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  1. Yeah haven't found a better pic so I went with the 1:72 decals I know I would have to do a rather risky and protruding masking job ...
  2. Maybe now it's time for me to start my F-4EJ Kai
  3. Please tell us more on how you achieved such an excellent NMF!
  4. Other improvements were static dischargers from an old toothbrush. - Installing the older launchers from the Hasegawa kit. - And as mentioned earlier using the Hasegawa undercarriage and undercarriage doors as the Block 25 used the lightweight landing gear plus doors. (disregard the chipped paint please)
  5. Thank you all for your kind words! Here are some more infos on what I did to convert the Academy Block 50/52 to a Block 25 (nearly all information is from the great F-16 guides from Jake Melampy: - removed the small „intakes“ on the tail. - removed the third „finger“ of the slats on top of the wings - removed the extra chaff/flare dispenser - changed the panel lines / fuel vent (?) how it looked at the older F-16s - puttied over the extra access hole panel lines on top of the engine fuselage - removed the GPS dome and the little bulge has to go father to the front (I just realized that I have missed to install the TACAN antenna at the model!) - don't know exactly what this is but it isn't present on the Block 25 F-16s.
  6. For the conversion I used the undercarriage and wheels from the Hasegawa F-16. But I found out too late that the legs of the main undercarriage are spread too much when glued into the AIRES wheelbay. So the F-16 sits now too low and the nose therefor too high. Painting was mainly done with ModelMaster Enamel paints and Tamiya Acrylic paints. For the decals I used a mix of Academy, Hasegawa, Revell, Superscale and also homemade decals using a laserprinter. Thanks for looking
  7. This is the Academy F-16C Blk. 50/52 kit, converted to a Blk. 25 F-16 with parts from the old Hasegawa F-16. I build this kit for a good friend of mine and he wanted the serial number to reflect his bitrthday, so it's some sort of a „what if“ I also used the Cockpit and Wheel Bays from AIRES and also the engine cover from Steel Beach. The intake cover is scratchbuild.
  8. Thanks for the info Petrov!
  9. Count me in for this sheet! As I will do a VA-196 Intruder this is exactly what I need!
  10. Thanks for all the replies and the ongoing discussion! It's kind of sad that after all the anticipation of an Intruder in the big scale that nearly no aftermarket decals or resin products are pronounced As Tim said above me ... "so I guess we just have to wait...."
  11. Hi there! Just wanted to ask if someone knows what decals we are to expect in the next couple of weeks for the A-6A/E Intruder? I only know of some flyingleathernecks decals in the making but don't know when they will be ready. Thanks!
  12. Woah! Looking excellent! I'm just in preparation of painting my F-16 and I'm curious what Tamiya paints you exactly used on your build as the paintsheme looks spot on Thanks!
  13. I don't have any words to describe how beautiful this one is
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