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  1. Sure is, I have photos on my site - https://radleighbushell.wordpress.com/2017/01/18/scale-model-world-competition-aircraft/
  2. Annoying, isn't it! And thanks Peter, that would be great. I could really do with some PE to push some projects forward!
  3. That PE is superb. What do you use to create the files Peter?
  4. Lego.... Genius. If it works mate, go for it. Regarding gluing the perspex, in the film industry... they used chloroform and I'm certain it also sticks other plastic to it too. I did have a 'large' bottle of it, but it's all gone now and I've never been able to get more.... I actually think you need a license now to hold it. But if you can get it, it's great.... PS: Will reply to the message shortly, been really busy.....
  5. OK, I'm jealous... but hopefully I will have one soon! Just a lot of money.... especially as I've just bought this.....
  6. I was so close to buying the Silver Wings kit and I'm over the moon that I didn't! I have the new I-16 Type 24 and it's lovely, so I've no doubt this will be another superb kit.
  7. Source - http://master194.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=100171&sid=b7252e4ad3d849de8e26c4c009281a81 Good news!
  8. I had this kit until recently, I rushed out and got it the day it was released but then sold it a few weeks back... I had big plans, but they were never going to happen, just a dream. So on that note I really look forward to seeing yours built, Iain. Sounds like it's going to be everything I wanted to do.
  9. I've dived into the deep end with my first aircraft carrier, a monster if ever there was one. The Trumpeter 1/350th Admiral Kuznetsov. Getting started asap (build thread will be up in the non-LSP section soon), I've never been this excited about a kit, well not since I got my Amodel An-22! Plans are a full hangar full of Sukhois, 10+ jets on top and a few Kamovs. I just need to source the 1/350th fire trucks for the deck too....?
  10. Peter, that is absolutly stunning. I've got to get photos of it at Telford...!!
  11. Radders

    HPH A-20G

    If they do one that comes with red stars, i'm going to crumble!
  12. I just looked myself.... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/like/112349683992?chn=ps&dispItem=1&adgroupid=45192390362&rlsatarget=pla-331477171812&abcId=1129006&adtype=pla&merchantid=7434894&poi=&googleloc=9046472&device=c&campaignid=861899495&crdt=0 Great work on the Airacobra Torben!
  13. Superb subject and I can't wait to see you build this, your Hustler and Atlantic were amazing.!
  14. Hi Kev, as we've been speaking on Facebook, I've only just seen this as I've been out all morning. But that's the camera that has taken the Be-12 shot on FB. Hopefully you can get something sorted!
  15. New camera for model shows, modelling and our newborn! A Canon EOS M3..
  16. Hey Madhatter, thanks! The Tu-160 had slowed right down due to becoming a dad on the 1st, but now I'm doing the nightshift feeds, it should come back out, I'm just not sure I will get much painting done yet when looking after Flo. ​If you like the look of it and think jets would look cool, Google the Beriev R-1... Cheers Jim, as above I'm staying up till about 2-3am doing the night feeds and then Jen takes over till the morning, so I can get a 4-5 hours before work and Jen gets some sleep from 9-10pm till 2-3am. Sadly, drinking is a no go for me as I'm on medication 24-7, but hopefully only for another 12 months... It is, and my all time favourite amphibious float plane!
  17. Hi guys, Something that has been on the bench for a while is this, the Modelsvit Be-12 that I'm converting into a Be-12P, RA-00046.
  18. For me, that's the best bit! I had no idea it came with a fuselage, I just thought it would be well packaged until I opened the box! Should fly together really, I can't really see any issues, just a little clean up and cutting of a few parts and it's basically a multi-media kit.
  19. So as I'm building the AlleyCat Bf-109H, it made sense to purchase this too.... I've actually wanted this longer than the Bf-109H, but very happy to have both now. Once the Bf-109H is done, this will quite quickly jump in it's place.....
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