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  1. Here's what I have left of the Phantom. I believe it took 3rd in multi-engine Jet.
  2. Here's a handful of pictures I snapped at the Nationals this past weekend. Kudos to the South Carolina crew as it was a very well run show. Not sure who's or what won just some random shots of LSPs. I tried to include the info cards to give you an idea of the work involved. Bob
  3. And ... Helldivers are out haha. More inbound and thanks-those went fast!
  4. Hi Mark-sorry about that-it's probably an old link from when I first set this account up but I'll get it fixed. Thanks for the note-
  5. So these arrived Monday and are a sight to behold. See today's review right here on LSP and you can get them from an LSP sponsor! https://www.victorymodels.com/products/hph-models-1-32-sb2c-4-helldiver-complete-multimedia-kit-32036r-hph32036r Bob
  6. These are now available on the site. They should hit eBay in a few (in case that's your preference). They are sized for the Italeri kit but should fit the Hasegawa or Revell kits, too. Thanks for the support, Bob
  7. Well, at just a tad over two months (!) we've received our shipping notification from Cartograf and these should be available around the end of next week. Yowza!
  8. We are just waiting for a firm ship date from Cartograf before putting the links up hot on the site. The company (Cartograf) does take their vacations during August so ...
  9. It did happen, I'm sure, but I can only imagine for maintenance issues (which were infrequent when I was in P-3). Now, on the other hand, you'd almost always see the aft seat pan (basically the bottom half of the seat) pulled and sitting on the wing leaning up against the fuselage since the majority of the avionics boxes were located on the starboard side below the console of the rear cockpit. The only way to get them in and out was to pull the aft pad & bucket. By the time I was working on these birds in the 80s it was sooo common I could remove and replace those boxes in pitch black d
  10. Wow, does this bring back memories! I would think all the RF-4Bs had the inflight refueling probe installed. As a mechanic in VMFP-3 for a few years I don't recall any that did not; plus it was internal so I'm guessing that would be a heck of a mod? Nothing on the spine re: boom receptacles that I can remember. The probe light was controlled by a rheostat in the front cockpit that could dim or brighten the light as needed. As for schemes, the second one (double nuts) is a no-go as we painted that one up around 1990 for the stand down. IIRC it (the tail) was done up with the various squadr
  11. LSP: To go along with the recent decal announcements here's another! We are in the process of scaling up our Victory Productions 1/48 F-104 "USAF & NASA Starfighters" sheet to 1/32. Due to size constraints we're looking at (most likely) 3 individual sheets. These will allow you to build just about any American F-104 from NASA, to USAF, to drones, to even one of the US Navy birds at China Lake (how's that, eh? "Navy" on an F-104?) We've been in touch with a gentleman who was an aircraft mechanic with the 479th and later with Lockheed and the German transition birds in Arizona. He ha
  12. We've added Montex & Alley Cat, along w/restocks from Begemot, Lifelike Decals and Caracal to our site http://www.victorymodels.com/ and to our eBay shop http://stores.ebay.com/Victory-Models-Productions?_trksid=p2047675.l2563 Thanks for looking- Bob
  13. We just uploaded a restock from HGW, Master Model barrels and Rosie the Riveter tools. The newest HGW "Laser" sets are now precut. Thanks--Bob http://www.victorymodels.com/
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