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  1. Thanks for your rather snarky reply, Jennings. I'm not a Mustang expert so I was hoping to gain some knowledge. Instead I found sarcasm and a not so subtle put down. Sorry I troubled the board. I will not ask anymore questions but will go back to just lurking. Kagemusha, thanks for your input.
  2. Should the shell ejection chutes on the bottom wing be opened up or not? I've seen some models with them open and some not, so I'm curious to know. Also, I found some aftermarket sets from Eduard listed for the Revell P-51. Are these sets for this new kit or are they for an older Revell P-51? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  3. I received my gift from mz826 yesterday, a great book called Weapons of War, fighter and reconnaissance aircraft 1939-1945. I see many nights in my recliner reading this book. And as an even better gift I now have a friend in Canada that I didn't before. Quite a "win-win" situation.
  4. Hey, that sounds like the plot line to the rock opera Tommy, by the Who!!
  5. Thanks for the responses, folks. Dean, go ahead and send the -E7, in case I decide to do it. Seems like I have both options in the E-7, so I'm good. Thanks again for the information.
  6. Hey, folks. Thanks to the Christmas raffle, and the generosity of DeanKB, I won the Eduard ME-109 E-7 Tropical and I have a few questions for the experts here. The Squadron/Signal In Action book states that the -7 was identical to the -4 except for the pointed spinner and the centerline rack. So, if I source a blunt spinner and leave off the rack, would that, in fact, be an E-4? Also, if I leave off the tropical filter could I then paint this kit in the European paint scheme? I prefer that scheme to the tropical, but want to make sure I'm not going in the wrong direction. Any advice and
  7. The P-51 :Angel's Playmate" is a model of my family doctors airplane. His son flies it now, though. There is a Corsair in the next town over, and I got to see them fly together with a T-28 Trojan and a T-6 Texan.
  8. Okay, it was the '60's, and all my friends were doing so I thought, "Why Not?" Some of the trips were pretty wild, man. (puts on reading glasses) Oh, LSP. My bad.
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