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  1. The tow bar will be included in the kit, also the access ladder!!!
  2. Are you guys interested in new (detailed) pics of the MiG-29? A friend of me was in Nürnberg and made some more pics. The model that is shown in Nürnberg IS the FINAL product we will get! It will be available in march, they already start to supply the wholesalers.
  3. This is a re-release of this item. SAC had this pod in their stash many years ago.
  4. Hello, first I have to apologize for posting the picture with "some green and red lines". I friend of me called my attention of pointing out these mistakes. I think other modelers have the right to know that someting is not correct with the new kit before spending a huge ammount of money. Of course I will buy the kit, I need a few of them. I am a modeler and I will try to fix the problems. It is sad to put some extra time and money in the kit to correct the issues. But I will do it. But what I don´t understand is, why mistakes like this can happen in 2017 with all the great scanning-computer-technique out there? The manufacter can have access to MiG-29 in museums and they are still active. And there are tons of pictures online and it is easy to compare them with the kit. I really hope the displayed model at Nürnberg is not the final product we get later... Sorry to the forum and Trumpeter for bashing the new MiG... Stephan
  5. A little bit. I mean we have 2017 and such stupid mistakes...
  6. I bet Xtra Decals from England will come out with some nice anniversary decals
  7. I really hope for the VX-9 Vampire Decals http://
  8. I can´t understand why so many people like the Revell Tornado. Rivets and panel lines are missing on the undersite of the complete forward fuselage, the whole side walls of the main fuselage and they completely forgot panel lines on the top of the intakes... A strange solution to fix the pylones on the wings, poor details inside the wheel wells, wrong nose gear leg and so on... I am really looking forward what Italeri gives us. I bet we will get a few different versions (GR.4, GR.1, IDS and ECR, ADV???), fully engraved parts!!! And I really hope for deployed flaps, slats, maybe spoiler and thrust reversers!! And nice printed decals by Cartograf :-) I know that the Italeri Mirage III and Starfighter are not free of mistakes (too deep panel lines, wrong shaped decals) but they are still better then the old Revell kits! I build them all and would still buy Italeri and put some extra work in the kit instead of full rescribe and rivet a complete, lack of details and not up to date kit! The new mould Tornado are the best news in 2017 so far and I really can´t wait to get it on the work bench :-) Just my 2 cents. Ciao from Germany Stephan
  9. MiG-29 and F-35 Test Shot kits are dispalyed at Nürnberg Toy Fair in Germany right now! I don´t know if Revell got their new Super Hornet in Nürnberg too... Will be an expensive and interesting year :-)!!!
  10. Maybe we get more information from Italeri on the Nuremberg toy fair in Germany next week. A new (fully engraved) Tonka is highly welcome!!!!!
  11. Mark, to Germany is 22.50 Dollar. I think it will be the same to Belgium
  12. Hi Jake, what about some Test Hogs? OT, ET and WA?
  13. Patience guys, I think Paul will tell us details when he know more.
  14. Great model!!! Did you made the Maverick head cover from scratch or can I buy it somewhere? Thanks
  15. The Trumpeter F-14D comes with VF-2 Decals...
  16. It would be great to have an accurate, new F-14 Tomcat in 1/32!!
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