flat green for the interior parts, including the cockpit, which is their mix for Interior Green - or rather that's what it had printed on the instructions that I was sent with the test shot. I used Gunze Sangyo Interior Green for my kit, the colour matching the photographs I had of Yeovilton's aircraft. Maybe the production instructions are different? Spence
  12. Hi everyone! Well after three weeks of work, Tamiya's incredible 1/32 F4U-1 Corsair is finally done. Nothing in my working life matches the tension and eventual adrenalin rush of completing a huge project like this and though smaller models can be equally exciting, having this thing in front of me after the thick end of 100 hours work - almost 2/3s of that, painting and weathering - is a really satisfying feeling. I hope you like it! The full review will be in the September issue of TMMI, on sale August 15th. Spence
  13. Hi everyone! Thanks very much for the kind words on my Corsair over on HS. It's very much appreciated. For those that haven't seen it yet, I've opened a little thread on here so that you can see it for yourselves. I hope that you like it! All the best - Spence Hi. You do know that I build models like this for a living, don't you? Spence
  14. Hey Everyone! Here's the Tamiya Spitfire that we've built for the April issue of MAW - we hope that you like it! Now, if you don't mind I think that it's about time that I completed some armour! All the best, Spence http://www.militaryinscale.com/
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