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  1. If you would prefer a cheap dubious P-51B from Revell that arrives with a busted canopy thats up to you. Ill take a ZM one anyday over Revell after there recent efforts with limited exceptions ie 262. And given the success of the company, its selling out and second and third runs(Ta-152)of most of its releases I’m not alone. Radu got it in one...only aircraft modellers shoot themselves in both feet with new kits and manufacturers. Armour and ship guys lap them up hence Trumpeter are pumping out excellent AFV’s by the boat load selling faster than hot cakes of T-62’s, T-80’s ,T-90’s, Missile launchers artillery pieces etc etc etc. Aircraft guys whine about everything...”oh i wont buy that its to complex”...”im not buying that its more than $5”.. A new tool 109G with all the bells and whistles, a HS-129, and AR-234 etc and people are whining...thats aircraft modellers in a nutshell.
  2. They havnt had any problem selling out the TA152’s, Ho229, HE219, Phantoms and doing second runs.....ZM has zero problems selling kits...
  3. There are plenty of 262’s in Museums rather than using drawings just get the real thing measured for those so inclined.
  4. Slightly more finesse but the two seater Revell did not fit as well as Trumpy. Your money is not wasted on either hopefully Revell will fix the fit of bulkheads etc with the single seater. We are not talking big issues with either kit we are well served with 32nd 262’s now.
  5. The compnents themselves are pretty good however itscmissing quite a few parts including the entire F-4B/N cockpit. I’d look seriously at getting Gary from GT resins conversion for a complete F-4B/N conversion. Got several of both GT’s are easily more complete.
  6. A quick look at the photos wil reveal all you need to know. the spine was laughable...among other things. IE it was not just wrong..it was way wrong... There have been no images of the adjusted tooling “if” they even bothered fixing it with all the dramas Revell have endured. After the F-4G im not holding my breath or selling my Trumpeter Super Hornets..
  7. Got my two sets in the mail yesterday. Beennwaiting for Sunday Punchers for ages. Big thanks to AoA for getting them out!
  8. And people wonder why Trumpeter/HobbyBoss have invested so heavily in the armor market deserting aircraft and culling aircraft kit production for several years. This has left numerous subjects unreleased..cough Devastator..cough...P-40’s...cough F-106...etc etc etc just take a look at the catalogue. instead with we get multi thousand part 1/16th Panzer Mk4 family, Panthers, T-34’s, Jagdtigers, zillions of modern Russian tanks in 1/35th all done to a very high standard and very welcome audience buying truckloads....and a whole fleet of 1/350th Carriers all stuning like the Kittyhawk, Connie and a pile of Museum size awesome 1/200th Battelships..wow..a 1/48th full interior Uboat! All welcomed by the respective communities ie Armor and Ship modellers. Not one complaint about the shovel or life preserver not being metal/plastic/lack of options in any of them as they walk out of the shops as guys model things never contemplated 10 years ago. Aircraft modellers are without a doubt there own worst enemy. We get a 1/32 Liberator(with no serious shape issues,will build beautifully and isnt packed with stuff we cant see pushing the prce through the roof) for HALF the price of a 1/32 B-17 which had a list of errors long enough to write a novel(i know i have 4 of em 2G’s and 2F’s), required just as much resin and photoetch with an incorrectly shaped fuselage and people complain its a better option?????!!! You blokes cant be serious can you...lol. Oh im not buying one it as it doesnt have enough parts to do any B-24J ever built...lol! Oh the wheels are rubber....lol. Oh it might have plastic gear legs...jeez what a surprise for a plastic kit even though Trumpeter have put in metal legs in every big kit for years. Oh it doesnt have rivets..lol...what a turn up for the Trumpeter mad riveter to not get dissed for to many rivets covering it head to foot but now there are not enough apparantly..lol..the ultimate irony. Oh its not complex enough again what a diss against the same guys whining about overly complex Trumpeter kits for years....another irony. Any wonder Trumpeter love armor and ship modellers...
  9. The reboot of the Do335 book was outstanding. However the first run was light on compared to some. The HS-129 book was a beast to start with so intrigued to see what they will add.
  10. On the bright side if you dont like WW’s Stressed skin effect at least you have an option to do one without it. Nice looking kit with four full engines...Eduard will be cranking out the resin i think.
  11. Initial release in B-2 with small cannon gondolas second release is the big boy! http://www.themodellingnews.com/2017/11/new-32nd-scale-super-wing-series-hs-129.html
  12. A quick look at that pic and the Douglas Escapac seat looks like a very good starting point to mod to make one of these. I found a CE F4H-1 in a Hobby Shop in Tokyo in some out of the way lane by Akihabara Station almost 10 years ago for the massive sum of 7000Y ie 60 USD...and a pile of other CE stuff for cheap.
  13. I still dint understand why Aires etc flooded the market with resin for the Trump kits that needed piles of work. However the good kits have been ignored like the A-6 and Super Hornets. Bizarre business model...
  14. Re the price dnt be surprised if it comes out cheaper than expected. When WW first kicked off the Gotha was only 150 way less than what was worth then or now. Consistently he has been prepared until recently to shall we say “subsidize” kit prices. With his movie coming down to insprire our North American cousins that the Lancaster was a very worthy modelling subject and everyone else already knowing it i really wouldnt be surprised to see it for a price below 500US maybe 450 or lower. I mean who doesnt want to build a kit of a heavy bomber flown half way across Europe at 200’ in the middle of the night to drop a bouncing bomb from 50’ over water while being shot at be heavy flak to blow up a dam! Something that today with NVG’s and Low Light TV would be considered dangerous but flown with the Mk1 eyeball 70 years ago i can only be in complete awe of. If he spilts the fuse for aft just in front of the wing the box size wont need to be huge helping with shipping. I am really glad the Dambusters will get the royal treatment.
  15. So WW wont release a DR-1 because Roden have one out that needs half the parts replaced yet will put out a Lancaster with a ripper one from HK about to be released. The HK kit was announced several years ago. Im sure it will be incredible with an incredible price but a DR-1 and Spad would of been far more welcome.
  16. On the bright side Kinetic are going ahead with a 32nd IIIE/O next year. Very much looking forward to that..
  17. So much for being cheaper. Here is Oz its advertised for 14 dollars more than the Italeri boxing. Id be interested to hear from guys in Europe if they think Revells prices have increased since being sold off. There are some pretty impressively high pre order prices on some future Revell kits like the AN-225 among others.
  18. Great book picked it up last week. Beautful art and Cad renders. Best Dambuster book i own...
  19. Great news! Glad to hear Kinetic will go after the Mirage...Italeri’s was Ok but nothing special. The door was left open..
  20. Perfect example of why modern aircraft all have APU’s...
  21. I gave up trying to buy SH stuff years ago. Good as it is its a pointless excercise. You cant buy one letalone 4-6. Pity as the stuff always looked great just impossible to buy, luckily there are very good other products available you can buy... Whats the point in fixing a website or announcements if you can never supply anyone who wants your product? SH’s biggest issue is availability.
  22. Been waiting for these... Great work will be grabbing both!
  23. I think his money woukd of been FAR better spent on a new tool C-130 family than a C-17. To ugly, to big and to me just plain boring. Thats a lot of boring aeroplanes to move to pay off two S-classes before you make a cent... Good luck to him but even Revell sell few 144th C-17’s they sit on shelves for weeks.
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