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  1. this worked indeed-if you want my opinion the spine of your model "doesn t fit",it looks peculiarly long from the back of the interior to the vert stab-is that a P47 wing in the foreground?
  2. i totally agree and i ll do so,just didn t know which to use in this case-thanks
  3. ...and thanks for responce
  4. i want to use them for 1/32 WW2 antennas and canopy tethers,in particular right now for Me 109,so if you have a suggestion...
  5. hayaman

    me 109 k4

    1st thanks for responce-the canopy will be replaced with the RB one,so we have the fus issue and somewhere i read that tail wheel doors are molded open in the Has?,is that fixable?
  6. hayaman

    me 109 k4

    Hi-i m about to build the title s theme and i m looking for the best kit to start with(1/32),mind you i m going to use det.sets for every section of the plane so what i m interested in is correct shape and good fit-i ve heard the Hasegawa has inaccuracies (i don t mind if it s something fixable with sandpaper alike)and a "peculiar"fuselage joint which might cause troubles?-(i ve experienced that in their P-40 kits)-the known factors of the existance or not of engine and rivets are not an issue,only as i said the mold accuracy and fit,your help please,thanks
  7. Hello,does anyone know whee to find EZ LINE antennas and canopy tethers?-thanks
  8. simply to avoid wear and any kind of damage to the bombs and also to be able to roll for moving them
  9. just to avoid in your build..., in these pics the armament door panels are put on the wrong(opposite) way,the should be attached on the other-back-side of the well and looking forward 'don t know if it s due to wrong instructions or the builder s carelessnes
  10. With every 'no go' from the specialty companies though i will always notify that persistance of eveyone NOT to give us an Invader-cheers
  11. 490 and THESE WHEEL COVERS?!!-something inn the fus shape doesn t 'fit' me either...
  12. Thank you all-cheers
  13. Hello-i understand mr Wolf Budee has built a Tam P-51,is there any biuld article in the site or anywhere?-thanks
  14. if i m not mistaken that Gunze colour is the IJN Green,i ve found that TAMIYA IJN Green is even closer(or identical) with ex White Ensign s Dull Dark Green for P-47,try it
  15. ...In few words the correct engine has the part K5 ommited,the turtleback magnetos (K3-K4) and J2 as the front part
  16. hayaman

    Me 262

    ok,message received,thank you all
  17. hayaman

    Me 262

    Ok,your lights please,i m thinking of doing one of these,which one should i prefer,Has or Trump?- i ll use det.sets for cockpit-w.wells so i care about general appearance-shape and fit,also any problems-tricks to any of them?-thanks,cheers
  18. THERE IS REPLACEMENT CANOPY AVAIL. in case you deside it,along with many other pars from Has and Trump P-47s by the way-cheers
  19. i still don t understand why no one has made the Invader yet,every time some one s mention it starts a...revellation
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