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  1. ...and the guys have excellent customer service
  2. Dull Dark Green,ready made from White Ensign,or if you can t find it i accidently found that Gunze IJN Green is spot on,there isn t the slightest difference,as they were from the same bottle!,and Zinc Chromate (yellow) every other "inside" part(wheel and gun wells etc)
  3. Trust me,i ve surch that plane so much i know the route of its pipes!,i know the diffs...but does it fit right in?!(in terms of dimensions)-i see too in excellent builds the wrong int colour,after having difficulty finding ready made d.d.green(w.ensign),i found out Gunze s IJN green is spot on(spraying over the w.e there wasn t even a weathering kind of shade difference,as they were out of the same bottle!)
  4. i have use it 4 times in b.tops,i absolutely agree and i was thinking cuting out dets off it(pumps,levers,consoles,etc)because i don t think it fits Trump straihht in,any opposite knowledge?
  5. there have been at least 10 times i ve ordered Trump 32nds from Chinese shops-i think 2-3different-about half the cost of the local market(p47s are UNDER 60$ INCLUDING ship.!),all came within 2-3 calendar weeks,one time i had to cancel an order-on my behalf-and another i asked for replacement parts,in all they solved the case perfectly, just look for sellers with big sells and avoid the opposite
  6. Ok,a very common theme but i think i ll be back to my fav P-47 and as a fan of precision and detail i like the most out of my kits,so what would be yhe wsy to detail a Trump s razorback cockpit?apart from scratch-maybe taking parts off det sets gor the bubbletop?...
  7. Simply the worst experience i had in modeling in 40yrs-some yrs ago i ordered 2 resin kits with some time in between,both came in the same awful condition,trying to work it out and while talking straight to him(emails)he suddenly ...exploded starting occusing me that i m...copying his staff and give them around while using pornographic expressions involving family,country etc,i don t know if he s a junky,alcoholic or something but i got the idea i was speaking with an insane,as you understand 2×20€ lost,lot s of Greek modellers boycotts him since as they were more with complaints too
  8. Anyway,thank you all
  9. tracking is a no(or very low)cost option,and i guess charging goes in categories,up to 3 or 5 kgs,far less a 32nd ww2 single sitter weights,thing is 70$ for a 1kg packet(you guess the size+-),is outrageous
  10. coast to coast of course is more or less the same distance to Europe!
  11. Hello-i m addressing this to the US friends-i m negotiating a sale from the forum and i was stuned from what i heard:a1/32 plane(average i d say,ww2 single sitter) 70$ to send to Europe?!!,ive sent to the US and...Australia with23 registered and insured!-i told the seller (who i don t blame for that until prooving differently)ship.time not important,1 month,no prblm,REALLY YOU HAVE TO PAY 70$ to send a(relatively small in generall scale)packet abroad?please help-thanks a lot PS:USPS is the official P.O or any courier service?
  12. that means +- 10cm in w and 5-6 fuse
  13. agree,mind you though 1/35s fit quite well with 32nds
  14. by watching the ORIGINAL tempest documentary where there are scenes with the camera INSIDE the wells i can assure you they re green,since they re very dark and flat for NM and small chiping is contrasting on them,as for the kit...you re an artist my friend-chears
  15. let us know how it went with the w well set when you get on it
  16. how much bigger than Mosquito?!
  17. there far to many frames around even in flying cond,we even have a modif K here in Greece!,can t do wrong in accuracy,and the last restored K (the...Special one)is spot on,there are also 2-3 more examples relatively(or very) accuratelly restored,i think it s from the easiest to find details
  18. i wouldn t mind in 1/24 too!,but a good 32nd is ok-since you mentioned,would you mind sending me some pics in case i build one in the future?
  19. i don t understand why no one is planing or has done an Invader(A-26),one of the preatiest planes around,with very significant history,and very popular,now if it comes from the best it will be worth the wait,i would be very happy also with P-38,Corsair-5,or Tigercat
  20. this worked indeed-if you want my opinion the spine of your model "doesn t fit",it looks peculiarly long from the back of the interior to the vert stab-is that a P47 wing in the foreground?
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