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  1. I have some photos of a Bearcat if you need them? I found the disc recently, but as soon as I find out where I've put it I will load them up if you're interested. Great to see one being done in 1/24th!
  2. I've decided this is going to br brought back out and worked on, but only 3-4 hours per week... slow work but it'll get it going.
  3. Thousands would be happy with it out the box and you generally see them built out the box too. This is what I love, modifying a kit to make it your own, nice work on the rudder!
  4. Sorry chaps, not done much apart from cut the bulkheads out, floor, cockpit section etc but at the moment no idea where they are lol. Probably in a model box somewhere. I do and really want to get it going though..
  5. I really hope we get the Foxbat? More than happy to build a few of them! ICM MiG-25 up next for me after the AMK 31. A better photo for you guys.. trying to pick out the variation of colours (of grey) but hard to photograph. Hopefully as the paint job progresses, it should be more visible. I was hoping to get some more done tonight, but have decided to go B-1, B-2 & B-52 hunting from 4am tomorrow.. so bed time for me now, see you guys with an update tomorrow if I'm not asleep!
  6. I used to visit that area quite a bit, I have friends all around there. They are all OK from what I know, but I don't know if there friends are etc Weird seeing it on the TV, the tower blocks near by where I used to hang out, before the Westfield's shopping centre was built.
  7. Seen a few builds where they kick outwards, which isn't good. Looks like it doesn't support the kit weight well. Anyway, a long time coming... finally I have some paint on!! Using Tamiya XF-54 lightened, but I think it's going to need to be lightened up a bit more... (Excuse the crappy phone photo, will get better ones later)
  8. I'm very keen to get this going again and I was actually unaware of this GB starting until a day or so ago... so there is no time like the present. Time is sadly limited though, as you've seen elsewhere (some might not have), but I'm having a baby in September! Me and the Mrs swear it won't change anything, but we'll see. I started this waaay back in 2013, and I've literally no idea where the time has gone. I had big plans back then, but running a business and back pain killed that idea off. Nothing has changed, still in pain running a business but I'm used to the pain these days. Anyway, to save the hassle of a thread move, ( here is the original - http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=45293 ) Here are the photos from back then, and sadly since I have ripped it all out.. for what reason I don't know, (not happy with it at a guess?)... god knows why as it's not going to be seen!
  9. I would love a Viggen in 1/32nd scale, I only own Russian jets in 32nd scale but would be all over a Viggen for sure. Two if they did single and twin seaters.
  10. My thoughts exactly! and, how you've built the Greyhound is exactly how I tried to do my Savage, but not as neat as that.. I wish I could get the sections cut out, would urge me on more to build it. Superb work all round though.
  11. Smart schemes, be great to see them finished!
  12. The stuff they sell is good quality, I bought a really nice heavy duty lamp off them a few years back, came with a bright white bulb and is perfect for modelling. Wasn't expensive either, £10-12 iirc. Going out shortly to eModels so will take a detour past Lidl.. thanks Iain.
  13. That is superb, you've just changed my mind on one too!!
  14. I just broke my AK virginity... and I've finally bought the Bushwheels Cub!
  15. Stunning aircraft, we do need more twin pistons in 32nd scale!
  16. No issues here, it just looked odd. I've never seen it written like that before.. hence my sarcastic reply
  17. When did World War Eleven happen?
  18. I took this a few weeks back, a stunning aircraft and one I'm really glad to have in my collection. It's a French based Yak-3U, seen at a nightshoot at the ex-RAF Abingdon.
  19. Profiles are also on the website too, I just found them. http://www.mooserepublic.se/product-category/decals-1-32/
  20. That's looking great, I love the 3D printed parts too! Top work
  21. I really want it soon, just need to move some money around, a few new purchases have wiped me out. Have you built yours yet?
  22. Some cool 1/72nd & 1/144th scale stuff... I really want the Special Hobby 1/32nd Yak-3 though!! Anyone got it? Zvezda's new IL-76 (1/144th) Amodel Yak-50 (1/72nd) Modelsvit MiG-21 Analog (Tu-144 wing - 1/72nd)
  23. I love how they use etch for the skin master, clever and clean!! No wonder the kits are so nice. Hoping to get the Tu-104 (1/72nd) this year...
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