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  1. Shawn Great pics! The Naked F15 would make a great departure from the usual overall grays! Thanks again Best Regards Scot
  2. Outstanding work Florin! Dont feel bad about the slow progress i havent had any bench time myself in over a year!! Keep up the great work! Best Regards Scot
  3. Very nice!!! Only problem I see is where to Roost this Owl when its completed!
  4. Great news!!!!! nuff said!!!!!!
  5. Mark Its the little details that make a big difference! Best Regards Scot
  6. Shep it looks like you have all the makings for a very well detailed AR 196! Im waiting on the Big Ed set to arrive from SB. I will be following along on this one! Best regards Scot
  7. Nice stable of ponies! The spit hiding in the corner looks good too!
  8. WOW!!! Looks very promising!!!!! I will be adding this one to the "must have" list!!!!!
  9. Your rework of this beast is impressive!! She ought to be a very cool cat when complete! Nice Kitty!
  10. Great looking Emil! One of my favorite aircraft! Best Regards Scot
  11. Looking great!!!! Love the effect on the exhaust collector!
  12. All I can say is WOW! Your Gotha is an insprational aircraft! Hope to add it to the stash one day! Congrats on the awards! Best Regards Scot
  13. Matt She is looking good! The markings really do add a splash of color spicifally the looooong mission tally! The grey wash on the wings is a nice contrast on the black as night paint it really adds another level to your weathering and painting skills! The overall effect should look stunning when complete! Best regards Scot
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